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    Any plans for a JIT in AngelScript? I havent seen anyone say anything about it anywhere.
  2. I belive its something to do with an assignment optimization made by the compiler since it knows you dont really need to create the first instance.
  3. HippieHunter

    how do you pass a std::list object

    that __gc bit in the error looks disturbingly like something from .net and so does the System::String, the problem being that Correct me if im wrong but you cant mix .net types and C++ templates. I could be way off thats just the impression ive always operated under.
  4. HippieHunter

    Selective VertexBuffer changes

    This is in reference to Terrain Paging, so the Vertex shader while usefull for animation doesnt apply as far as i can tell.
  5. I will probly have to do my own test, but just asking....does anyone know if uploading a full 1 meg Vertexbuffer has the same effect as changing 50% of the vertices selectively? is Selective vertex Modification even a worth while prospect? ie lock the buffer and change values at different locations in the returned pointer.
  6. HippieHunter

    Shader Lights + Complex Materials

    Ive Actualy got that book, my only problem right now is Dealing with combining "materials" with multiple different types of lights.
  7. HippieHunter

    Shader Lights + Complex Materials

    ive googled what you suggested, but all i get is, "buy GPU gems" do you happen to know of another way to learn how to use Shader Interfaces in Cg?
  8. HippieHunter

    Shader Lights + Complex Materials

    Damn login system. the AP was me :/
  9. HippieHunter

    Shader Lights + Complex Materials

    Thanks for the tip on Defered Shading, it looks really cool, though i think for lower end cards im still going to have to come up with a way to deal with the Lights problem from before, maybe just limit the number of lights that are active. Maybe figure a way to do like 8 lights in vertex, then only 1-2 in per pixel.
  10. if I've got an object with some complex Shader, and it gets plop'ed into a scene that is supposed to have like 4 per pixel lights in it, what do I do. I'm terribly confused, I think I remember seeing some thing on combining shaders on the fly, but couldnt find the article, if anyone knows the article I'm talking about, kindly tell it to me, if anyone has a better solution I would be very greatfull.
  11. I need to take a scene from Maya, where the Objects have Cg's .fx Files Applied to them. The purpose of loading the scene is to run it through an ABT compiler, im kind of at a loss as how to deal with this, ive found a Maya API reference that tells how to load everything except the Cg Material Part.
  12. I belive you set the Instruction Pointer (IP register) to the Adress of the line you want to execute. you still have to put the correct stuff on the stack.
  13. HippieHunter

    Combining Textures

    Lerp was the response i was looking for thank you for your assistance
  14. HippieHunter

    Combining Textures

    im using 3d Textures, as in each layer is a different texture. ie one layer for Grass one for Mud ect. thats the Primary texture, while the Secondary texture is textures for Roads and things like that. The 3rd texture is to be used as a key, with one color channel used to determine the layer of the 1st texture, one color channel used to determine the layer of the 2nd texture and the 3rd color channel to determine the ratio of blend between the two.
  15. HippieHunter

    Combining Textures

    Is there a way that i can combine two textures based on a third textures lookup, using PixelShaders of any version.
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