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  1. Rocket05

    failing constructors

    just move the initialization routine call outside of the constructor and allow it to be called & checked by the calling code
  2. Rocket05

    Interrupts in inline asm

    yeah i guess, but why would you want to? there are 32bit ways using windows to do anything in windows like you could in dos
  3. doom3 does take multiple passes per frame, in fact if i remember right it takes an extra pass or two -- per light.
  4. Rocket05

    Interrupts in inline asm

    if you wrote it entirely in assembly, what assembler did you use? there's a good chance it compiled as a dos program that windows just emulated. when doing inline asm, your program is not being run through an emulator, therefore the dos interrupts aren't there.
  5. Rocket05

    state changes

    since its best to minimize state changes while an engine is rendering, i have a few quick questions: does the number of state changes matter? or just that groups of state changes are minimized? and also, does changing the vertex/index buffers count as a state change? are some state changes more costly than others? i've tried finding these specific answers on google, no prevail
  6. have a terminating sequence at the end of your array, one filled completely w/ NULLS for example, or -1's
  7. Rocket05

    ddraw api documentation

    yeah if you can email them to me, that'd be great. i only need the ddraw ones, preferabbly .chm format, but word will work too. my email should be in my profile, if not: email them to: ther_ocket_05@h_otmail.c_om (remove underscores) i greatly appreciate your help, i'll be glad to return the favor
  8. (already googled and manual forum searched, albiet the search feature for the forum was down) is it still possible to download the dx sdk documentation for an older version of dx, and where? i like how ddraw is still a component of dx yet they no longer ship documentation for it, except online. and constantly looking things up through msdn online is slow.
  9. Rocket05

    homework help forum?

    ever thought maybe the guys are just scared of you? not in a bad way, the kinda way that they're just too nervous to talk. also you said most of your class is asian, and from my personal experience, most studious asian people i have known are VERY disciplined in avoiding temptations that could distract them from learning/studying/working. i would think attractive girls would fall under that catagory ;)
  10. Rocket05

    [java] Opinions on Java IDEs?

    depending on what your background is (if you've used visual c++ 6.0 before), JCreator will feel right at home to you. JCreator's interface is very similar to that of visual c++ 6.0, it feels natural to me. also on the speed issue, i've used both java and native coded ide's. now you can all argue all you want that the java ones are just as fast as the rest of them, but i can tell you, there is a pretty noticable difference still. JCreator is written in 100% c++, its got to be one of the fastest ide's i've ever used.
  11. jlayer: mp3 spi: vorbis spi: i use jlayer for playing music in my games, but use a different system for sound effects. because the only java interface that allows sound effects to be preloaded and not block execution flow is the Clip interface, which also forces it to use an available line when loaded and not playing, i had to find another way of doing sound. here's whats been working so far: 1. get an AudioInputStream from AudioSystem to the specified sound file i want to load 2. read in the byte data and audio format, and store it in a custom class 3. come time to play the sound, create a new clip interface, using the already loaded data from the custom class. 4. register a LineListener to the clip, so that when the sound is finished playing it can release the line and destroy the clip 5. play the clip dont know if this is the best solution, but its been work'n great for me
  12. Rocket05

    Get normal form of plane equation

    great ascii art joanusdmentia. rated you up just for that.
  13. Rocket05

    Errr now what...

    moving, fading, color changing, sound effects, creative UI components, etc.
  14. Rocket05

    Reading the GPU temperature

    yeah sorry if my last post wasn't precise, you can't reverse engineer it if the card doesn't measure and relay the info to drivers. well... if you wanted to get REALLY fancy you could install your own digital thermometer on the heatsink and either tap into the agp port or a neighboring pci port... but i think we already established that the whole reading the gpu temp for anything other than a driver is pretty useless and impractible
  15. Rocket05

    Reading the GPU temperature

    no, im sure its possible somehow through reverse engineering. one way i could think of doing it is to run one of the video card diagnostic programs that come with most high end cards that can do things like read cpu temp, speed, bandwidth, etc., and find the location in memory that that diagnostic program stores the cpu temp. ugly solution, but it would work. if you were a real genious, you could reverse engineer the diagnostic program and nab the code it uses to read the cpu temp, but i really dont think you want to go through that much trouble?
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