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    too many. because the compiler I'm using doesn't have namespaces for a start as well as other bits and pieces. So instead I'm trying to look for a simple way to reference a few functions from the gdiplus DLL to draw simple shapes with gradients. which normally wouldn't be too difficult except that gdiplus is all object orientated which makes it a bit more complicated.
  2. Anyone know of an article about converting freehand drawn lines into bezier curves? Computers have been doing this since the Apple MacIntosh but I can't seem to find any articles giving the tricks of the trade.
  3. paulbird


    I've written a load of stuff using Borland C++ 4.5 (which is quite old) but usually does the job, and want to use some GDI+ functions to draw shapes with gradients. Unfortunately Microsofts headers gdiplus.h don't compile. Could anyone give me an example of some C++ code of drawing a simple shape with a gradient using the functions from the gdiplus.dll referencing the functions without using microsofts header?
  4. paulbird

    what use?

    Hi, I made this a while a go. It is a sort of word association thing-a-me-jig. I haven't really thought of a use for it. www.acidfrog.com/everything.php?thing=cat Another idea I have is to make a website which consists simply of comma separated lists in text files which people can download and use in their programs. Like: list of verbs, list of monkeys, list of kings, list of colours, etc. Useful? I dunno.
  5. paulbird

    good wysisyg ide?

    I would use visual c++ express but the only wysiwyg window creation is using Windows Forms and .NET and I don't know if this is very good for making small file sizes and making small programs to download online. I would prefer not to use .NET.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a cheap programming environment for C++ that particularly has some kind of drag and drop method of creating windows and dialogs GUI. SO I can create the menus, toolbars etc by clicking and dragging. I don't really want to pay £300 for visual c++. Any ideas?
  7. paulbird

    My idea

    unless you buy one of my 3D televisions which I invented!
  8. paulbird

    My idea

    That is my plan. To store lots of images from left-eye and right-eye perspectives so that they can be combined in whatever way is needed by the new technologies to view 3D. Apparently because of the new digital cinema projectors this makes it easier to show 3D films at the cinema with polarised glasses etc. I think especially if I get images of famous people and events of today that can't be reproduced in the future then I will have a unique product. How much do you think I should pay for a photo of a celebrity at a premier for example? £20? £200? or a percentage of licensing?
  9. paulbird

    My idea

    I have got an business idea to buy and sell stereo 3D images such as animals, celebrities and events so that when the 3D revolution comes I will own loads of 3D images from now. I will need to make a website that will upload these images and so forth. This seems to be a pretty standard thing so do you think I will have to make it from scratch in php or is there an easier and quicker way to get up and running? PS What do you think of my idea?
  10. paulbird

    C++ database extension

    The reasons are the same reasons you would use a database language such as SQL. But instead you would apply this to arrays of classes in C++. For example if I had an array of objects class OBJECT{ public: Color color; float height; float width; } objects[1000]; And I want to get an array of objects which are red and whose height is greater than 3. It would be useful to be able to simply write: newobjects = Select(objects).where(color==Red && height>3) or newobjects = Select(objects).where(element.color==Red && element.height>3) Then I want to double the widths of all thoses objects: Select(newobjects).width*=2; or Select(newobjects).set(width=width*2); for example. PS Yes it would be useful if someone could give an example of how do do something like this in Lambda functions, it might be interesting for other people too!
  11. What I would like to do is create an ActiveX control in C++ which translates some scripts in text form into graphics and animation. This would be different from Flash because the script would be human readable and so anyone could write the scripts for their website without having to buy a Flash writer. The control would be free to download. Maybe there is already a control like this out there? Or perhaps there is a simple way of making one that I have missed? So for example you would include a text file in your website animation.graphics for example which would say something like: for(x=1;x<10;x++){ SetColor(255,0,0); Ellipse(50,200,500,300); SwapFrames; SetColor(255,128,0); Rectangle(0,0,600,600); SwapFrames; } and then embed the ActiveX control in your webpage which interprets this file and displays the graphics. If there is not one out there could anyone suggest some minimum requirements?
  12. What I would like to do is to extend C++ to do something like this: class A{ public: float x; float y; int z; }; A a[1000]; A2 = Select(A).Where(x>3 && y<5 || z==10); Which creates a new array from the old array where each member satisfies a[n].x>3 && a[n].y<5. So we introduce new commands such as "Where" which treat an array of classes like a database. Do you think it is possible to make such a command as this in C++? Could anyone suggest an example?
  13. I've decided to bit the bullet and put some serious effects into my game engine such as bump mapping so I can do things such as dragons scales. But there seem to be lots of ways of doing this. At the moment I am going to use programmable shaders with CG but is this really a good way since would this be quite slow? Plus are there any other good effects (e.g. shader effects) that I should add?
  14. I want to animate some things smoothly such as water or characters arms but then again I want to use GL_COMPILE and display lists for speed. These things seem to be incompatible with each other. Is the only way around this to use vector shaders, for example with CGGL? Because then a lot of people won't be able to play the game will they if they don't have the latest graphics card?
  15. paulbird


    I am just trying out the new Vista which is a bit buggy and now I want to try out Vista x64 but I need to create a new partition. Is there any free software to create or resize NTFS partitions?
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