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  1. polyfrag

    System for mmo

    I thought of limiting the comma between players and host by changing how often they receive updates. If the screen is 2000 pixels wide and a character takes up the whole screen at 1 meter then at 1/(2000/(d)) it will only have a pixel of change for a meter of movement so if the maximum speed is 1 m/2s you don’t need to worry any more than every 2 s. Also for bullets you would have a last agreed upon position received and sent between each player so they know who their bullet cone effects that they have to sent trigger updates to. The width grows linearly but the area of the screen that we need to worry about updating grows inverse squarely 1/(2000/(d^2)).
  2. Yeah check out all my stuff http://sites.google.com/site/3brane4bulk I'm doing this stuff on paper so I'll figure it out
  3. How do you, say, given a vector in a gravitational field, reflect or alter the vector, by the vector of the gravity? Ie if the gravity vector gives a plane and you want to make the vector perpendicular to the gravity vector but as close as possible to the original? Doing this for https://github.com/dmdware/f69 as per http://gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Essays-Relativity Theory/Download/6866 walk space generation. Also how do you sometimes give it a little bit of an offset off the plane, eg by a 3 degree offset up above or -3 for below the plane along the original forward direction but off the perpendicular to gravity plane now. The other thing I wanted was to make the vector follow an iso-contour line along its original path, which I can do. Also if anybody is familiar with eg ray tracing I need to also refract the vector by the gravity vector acting as the increasing-density refractive medium, with the refractive indices being the gravity magnitudes at those places, and I'm not sure if it should be a dot product that is along the vector corresponding with the gravity vector, or the whole gravity vector itself. Also I'm not sure if the best results will be obtained by keeping all the resulting vectors on the original forward path, only reflected or altered by the plane in question, but I think it is best for making a mesh surface.
  4. Some more time for ideas. You could use Amazon AWS EC2 instance or other cloud platforms to make a cloud gaming platform and recruit resources on demand. In steam and other cloud platforms it's possible to steal and crack the game code and logic and thus pirate the game for free. If the game is never on the client but the client acts as a dumb terminal getting screenfuls each frame over the web and sending inputs and getting an audio stream then nothing can be stolen. This idea isn't new. You'd have to have people pay to top up their accounts with play hours because the cost is hosting these games and servers. It would have to be a new niche with strategy or turn based games. Mostly because you're probably using very cheap machines (in terms of hardware capabilities) but that are costing a few cents or more every hour. And you're sending huge amounts of data every frame. It's basically video streaming. And they mustn't depend too much responsiveness, so classy strategy, turn-based, or some kind of lock-step first person shooter (it's possible and I posted some ideas before). It would probably be best for simple games like arcades or shoot em ups that newbies like to create. It costs practically nothing to add a new game to the system if it's not a full blown system like steam or origin and can even be implemented with PayPal (because we're cheap amateur indie startup geniuses that don't need to ... Well okay it's crap but it's a big world and maybe there's a little bit of room for this). Basically you just give the developers an open source basis for how to make apps for your dumb client that grabs screenfuls and audio from the server and sends inputs, and then you let people join your program and they never reveal their code or assets. Another idea is a unique niche for developers that make free games, like on smartphones, but for PC or any other platform includes smartphones themselves. Basically it would be ideal suited for first person shooters where you have a billboard ad on some building that players see. Advertisers go onto the system, be it the ad platforms site or that of the developers of the game, and they fill out a form. They upload the ad image or text and select any special settings like on what map or location they want their ads to appear and pay through PayPal (again, for amateurs and cheap startups or people who have nothing better to do). The problem is you can't be sure the developers haven't tampered the ad system or are serving up the ads to as many people as they say, so you have to develop trust with whatever developers and only advertise with people you trust. Eventually maybe somebody can develop a rating or third party evaluation system or website that shows everybody's rating or who's trusted or reviewed by other advertisers. The other idea is to use higher dimensions (4) to make a cube with a grid of tiles for a strategy or civ game that is warped (as a 3-brane in a 4-bulk higher dimensional space) to appear continuous and spherical. The buildings would be warped and it would be interesting. But you would give all the buildings a tile to be on and each would appear to be on square grid that is repeating in 3d somehow and you would be amazed at how that is happening and it would hard to wrack ones brain around it and you would learn something about higher dimensional space. [edit] For the cloud platform, it makes sense that the developers would get paid by a share of the play hours that users spend there. It makes more sense than having people pay for play hours (bandwidth, CPU hosting, costs) and to buy a game on top of that. It would allow people to try any game they want to for free as long as they have enough play hours. It might make more sense to eliminate this complexity from the player, but some games or apps might be more worthy and complex and require a heavier cost so maybe it still makes sense to charge based on the product, just maybe a different number of credits or something, based on machine, bandwidth, space requirements and also the developer's expected share. This may be good for any sort of app like a graphical design suite or tool that would otherwise be pirated. Making the platform website neutral may make it a general purpose solution for any kind of technology.
  5. polyfrag

    How to stay motivated?

    I think if you want to do it, there's a reason to be doing it deep down. I think in my own experiences making games is the development of the means, the building of bridges lets say, for more useful things. I find that if someone is stuck with an artists block or some kind of obstacle, finding interest in another field may be fruitful and may alleviate the blockage as well as to bring a fresh perspective to another field. Eg music or art. I think the end purpose of games like other arts is to be just be a distraction or something that people sink their free time into, to get a little bit of the whole while they take a break. I was recently watching DJs on YouTube and how they mix and a DJ bag review and it made me want to make music a lot. I think something I get happy thoughts out of and that alleviates my desire for being more motivated without actually making me motivated is that there is no point to human progress or actually doing anything, and that taking a dump or scratching oneself may be more important at a galactic scale than having finished a project, because deep down my subconscious decided I should do that instead. Also try out other arts because maybe you will become a "complete person". It would be awesome to have somebody that can wield all these arts in their head, especially to use them all on a game. That's what I recently thought about doing in my free time. Though I think games are useless and you have to find something useful to do and that may give you material and essence to put into your games. What is your game anyway? It takes a long time to perfect a craft and to get the most meaning or score the most points in the presentation. Score the most points as in, get the best ratio of memes to work or time spent or something, of memes is something you're aiming for. My early projects we're low meme yield. Actually my early projects had some good atmosphere and points scoring but not complete games. Then I went to over-engineering and learning the craft, until now, which is the point of simplification and making use of my accumulated code base and knowledge and recovering that youthful character and brilliance. So maybe keep doing what you're doing because you need to exhaust all possibilities or because you're contributing to the pool of stuff people can do in their free time and you enjoy attention. [deleted by moderator - warning issued to poster] [Edit] Or just quit your job if that's causing you depression and do games full time. [Edit] Motivating videos: search "dj set" on YouTube
  6. polyfrag

    Space Colonization and the Future

    If not for living, we might need Mars and other planets, as temporary stepping stones on learning to travel farther, or as intermediate resupply points. Ie if we never go there and never do anything there, we will never progress.
  7. polyfrag

    Space Colonization and the Future

    A planet is just a base of minerals and gravity, assuming you can biodome it all. A lot of pressurized volume and plantable surface area is lost though if you have to biodome it. Maybe there's inflatable transparent sheets or plastics or rubbers that can be used on a large scale that could keep pressurized.
  8. polyfrag


    The issue though is that I'm doing physics not games, and thus it is useful. It is no more a hobby then what the quantum gravitists are doing, or waiters, and actually more productive and useful. I'm actually draining my finite mental resources. This is like precious gems and silica used to make computers and smartphones. The stuff I do in my head, is like running computing time on a super-computer, except there's only one of me that can do these mentally damaging and permanently altering brain structure tasks, until other people get off their asses and learn to think and do the same about physics.
  9. polyfrag

    not ideas [edit]

    Actually I don't care about discussing this. So I guess I'm going to mix the fun of a break I was going to take with actually trying to make money. I don't actually need to make money. I just need to be trying to make money. And I have a load of better things to be doing than games and anime. Which is kind of disappointing because I actually do need money to move out and do my own things. Such horses***. So I guess I have to come up with some crazy invention or tech and sell it to NASA/Roskosmos/whatever. @)$)#@( Which... seems doable... maybe in a year. Haha. Looking at the phase-shift propulsion developments going on it seems doable and I have to read to find out if or why it hasn't been applied to electromagnetic radiation yet. So excuse the spam not related to games... but I do not get a break now to make anime and games. Back to work for me. And no hope of getting out of this hole. I don't get money for just correcting mistakes in relativity theory and being right, about new things in string theory etc. [edit] Maybe the money fairy will come and sprinkle money on me in mysterious ways as I continue to make progress.
  10. polyfrag

    Ideas [edit]

    I think I have to talk about everything on my mind and go into detail into the ideas everywhere because maybe the mental disconnect I feel is because I'm mulling this over by myself and there's a disconnect in communication or contact with reality. Also I thought maybe actually making games I was afraid to make might make money. Ie I was thinking now I actually have the reason or feeling of deservedness to make games that shamelessly grub money while making all the kids spend all their parents money etc. I was afraid it would make TOO much money. Haha. JK. But I don't think that will go anywhere as I'll still have to invest too much time or money and have nothing in the end. But about the ideas. I think writing in gsjournal is the only way I have of writing papers, unless some other journal besides the one I tried (JPhysA) publishes me. Actually seems like a waste of time if I already have everything organized in a simple way in a single place. I got banned by the idiots at physicsforums.net because they don't allow original research and thinking proposals. I think it was just because I was spreading dissent about relativity or rather just plain out saying it was wrong without any other solution or work done to show why. But I think if I make a second account... I don't know they don't even reply to the contact I sent asking about reinstating my account. Ah... [Swearing] Well there's other English physics and science forums, if I'm that desperate. And there's sci phys relativity on Google groups and the gsjournal forum. And dxdy.ru which is Russian and the lurkmore.ru discussion page behind the wiki entry on the theory of relativity. Um. Probably others. I feel like it's a copout and only rejects that don't know anything have to resort to this kind of spamming pretty though I actually intend to have discussions and unique content. Ok. Well that probably can't go wrong. Looking forward to this. [Edit] Not for the job thing. And I think that this might be at least interesting for the intial discussion I get when I start.
  11. polyfrag


    I actually have to get a job now because I'm not officially making money, even though it's ridiculous and I should be getting paid for the useful physics work that I do. All these people in universities getting taught this ridiculous stuff that they take so seriously that if they even tried a little seriously in detail would realize that it has a flaw (ie the Pythagorean triangle of relativity). All these people that are doing these time-dilation experiments that don't get values corresponding to the gravitational time dilation that they should experience. And they have all the values they need for it. Just the gravitational acceleration. The velocity is in the rest frame. Anyways. The whole system is flawed and some people (like me) don't get money when they should or somebody else doing the same work would get paid. I have to actually try to make money instead of doing useful work. Grants are only for university students or professors. Imagine me doing web development work or app design or something. Ridiculous. And getting a job is just basically getting a rich person to support you. Fucking ridiculous! Agh. So frustrated. Guess I have to go apply for jobs on craigslist. Might just make sense to just rob a government, Fight Club style.
  12. polyfrag

    Why your indie game dev team will fail

    You need some dynamite methods to start making money on games. This shovelware will not do... you need a bulldozer. Start by... making something that is not a game. That makes people 200% more likely to buy it.
  13. polyfrag

    I bet bitcoin will be a mainstream currency

    Maybe when all governments decide to digitize all currency. But it's got all the same problems that money has I think. And it seems wasteful to store EVERYBODY'S history in EVERYBODY's wallet.
  14. polyfrag

    subfield [edit3]

    I'm kind of not sure if working on this takes too much of a mental commit charge as opposed to working on the useful physics work that I do. I didn't sleep though so this is not like I'm capable of doing anything besides mental work anyway. I think in the day today I might be able to do some work on the dopamine engine / subfield game, but I already put in my shift on the physics so I'm going to take a break overall. I think I found that by working on the fun stuff, the stuff that I'm kind of itching to do, I did away with (maybe this was just because I would've come to it anyway or because I hadn't slept at that time either) the unnecessary work of what I was doing with generating the acceleration space curvature, while I could do something more productive in the meanwhile, and so forked a new project to possibly do that while avoiding the possible other work of the acceleration space. Though I didn't do anything with that. And am now going to continue with the mainline project once I finish, though I am going to work on the mini side tasks, or rather the other main tasks, while I #ifdef 0 the unfinished acceleration space walking. I was thinking there would be eg a gamedev.bc.ca or something but that's a government level domain address. I was thinking of taking the remaining 5 months of the year as break to work on anime and games. I didn't do anything really to show for it physically (no new tech... or results, or anything to show that it is correct and a new discovery) but it was a good start and I think I should do it anyway because ... the only way to make these things is when you're not thinking about them too much... and... I think with the attitude I have right now that this is not the main thing I do, to make a living, or, trying to make money off of, or rather, that I don't charge money for it, and have substance that I can put into it that is not solely in the computer or anime or art drawing for that matter, field, and that somehow, deep inside, I can ward off the bad attitude that is naturally directed at game developers and the unproductive and self-destructive mindset that game developers that try to make a living off of this have and fall into, by the fact that this is not the main thing I do, that I do this just for fun, that I will have a different result than before... and really with physics you've got to take it easy. When you work on something, you have to keep your mind flexible and attack new problems and your mind continues working on it anyway somehow. Physics is the most relaxed field... if you don't go into quantum physics I guess. Or take the wrong turn at hicksville. Just kidding. But I mean that... physics or any kind of science is actually productive and useful and is actually respectable work. So you can take breaks. This is a total mind shift. I dunno. If you actually make a contribution and do something useful. And the more deeply somebody is in a field (and indebted with its mistakes) the more sheepish and miserable they become, eg the people I saw at the electronics store who were having second thoughts about going inside, haha. So I think keeping as far detached from the dirty grunt work is the best part, that is, keeping an overview rather than an in-the-mud view. That is the luxury some people have when they start out. And must eventually succumb to. If you're lucky you develop some kind of innate knowledge that you can transplant into another field. [edit] I think art, like music, and maybe anime and/or games, can have an inspirational or "coolness" impression effect, that can make people take up subjects or to give insights, like the techno song that made me take up physics... that I won't talk about. Yes, that is possibly what I intend to do, but probably won't have enough time for. Really I was doing it before I even heard it though. And don't think I have enough material for that kind of impressive effect.
  15. polyfrag


    Here is how how it is currently going. https://github.com/dmdware/dopamine Requires Windows 8.1 to test https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2Wuir9-DSiUcVktWWttUm9IVXM
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