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    which model import lib to use?

    I've used Assimp several years ago for my pet project (not a game, but a raytracer). I've found it quite powerfull (yet not perfect) and I can only suppose it got better in the latest 5 years. I had a couple of issues with materials: I don't remember the details, but IIRC it was something annoying related to transparency/specularity which prevented me from using a couple of features of my RT. It was designed for real time rendering, though, so maybe those limitations were perfectly fine in such use cases.
  2. cignox1

    [ray-tracer] Banding problems

    Seems like you are loosing precision somewhere. Be sure all your deltas are in place and that you are using the correct scale for your scene.
  3. Which are the advantages of a giant single room apartment over a more traditional one? Sure, you gain some space (no walls), but you loose privacy, rational furnishing, comfort ...    Honestly, I don't see any real reason to write a (non trivial) application in a single file (I'm scared by the maintainance nightmare I would eventually address)
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