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  1. the_dannobot

    Deploying a Program With Visual C++

    I don't think you can do a deployment project in Visual Studio Express, it's only available in Standard and Professional editions. Sorry dude :(
  2. the_dannobot

    The second time I quit smoking

    Go talk to your doctor about Chantix! You take a pill and you quit smoking. I smoked a pack a day for ten years, and tried everything to quit. It's a little expensive, you need a prescription, and it has some weird side effects, but EVERYONE I know whose gotten on Chantix was able to quit. I've been smoke-free for 2+ years, and never felt better :) good luck dude!
  3. the_dannobot

    Whats your Ideal Computer Industry job?

    Quote:Original post by issch Quote:Original post by ViLiO Cake eater. Definitely changing my life goals to this. Best. Job. Ever. Don't be so hasty. I know a dude who knows a dude who got a job as a cake eater. Except he didn't read the job description closely enough, and when he showed up for the first day of work, turned out the job was for URINAL cake eater. hahaha
  4. the_dannobot

    Full Sail University

    hahahaha SUP TANG! i saw this thread and was like "oh snap, I bet tang is in there" tang is totally right, it doesn't matter what school you go to or how smart you are. If we're talking about getting a job, it's all about who you know and playing the game. Like, dig this example: A company has an opening, and gets a few applicants. Person A went to some ivy league school, graduated top of his class, and has a glaring typo in his cover letter. Person B knows the president of the company. Person C never went to college, but has ten years experience from another company. Person D went to some crappy juco, but can put together a snappy resume and schmooze his way through an interview. One of these people won't even be considered for the job. Hint: It's person A, because the HR person saw the typo and threw his resume into the shredder. See, he broke one of the rules of getting a job, so it didn't matter how qualified he was. Like I went to Full Sail, and busted my ass and graduated top of my class.... and then met a dude whose parents owned a company, and totally got me a job. hahahah
  5. the_dannobot

    Hit and run - would you help?

    yeah, I can't believe they all just stood around! I mean, I would've at least checked his pockets for money
  6. What are the differences between simple, complex, and multi-platform?
  7. You know what I think makes 2d fighters more confusing than they have to be? The in game UI, especially the GAUGES Most of the recent 2d fighters I've played have at least 3 per player. They are stacked like pancakes all over the UI, they are changing colors constantly, they have meaningless blinking indicators. Seriously, I don't need to know everything about health, stun meter, guard break, stock, tension, secondary character health, dash meter, super meter, skill bar, ect. Only a few of those are actually important, the rest the player can just figure out. Like if I've been blocking every attack for while, I know that my character will probably guard break pretty soon. I don't need a gauge to show that. While I'm talking about it, I also don't need to be shown wins, character names, length of a combo string, or points while I'm playing the game.
  8. Quote:Original post by NathanRunge Personally I prefer a smoother, more dynamic and rich look. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the reason it has those jagged edges is I turned off all the texture filtering. When you do that and rotate a bitmap, you edge up with the jaggies because it doesn't interpolate for the closest color value. It looks a lot better in motion. That image is actually about 30 different peices of pixel art put together in a skeletal system. I've also got some ragdoll physics set up to do things like boob physics and some fake cloth simulation on the jacket and pants.
  9. Quote:Original post by JBourrie Come up with a fighting system that maps all of the players moves to only two buttons (the more moves you can give him, the better). ooooh, I've got dibs on that one :) That's actually what I've been working on. It'll be either totally bitchin, or totally unplayable. Quote:Original post by NathanRunge Make sure the characters look good. I'm trying out a new art style for my game. I'm going for the whole Samurai Jack/Clone Wars angle, but I'm not sure if people are going to love it or hate it. Does this look good, or not? I think it looks awesome, but I've been wrong before:
  10. Yeah, that movie looks like it would be pretty fun to play :) I like how fast the characters move, and how they are constantly bouncing all over the screen. It would be pretty cool to be able to double jump and air dash as much as you want. I don't think I've ever played a fighter with air game like that.
  11. the_dannobot

    Stealing game ideas?

    Quote:Original post by wolf ideas are worth a dime a dozen ... Bad ideas are worth a dime a dozen, good ideas are golden. The trick is sorting the good ideas from the mountains of bad ones. Like if I have an idea about a game mechanic that would be easyily implemented, fun to play, and marketable, I keep it for myself.
  12. The most important thing with the camera is that it zooms and pans correctly to keep all the action on the screen. Here's a quick algorithm you can use: -Get a list of all the important things that need to be displayed, like player characters and projectiles. The camera viewport needs to be adjusted to fit all these things on the screen. -Go through the list and find the max X, max Y, min X, and min Y values of the object positions. This gives you the rectangle containing the required viewing area. -Now the desired viewing area needs to be adjusted to fit the aspect ratio of the window. A formula you can use is: Y/X = A+i/B+j where X is the width of the screen, Y is the height of the screen, A is the height of your desired viewing area, B is the width of the desired viewing area, i is the amount the height needs to be adjusted, and j is the amount the width needs to be adjusted. If A/B is less than Y/X, it means your rectangle is too wide and the height needs to be adjusted. Set j=0 and solve the equation for i. You need to move the top of your rectangle by +i/2 and the bottom by -i/2. If A/B is greater than Y/X, it means your rectanlge it too tall and the width needs to be adjusted. Set i=0 and solve the equation for j. You need to move the right of your rectangle by +i/2 and the left by -i/2. -Now all you have to do is set the camera's projection to the rectangle you came up with, and it should always snap to fit everything on the screen. There are a few other tricks you can do to prevent the camera from "popping" and get smoother panning and zooming, but this should get you started :) (also, you can peep Super Pillow Fighter if you want to see a camera that behaves like this) :)
  13. the_dannobot

    A fighting game

    Quote:Original post by Alpha_ProgDes Well I thought about a bar like you described, but then scratched it. Instead, I was thinking more Mark of the Wolves, where you get graded. I'm not sure if I need "unique" when presenting this idea. I mean how many games do you know do this? Some games have done what I've stated to some degree. But definitely not put all those things together. Yeah they have a grading system in SF3: 3rd Strike that is terrible. You can kick all sorts of ass and then it's like "You = F+". I hate it because during the match there is no indication of how your grade is being adjusted. Plus you only get graded well if you play the game like the designers want you to. Like every time you do a parry I think you get knocked up like a whole letter, but doing something sick like finishing a huge combo with a super-cancel does nothing to the grade. What I meant by "unique" was you should design some sort of UI element that would inform the user when they did something that positively or negatively affected their grade. Like a big green '+' when they did something good, or a big red '-' when they did something dumb. Also if your game is going to be based on bragging rights, you have to include some Halo-style teabagging moves :) [Edited by - the_dannobot on February 5, 2008 10:22:28 AM]
  14. the_dannobot

    A fighting game

    Those all sound pretty cool, except the "scores" idea needs some fleshing out. They do something like that in King of Fighters XI, and it's really annoying. There is a meter at the top of the hud that swings back and forth, depending on who is "playing better". If the match end in time-expired, the player with the meter pointing in their direction wins, rather than the player with the most health left. It's annoying because the criteria of who is "playing better" is totally subjective to the game designer and not clear to the player. I think it's an idea that could work, but you're going to have to come up with some unique ideas about how to present the system logically to the players.
  15. the_dannobot

    Diablo Street Fighter

    Sorry, I think it's title in the US is "Wartech". It's a top down shooter for the xbox 360, but it's sort of like a top-down fighting game. It's pretty unique in the way it handles special moves. It has moves like "Press any direction twice in a row + attack" or "Rotate the stick 90 degrees clockwise + attack". The reason it does this is that the camera occupies a fixed position above the play field, so directions relative to the character like forward, back, right, and left are constantly changing. So motions like W,A A,S S,D and D,W all register as the same motion in that game. If you added moves that require two direction presses adds a lot more possibility to the input patterns (forward, forward + attack; back, forward + attack; etc.) Lots of fighting games also have "charge moves", where the player has to hold one direction for two seconds, then press the other direction + attack. You could also do something like "hold down attack button to charge a move, release the button to execute the move" where the longer you hold the button the better the move is.
  16. the_dannobot

    Diablo Street Fighter

    You could do Senko No Ronde style input patterns. For example, press the jotstick in any direction, they press the opposite direction and an attack button for a special move. Or like press the joystick in any direction and rotate 90 degrees clockwise/counterclockwise and an attack button for two more different attacks.
  17. the_dannobot

    Beer me

    Quote:Original post by Salsa Next time you're at the bar, ask for a glass filled halfway with Blue Moon, and half with Yuengling. Trust me. You will not be disappointed. Is yuengling an east coast thing? I drank it a lot in Virginia, but have a hard time finding it elsewhere.
  18. the_dannobot

    Beer me

    Quote:Original post by Witchcraven Worst beer of all time was a pumpkin beer. Imagine pumpkin listerine in budweiser. Thats what it tasted like. Yeah, I've never had a good commercial pumpkin beer. But I do a lot of homebrew and one of my most popular brews is a pumpkin spiced ale, with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. It's damn good. When I'm not drinking DIY, I usually drink Shiner. It's the Texas beer. The sam adams oktoberfest was good too, but I think they already retired it for their winter lager (which is terrible).
  19. the_dannobot

    Sockbaby: Short, Funny, Stylized

    i smell an oscar
  20. the_dannobot

    What have been your worst computer problems?

    I used to have a computer with the FSB overclocked from 100 to 120 mhz. So the computer ran 20% faster, but it also turned PCI cards into chip jewelry at an alarming frequency.
  21. the_dannobot

    street fighter 4

    Yeah, I'm personally more of a KoF fan than SF, so I'm pretty pumped about KoF XII. I thought the parry system in KoF 2006 was an order of magnitude better than the parries in SF:3S. Not to mention that KoF XI drops tomorrow for only $20, and Neo Geo Battle Colliseum is dropping in like a month for another $20. That's more fighting game than you can shake a stick at :)
  22. the_dannobot

    Elemental Fighters

    Most fighting games are like that anyway, where the attacking player has to time their button presses to do combo strings, and the defensive player has to time the button presses to do the correct block/low block/parry/side step/counter attack. If the attacking player misses the timing or chooses the wrong attack then their combo ends, giving the other player more options. If a defensive player misses the timing or chooses the wrong option for the current situation, they will usually take damage. You could still do something like what you're talking about, with one set of buttons\keys designated for attacks, and another set of buttons\keys designated for defense. Games like King of Fighters 2006 and Dead Or Alive do that.
  23. the_dannobot

    Elemental Fighters

    Cool, what kind of 2d fighter are you doing? I always thought it would be cool to have characters based on elements of the periodic table. Magnesium: this character's attacks produce intense flashes of white light, like a magensium flare Hydrogen: this character's attacks produce a bright red flame Neon: this character's attacks have brightly colored trails like a neon light Iron: some sort of big rusty robot etc.
  24. the_dannobot

    Top 9 Manliest names...

    Quote:Original post by WanMaster Real men can dance. Holy shit, it's like Streets of Rage: The Movie
  25. the_dannobot

    Man shelf

    Quote:Original post by capn_midnight Quote:Original post by the_dannobot Guns belong in a gun safe, not on a shelf where kids can get to them. kids should be trained to properly use guns and not play with them. I agree, but kids are stupid and shouldn't have unsupervised access to guns.
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