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    proof that 1 = 2

    The Banach–Tarski paradox clearly shows that if you have one ball you can turn it into two thus 1=2, assuming the axiom of choice that is.
  2. O_o

    Guess what time it is?!?!

  3. O_o

    System of system of linear equations

    If you know what Gauss-Jordan elimination is you can use that to solve multiple systems at the same time with the same coefficient matrix with less overhead than doing each equation separately. When doing Gauss-Jordan elimination you perform the row operations on the coefficient matrix to get it into reduced row echelon form and while doing this you perform the same row operations on the 'b' column vector. If you have more than one system you just perform the operations on all the column vectors at the same time. It is exactly like how you would find the inverse of the matrix. However instead of augmenting the identity matrix with the coefficient matrix you augment each of the 'b' column vectors.
  4. O_o

    does anyone else think math is FUN?

    The Twin Prime Conjecture, Riemann hypothesis, Fermat's Last Theorem and bach's conjecture not going to be solved with or have been solved by using elementry theory.
  5. O_o

    does anyone else think math is FUN?

    Anyone writing the Putnam coming up? If you like math you should try it hehe =p
  6. Doesn't all this remind you of that movie with the phone call tracer, the trace busta and trace busta busta, lol... Sorry it's my last day of my summer job and I have 30 mins left and nothing better to do =p
  7. Cat-6 just uses thicker copper wires. Cat-7 adds actual shielding around the twisted pairs.
  8. Are you doing something stupid like standing on a rug while installing the components?
  9. Quote:Nothing in C/C++ is guarenteed to be atomic.'s_algorithm
  10. You can write code that will works perfectly fine in C/C++. Heck the algorithms even have names (Dekker's and Peterson's algorithms come to mind). A hardware solution will be much better but it's not like you can't do it in software.
  11. Is it even possible to attempt to write a semaphore and come up with something worse than blizzard999 did? =p A non-working, when it does work time slice eating semaphore! Heh jk, anyway I hope no one is using a "semaphore" made like that.
  12. Quote:Original post by hplus0603 ... Yes but your calculating the solution to some sub problems more than once! OMG^(&^&
  13. I would try looking for stuff on the 'partition function P' as it is the function in combinatorics that returns the number of ways a positive integer N can be written as the sum of positive integers. Obviously 0 is missing but it's the same idea.
  14. If you always, turn left if you can, go straight if you can't turn left and can go straight and otherwise go right you will hit all rooms only once. Stupid but it works(on some mazes) lol. Edit: I guess it depends on what you mean by a maze.
  15. O_o

    IDE Hard Drive 'Tricks'

    Quote:Original post by kryat win-d is my friend. [smile] but i thought that you could RAID different sized disks, it would just limit the size the size of the smallest disk. RAID 5 a 40 gig, 60 gig, and 80 gig, and the controller would just treat it like three 30 gig disks. lot of wasted space but possible in a 'pinch'. I found a bug in your program. Your min function is not returning correct values.
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