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  1. Many moons ago I used to bandy about the Design section of this forum like it was a full time job. I started too many inflammatory posts about how stupid games that are stupid are. At the time, my understanding of games didn't reach very far beyond Squaresoft RPGs, so I thought I was a revolutionary. It turns out Rockstar games among others were the cure for this ignorance. I stand by a few ideas from back then, like calling "Murder-Based Experience" for what it is. But I think things have changed so much now it's almost not even worth remembering. This post is mainly a shout out to all the people who might remember me from back then. Those few who might not hate me. Hey! How's it going?
  2. Skip Williams, author of the D&D 3rd ed. PHB, wrote a decent book called "Cry Havoc" for running D&D war game scale stuff. I am also a big fan of Dream Pod 9's Silhouette system, which was a hybrid RPG/tactical war-game from the get go. They had a really weak phase for a while, because they tried to hop on the OGL bandwagon, but now they're making a comeback with a stream-lined new "wargame only" edition. Luckily the math is the same, so it's very easy to patch the RP back into it.
  3. Hey guys, I made a post, foolishly one might say, on April 1. Evidently people thought it was a hoax. No such luck! It's for real. Like I said then, I am a very different person these days. I've been reading some posts, but I'm not likely to start threads any time soon. I've grown up a lot, and so have game designers. No need to fight anymore. Nonetheless, I hope you've all done your part to end the genocide.
  4. Hello, everyone. Does anyone here remember the old Piscine Quadriped? Have you been treating the Goblins nicely? Well, after a long period of malaise and a middling career as a waiter, I'm back in school for *gasp* game design. I thought maybe I should make an appearance at my old haunt. I'm less inflammatory nowadays. So much has changed since I spoke with y'all... Landfish