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  1. Xiachunyi

    DOS Game-hunters challange!

    Here is another site that has Zone 66. I do not know if it is the same shareware version.
  2. Xiachunyi

    Original Content Thread [56k warning]

    I am generally more inclined to be with the hardware side than the software side. This is a digital alarm clock I am making at this moment. The reason for so many ICs is because the clock itself is built utilizing JK Flip flops wired as a synchronous counter. I, of course, cheated when generating the clock signal from a 1 Mhz TTL Oscillator since that would require a modulo 1 million. I have just finished the minutes portion of the clock. Things to implement will be the hours, the drivers, multiplexors, PWM dimming control, registers/counters for alarm, user-interface, comparison tree array, and the sound generator. Back Back - Leveled view Top interfaced for testing This is quite a "fun" project to do.
  3. Xiachunyi

    How? [RESOLVED]

    Try turning off Hardware Acceleration for graphics and/or the Overlay option. The option is probably located in your Display Properties > Settings > Advanced > Troubleshooting.
  4. Xiachunyi

    Becoming a Software Engineer

    From my understanding, a computer engineer deals with both the software and hardware aspect (The link between them so to speak) while a software engineer deals with development and maintenance of software i.e. large scale. Software engineers will probably be more useful in companies that need software that performs critical functions (reliability) such as medical and defense purposes. Computer engineers will probably design things like PICs in the department of mapping registers and interpreting data (Op Codes) as electrical signals through various buses to controlling blocks.
  5. Xiachunyi

    resource file help

    What is contained in your resource.h file? Your defines should be taken out of your *.rc file and put into resource.h.
  6. Xiachunyi

    Where are you going to school? What classes are you taking?

    I am taking an abundance of classes due to the fact that my full scholarship only lasts eight semesters and I am double-majoring. I may need to exceed 20 credit hours these coming semesters since from my pace now, I will be cutting it quite close to make it in four years. [headshake]
  7. Xiachunyi

    resource file help

    Do you mean that your compiler does not understand the word "IDR_MENU"? If that is so, you may need to go ahead and create a header file to house all your resource declarations. After creating such a file, you will need to include it in both your source file and your resource file. You will then need to, from what I remember since I use Code Blocks now, right-click on your project and go to properties to enable the check box that will compile your resource file into your project.
  8. Xiachunyi

    resource file help

    The winres.h file you are referring to probably contains the defines that are utilized within the sample. For example, you can declare the following: "IDR_FILE_SAVE 777" without the quotes. Now anytime you have IDR_FILE_SAVE, it will be really the value 777. Edit: This link will point you to a great tutorial on the Win32 API.
  9. Xiachunyi

    Where are you going to school? What classes are you taking?

    University of Texas at Dallas * Biology 2111 Biology Workshop * Biology 2311 Intro to Modern Biology * Chemistry 2323 Organic Chemistry * Chemistry 2123 Organic Chemistry Lab * Chemistry 2023 Organic Chemistry Recitation * Electrical Engineering 3320 Digital Circuits * Electrical Engineering 3120 Digital Circuits Lab * Government & Politics 2301 Government * Mathematics 2420 Differential Equations * Mathematics 2020 Differential Equations Prob. Section
  10. Xiachunyi

    resources in code

    Are you using the express edition or the other edition such as standard? The reason I ask is because of this. Go ahead and list some of the errors since it may be just syntax, IDs, or a missing header file. The path that you specify within the resource file will point to where your resources are located.
  11. Xiachunyi

    Stupid Math *pictures* [added another]

    I would have thought math3.gif, for the first entry in Google image search, was bicyclo[4,4,0]decane. [lol] I like the hangman one overall.
  12. Xiachunyi

    Next major technological breakthrough?

    Maybe material science such as Carbon Nanotubes. From hearing talk around school every day, they seem to have a huge effect on more than a fair share of things in life.
  13. Xiachunyi

    V-Sync question?

    For V-Sync control, I would just use the extension "wglSwapIntervalEXT" since you are on the Windows platform. The code you will implement will appear similiar to this.
  14. As far as I know, with my application, opengl picking works fine with AA. You can probably tell your program to just render once for selection to save frames but otherwise the action does not seem to have much impact on the application. I used NeHe's selection tutorial for my application and it works quite well.
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