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  1. Really good. I'm glad to see cooperative gameplay getting some proper attention now. Left 4 Dead really started the ball rolling, and it's picking up momentum. Portal 2 Coop will be an interesting one.
  2. Just started work at Bizarre Creations. So far so good! I really like the place, and the job ahead looks very exciting. Liverpool's cool, really, I couldn't ask for more :) Except some money, I'm broke already! That would be cool, so I can start my biking lessons as quickly as possible and be done with it. Been doing work on designing a network engine during the last week, and it's going very well. OK, gotta go. until next time!
  3. oliii


    Failed my bike test. All that because of a feckin' silly mistake. I'm so PISSED OFF. FUCKING HELL! Cost me a fair amount as well. And I can't do the test again for a couple of months! GRRR... gonna have to do it in the UK, get a UK license. then come back, and do the test again in France when I'll be on holiday, and when I passed my english license. I'm gonna have to get drunk, finish what's left of my bottle of whisky, and try not to get into trouble. fs... feel like killing small furry animals. Now where's my cat...
  4. oliii


    After my grueling week of interviews, got a awesome job, a awesome little appartment in Liverpool, ... well, ain't life awesome! I'm quite looking forward to the new year, things seem to be going my way for a change. Bike training going fine, and my bike-to-be is also secured. Thank you Santa! You're a pal! Have a lovely Christmas all!
  5. oliii

    luv' ma bike

    Lesson #4. Some more road practise. It's getting awesome. Feeling comfortable on the thing now, letting it rip is a real pleasure, instead of being an pant-soiling scary experience, and I've worked hard on the slow part, get some feeling going, dropped the bike again, but it's almost there. Slalom is easy, I need to get more rythm. All in all success! A girl doing the lesson crashed too, kinda bad. She dropped oil on the tarmac, fgs! Well, she is all right, but the conditions were tricky. very slippery. I almost locked the front, and definitely the rear, braking a bit hard on a greasy road. And I passed the road theory thing, since I'm so old I have to do it again. Great, now I can get back on my bike! :) ...After my interviews. It looks very promising now. Some really cool companies lined up (and I mean, ultra cool), now I just need to no fuck it up! :) Send them a couple of poxy demoes, which I was quite surprised, were apparently well received. Hey, who knows, I might actually be a good coder after all. Anyway, gruelling week, better go if I want to catch my ferry, and actually do the interviews instead of talking about it.
  6. oliii

    King of the Road!

    Goddamnit. I'm pretty certain my instructor wants to kill me dead. I don't know what I did to him. Two lesson, I'm barely able to stay on the machine, and then I HAVE to drive on the road. That, and he keeps offering me cigarettes like there is no tomorrow for me. Well, it wasn't as bad as planned. I managed to get to the track in one piece, minus a few litres of cold sweat, and no, I don't think I've wet myself, but that was a close one. It's a nice road as well. With a portion at 70mph. If you don't know what hanging on to dear life means, try doing 70mph, under heavy rain, overtaking huge trucks on a naked 500, while barely capable of changing gears, and confusing brakes with other bits of the machine. Fuck me and my luck, I swear I saw the grim reaper in my mirrors, laughing his head off. Anyway, after that epic 20 min journey, I was so stressed I just couldn't do the slow bits. I was as stiff as a board, my arms wouldn't bend. Anyway, I've managed to calm down a bit and learned the slalom, which was dead cool. Apparently, you have to push the bike's steering in the opposite direction of the turn. May sounds weird, (and it did sound weird, I thought the instructor was still after my blood), but it's quite natural. To get some lean, you have to do that anyway, so no problemo. Quite a cool feeling too. So I got more confidence and I'm almost to the point where I can brake in relative safety. Then we have to ride back to base, through the same roads, but completely wet after 3 hours of biking. Hey, wasn't that bad, I quite enjoyed the road this time. Even the hairy bits. For some strange reason, I kept asking myself what would happen if I let go of the steering. anyway, I'm getting better, and quite enjoying it.
  7. Cool, I did my second bike lesson. As expected, it didn't go terribly well. Why, oh god why, did I decided to do my lesson on a Saturday morning? Not exactly a cure for a hangover, but I survived yet another few hours, and didn't died of shame. yet. BUt I can see the end coming soon. I mainly spend the morning knocking off cones, and screaming "Oh my god, no!" at the slightest miscalculation, which were numerous. Open the throttle inadvertently mid-turn in first gear, again confuse the clutch with the break lever, and use the break pedal instead of the accelerator. Maybe I thought the game was knocking off cones on the floor with the front, but it wasn't a terrible idea. A couple of falls later, after cones were basically stuck under the front tyre, I kinda learned that I had to move 'between' cones. Hey, I tend to learn better when I get slapped around, so in the end, it wasn't that bad. Well, dropping a 500cc isn't a pleasant experience, but apparently 'they are there for that', so why restrain myself, hey! I did enjoy the slalom bit, apparently taken in third gear, but given my complete incompetence, second gear was good enough. Maybe too good, the U-turn at the end was still done on wet grass, due to another embarrasing clutch / brake confusion. All in all, quite a funny experience in retrospect. if I can't laugh about it, I might as well throw myself off a bridge! I can't wait the next lesson. Possibly, 'what to do in case of an accident', and me being the accident. The bike stuff is slowly getting drilled into my (thankfully) thick skull, getting more confidence, despite the couple of wipeouts, ...na it's cool. Just like snowboarding with a 300lbs board on hard tarmac (and the occasional bit of frozen grass).
  8. First motorcycle session today. Oh boy, it was weird. A mixture of deep apprehension, and excitation. Track stuff, that was cool. Very cool. I got some lean too, and the good instinct of looking waaay ahead in the turns. OK, now going in Neutral around a corner, not very clever. Taking the clutch for a break lever, less cool, especially in third gear braking. Using the horn without even noticing, that was amusing. Plodding around cones at Low speed, now that was nasty. These things are so heavy and unstable, it felt like it just wanted to keel over and die. My arm on the inside of the turn would suddenly have a fit and seize, thus preventing me to do any kind of semblance of turn. My foot would suddenly go to ground thinking "hey, my leg can stop that 180 kg monster to fall over!". Er... no. All in all, a mixed feeling. Like a first day on a snowboard or a bicycle. It just takes practise to get over the fear. I felt like a retard though. Looks easy, but it's definitely not as easy as I thought. I'll get the confidence going at high speed that should help me with the low speed. Or so my deluded self thinks anyway. Something hasn't clicked yet, but for the first two hours, I can't really complain. Plus, it was raining, cold, but that never bothered me, never got in the way of the enjoyment. Then I just KNOW I'm made for bikes.
  9. Since I've been doing mostly nothing for the past month, taking it easy, and enjoying life on the dole, I felt that it was time to pull myself together, skip hibernation and start looking for jobs. I also decided to not look for real jobs just yet, and work for the video games industry, or a.k.a. Hell On Earth. Am I crazy?... Everybody around me is asking the same question. Hell, I guess I am. Let's say that I'm just I'm passionate, driven (by my lazyness mostly). Seriously, I don't really see myself doing any other jobs. I'm not exactly a graduate programmer, I hate electronics with a passion only rivaled by my hatred of cats, and as a matter of fact, I LOVE my job. Love coding, I just hate going to work. Well, I guess I'm crazy then. To prove my point, I'll be spending a week in the UK, doing the Travelling Salesman thing, doing one, possibly two interviews a day, trying to be cool and fit the 'young hip, dynamic, and definitely not a nerd', to secure that darn dream job. Selling myself has never been my forte. I always feel like I'm trying to flog a dead horse. Not exactly the kind of attitude they are seeking. OK, I've got a confidence problem when faced with intimidating strangers, who are often smaller than me, and female. Not to the point of peeing on myself at interviews, I'll leave that to when I retire. hey, I guess I finally found my sensitive side here! And I can see where this is going... Better stop before it's too late! Mommmy!!!!
  10. oliii

    Why am I doing this...

    First journal I ever wrote. What an adventure it's gonna be! I've always thought of journals, personal blogs, diaries as the sole territory of teenage girls with boyfriend troubles, and vice versa (but then, I'll start questioning their sexual orientation if it was a bloke writing this shite). End of story. What's the point of writing stuff nobody's gonna read? Or why should someone else cares? Honestly, I don't see the point. Maybe because I'm precisely just an insensitive bastard. Anyway, I'll give it a shot, and see if I can find enlightenment and get in touch with my sensitive side. Considering that this blog will mostly be about my programming journey through the wonderful and wacky world of video games, it is quite unlikely. So I'll write a diary, because, .. I've got too much time on my hands. Yeah, that's it...
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