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  1. Landfish

    No Fooling

    Many moons ago I used to bandy about the Design section of this forum like it was a full time job. I started too many inflammatory posts about how stupid games that are stupid are. At the time, my understanding of games didn't reach very far beyond Squaresoft RPGs, so I thought I was a revolutionary. It turns out Rockstar games among others were the cure for this ignorance. I stand by a few ideas from back then, like calling "Murder-Based Experience" for what it is. But I think things have changed so much now it's almost not even worth remembering. This post is mainly a shout out to all the people who might remember me from back then. Those few who might not hate me. Hey! How's it going?
  2. Landfish

    existing systems for combined RPG and Wargaming?

    Skip Williams, author of the D&D 3rd ed. PHB, wrote a decent book called "Cry Havoc" for running D&D war game scale stuff. I am also a big fan of Dream Pod 9's Silhouette system, which was a hybrid RPG/tactical war-game from the get go. They had a really weak phase for a while, because they tried to hop on the OGL bandwagon, but now they're making a comeback with a stream-lined new "wargame only" edition. Luckily the math is the same, so it's very easy to patch the RP back into it.
  3. Landfish

    No Fooling

    Hey guys, I made a post, foolishly one might say, on April 1. Evidently people thought it was a hoax. No such luck! It's for real. Like I said then, I am a very different person these days. I've been reading some posts, but I'm not likely to start threads any time soon. I've grown up a lot, and so have game designers. No need to fight anymore. Nonetheless, I hope you've all done your part to end the genocide.
  4. Landfish

    Memory Lane

    Hello, everyone. Does anyone here remember the old Piscine Quadriped? Have you been treating the Goblins nicely? Well, after a long period of malaise and a middling career as a waiter, I'm back in school for *gasp* game design. I thought maybe I should make an appearance at my old haunt. I'm less inflammatory nowadays. So much has changed since I spoke with y'all... Landfish
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