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  1. Well even though I'm a beginner at network programming, I'm not affraid of the challenge. I've been researching, IPHelper, nDIS, and a few custom libraries. Anyone tips on where to start? I need to be able to monitor ports (which can be done through IPHelper) and block traffic (which I think NDIS will allow, but documentation is difficult for beginners) btw, I dont need to use .net, mfc will be fine, or even console based but i'd like to write a gui so mfc probably. Thanks, /jeff
  2. Dont know if you want to include the libraries just for graphics info but opengl/directx have functions which supply the information. i'm sure theres a better way. /jeff
  3. I'm looking into writing a simple firewall application in .NET I dont know much about sockets etc. I've only used the simple .NET TcpClient classes etc. How would I go about querying ports to find out if they are listening|open|connected etc. And the associative information. Any helpful link or resource would be appreciated. Thanks, /Jeff
  4. code_evo

    Check out my game, its finally released!!!!!

    Hey everyone, thanks for all of the responses, its nice to hear that people like it, and not so nice to hear that so many people are having problems. But thats why I released this version, to get an idea of how its working for the public. For those having problems, I will be resuming work on this game when I get a chance, there are so many things on the list that I want to improve. I'm sorry to hear that it is not working, I really have no idea why, I would have to dig into the camera code because thats what seems to be causing problems for you. As for the car control, and car speed, please keep in mind that your steering an RC Car and not a real car. I agree the handling could be better, more user friendly, but deadlines got the better of me. By the way, this project took 7 months to complete, time was the biggest obstacle. Keep in mind this was done for 1 of my 5 courses to many short cuts had to be taken to complete the original design on time. For those interested in the technical here a bit on info. Rendering: OpenGL Model Format: 3DS Optimizations include: Frustrum culling by object (ex. a plant) Distance culling by object Vertex arrays (yet to implement VBO) Collision: Collision model is culled similar to rendering, no trees were used because of time restrictions. Car to wall - oriented ellipsoid vs poly Car to Car - oriented ellipsoid vs OBB Audio: Coded by Radek Koncewicz, using FMOD library. 3D accelerated if supported. Menus: Custom made by Pat Crawford. Music: Custom Physics: Standard physics forces applied to vehicle (as single entity) No suspension/tire modeling even though it appears there is. Camera: Quaternion based 3rd person camera. PS. try pressing f1, f2 and f3.
  5. code_evo

    Check out my game, its finally released!!!!!

    Thanks all, yeah as far as testing goes it was limited, but a bunch of different configurations were tested. graveyard: thats bizarre seeing as the render loop has already been started, all 'up' does is increase some physics variables. alnite, if your gpu doesnt support cube maps I'm guessing that your cpu is rather slow, the physics are a bit glitchy on a slow cpu, but is very rare and shouldnt cause a problem, especially not an exception. The game is obviously not complete to the level that I would like, and beta testing helps a lot.
  6. My college project is finally complete, knock yourself out.... Download Use a Geforce or Radeon for the best experience. Thanks to everyone at these forums for their help, gamedev.net is an extremely helpful community. Let me know how the experience goes, Jeff Barnard ps. Its a 40mb download, be patient pps. I recieved an A :P [Edited by - code_evo on June 22, 2004 3:43:12 AM]
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