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    fast convert from real to whole

    First problem.. if "in" is negative, nothing happens.. you want the code to work for positive and negative input of "in"?
  2. -silencer-

    double precision

    If you know exactly what you want, write your own data type. A lot of universities have you write a basic "huge" integer class that can store integers up to 100 or more digits long. So make a data type that stores milliseconds. If you don't have to create many instances of this data type it would be fine to use an array of ints or chars to store each digit of your new data type. Overload a few operators and you've got your new timer.
  3. I'm pretty sure Trent has a copywright notice about the garageband files that state that all music derived from his work is copywrighted by him as well. At least that's the way it was when he had "The Big Come Down" remixing available on nin.com a few years ago.
  4. -silencer-

    C++ games running in a browser.

    If you know C++, learning Java wouldn't take very long at all. In fact, there are a few things I'd rather code in Java over C++ - like a quick application that uses a GUI, or something simple that will be shared on different systems.
  5. -silencer-

    Beginner with a couple of questions!

    Quote:Original post by -silencer- You should try a community college for an AA degree and transfer to a university to finish up a BS in Computer Science. Since I'm from Sweden I'm not sure exactly what these abbrevations means, but read further down regarding this 'issue' (math). In the United States, a community college is generally a 2 year program to receive an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. You want to get your AA (Associate of Arts) as a general education degree to continue to a university for your final 2 years of school to receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Science. This is a much safer career path for job availability than attending FullSail for a 15-18 month degree..
  6. -silencer-

    Beginner with a couple of questions!

    Since you admit to being a bit behind in math, I would definitely NOT recommend FullSail. The pace is extremely fast and it's a VERY expensive way to not get an education if you don't succeed. You should try a community college for an AA degree and transfer to a university to finish up a BS in Computer Science. The community college will get you up to speed with math at an easier pace with usually more 1 on 1 help than a university. You could also take a couple programming classes as electives in your two years at the community college to keep you interested in software engineering. I live 2 miles from FullSail, but I decided against it since a Bachelor's degree in CS is worth far more in the field of software engineering. If I didn't have experience designing and building games on my own, I may have considered FullSail AFTER graduating with a BS in Computer Science, but it's just not worth it for the price. I know enough FullSail graduates that are still waiting tables or working as cashiers because they regret not having a BS. However, for art, sound, film production, FullSail is a fine technical school to attend since those career paths tend to depend more on a creative portfolio instead of technical and analytical knowledge. If you want to be a programmer, you'll need upper level math such as linear algebra and calculus, which are far beyond hex & binary conversions. Play it smart and take your time with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. ..and no it's never too late to begin programming. If you have the skills and you're excited about gaming you won't be considered too old to enter the industry as a game programmer.
  7. -silencer-

    writing into an html file

    Since you want to write to a file, use the output stream 'ofstream': #include <fstream> #include <cstdlib> int main() { std::ofstream outFile("files.html", std::ios::out); outFile << "<html>\n"; outFile << "<head>\n"; outFile << "<title>Title</title>\n"; outFile << "</head>\n"; outFile << "<body>\n"; outFile << "Junk\n"; outFile << "</body>\n"; outFile << "</html>\n"; outFile.close(); return 0; }
  8. -silencer-

    Source code maintenance

    Try Tortoise SVN..
  9. -silencer-

    floating point incrementing

    I agree that you don't need to update the physics 1000 times per second. Considering refresh rates on monitors limit the fps you will see to around a max of 200, at the fastest you'll have a frame update every 5ms. That should be enough time to have a change in position even with 32-bit floats and slow moving objects. You'll really need to do the math on what your game will require. Perhaps you'll have no other real choice than to increase the time between physics calculations or divide your game world into zones to better handle extremely small distances.
  10. -silencer-

    Real Real Newbie here....

    If you're a true beginner to programming, skip on the graphics for now and focus on learning C/C++. You can still make some fun games with complete text-based input/output (especially RPGs) with minimal programming experience. Once you get past pointers & classes with a solid understanding of data structures such as linked lists, you could begin working with OpenGL/DirectX.. don't expect to learn all this in a couple weeks - it takes a long time to develop as a software engineer.
  11. -silencer-

    What's next?

    I started working with MFC and WIN32 API, and scrapped studying MFC since it's just not needed for my applications. Focus on Win32 API & DirectX. Also check out the upper division electives available at your school - I took AI and computer vision classes that really taught me a lot.
  12. I know quite a few people that have accepted money orders from users on Amazon for used books. Try contacting one of them - it may take a few more days to get the book, but for $10 it's worth it.
  13. Are you calling the init() function within int main()? I've done this with many programs and never had a problem with it.. int main() { init(); do_something(); do_something_else(); return 0; } void init() { do_init_stuff(); return; } Showing some code would help us figure out the problem..
  14. -silencer-

    Multilingual coder?

    At least you guys are learning before college. I began teaching myself VB and C++ my freshman year of college when I was a Microbiology/Pre-Med major. Of course I graduated quite a few years later with multiple programming/Comp Sci degrees, so I'm glad I finally made the right choice. I wish I considered picking it up on my own when I was in high school or earlier.. back when free time wasn't the rarest thing in life. Learn as much as you can - read about what's currently being used and continue to develop as a software engineer.
  15. -silencer-

    RPG help

    If you don't want to hard code it for flexability reasons, and you don't want to take the time to learn about scripting languages, try this.. In a quest log file, create a header for each of your quests followed by the quest file.. like this.. NPC# GoldCost Level RequiredFlags QuestFileName 4% 200% 5% 1,2,4,6% quest1.dat 6% 100% 7% 3,5,7% quest2.dat . . . It's easiest to use a delimiter - such as %. Now you check your quest log file whenever an item/action could trigger a quest, and do your if's based on the NPC, GoldCost, Level, Requirements, etc. If all are satisfied, load up the specific quest file.
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