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  1. Silly_con

    New Gamedev web design

    Oops, I didn't see that, thanks! :P
  2. Hi, this is a suggestion, why not put the background of the website more dark (black, dark blue, dark gray ...) like before the design change ? Or to be customizable when you log in. Dark is elegance and not eye-killer. Thanks
  3. Silly_con

    VisualC++ 6 and 16/24/32 bitmaps

    Thanks again! I now have material to read and test :)
  4. Silly_con

    VisualC++ 6 and 16/24/32 bitmaps

    Hi again, sorry, but i have another question !!! :) 1. How I can make a bitmap that can be clicked ? or a button bitmap. 2. How I can make buttons like in internet explorer 6 of windows XP, like back button (icon + text) All without using MFC, only win32 api in c/c++. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am making a little win32 application, buttons, textbox etc, and I want buttons with bitmaps, or icons inside, the problem is that when I add a resource bitmap, it converts it to 16 colors I believe, and it looks awful, how can i import full color (true color) bitmaps and icons in vc6 ? thanks
  6. Silly_con

    Simple physics question

    Thanks, I've understood now, but if the volume of one object is bigger than the other, and his mass bigger too, why the two objects fall to the ground in the same time (in havok-reactor case) ? this seems very unrealistic. Other engines do the same ? like havok realtime, novodex, meqon, newton ...
  7. Silly_con

    Simple physics question

    a ball of 5kg, and a ball of 500kg fall to the ground in the same time ? is a non-measurable difference in earth ?
  8. Silly_con

    Simple physics question

    I have been testing the havok engine, in his version for 3dsmax, reactor. And I have seen that if you have 2 identical objects, but one of them have much more mass than the other, if you let go down the two objects from the same height, the two objects needs the same time to reach the ground. I thought that the object with more mass would reach ground in much less time. The simple cuestion is: if you have two objects with the same volume, and diferent mass(different density), with only one down force (gravity),and without air friction or with the same air friction, what object will collide with the ground before ? thanks
  9. Silly_con

    Hierarchical Confusion in APIs

    Thanks for explanation, I don't understand it completly yet. I was talking about scene graphs too, but my topic is more about more simple things that I don't undertand, like make object relations with opengl, with translate/rotate and matrix stack. I think that people that make an engine not only understand all this stuff very very well, although they have an intuitive idea on how to do this things.
  10. Hi, I have a big trouble understanding hierarchical transformations, rotations, links of objects ..., and I think that is something that you need to know very well to do an engine, because in a simple scene can be lot of objects, lights, cameras, ... When I am using OpenGL or DirectX, I can do simple things, but when an object rotate around other object, and this object around a light, and the camera rotates on his own, and a character depends on the movement of and object (for example a car) and this character has a cigarrete ... I can't do complicaded things, only very simple things, anyone knows how can I learn this topic well, where are useful links or books about this, or any trick about ? Thanks
  11. Silly_con

    VC++ 2005 Express Beta 2

    Thanks very much :)
  12. Hi, how can I compile a windows C++ program in VC++2005 Express beta 2 ? it doesn't have windows.h, etc thanks
  13. Silly_con

    Access private base members from derived

    your are talking about doing this, not to use protected members ? class Base { private: int data; public: void SetData(int); int GetData() const; }; class Derived : public Base { private: public: void func(int n) { SetData(n); } };
  14. Silly_con

    Inheritance overhead

    in a simple example like the posted, isn't needed to make a virtual destructor ?
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