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    Help Wanted Picks updated.

    I'm not a fan of tearing apart an actual HW post, but snippets of advice? Go for it. It might also be worth it to crosspost weekly in HW with this (I realize there's a how-to-post sticky already, but it's bloody long). I do like the concept of the HW picks - very cool gig.
  2. Avatar God

    Weekly Sitrep

    You know, GDNet has been pretty good to me lately - the forums do well, the continuation of the Daily News has been great (for me, this has beaten the forums out now for best part of GDNet), and I like trawling the journals. I wish the contests went better, and to date, I am the only person to judge all the 4E entries this time around. Stuff like this needs more support - that is, more than just superpig, because he's busy. At least some updates (even no-news updates) would be nice. As far as bugs and quirks - it's good to know there is actually a list being made now. That's a huge improvement over noting the same set of bugs every couple of months. Overall, it would be nice to hear more from the staff on the site. Just a general 'state of GDNet' or whatever from Dave every so often, or a general update from the revision staff on possible changes. It's nice to see the occasional thread about this, so I'd definitely recommend keeping it up.
  3. Avatar God

    This is relevant to my interests

    Quote:Original post by superpig Quote:I also think some moderator-only tags would be nice; 'reserved words' if you will. Perhaps a special prefix that normal members can't use. I don't have an immediate use for them, but I expect one might arise.To be honest I'd rather avoid this. Special-casing behaviour into the tagging system makes a complex mechanism even more complex. Things like "spam" are tags that can be applied by any member, and with good reason; things like "deleted," tagging a user as "watched," etc, would not go through the tagging system.What about spotlighting a thread (or rather, various threads at once), or as a different method of stickying a thread? These could be done by the community, but there are cases in which it might be best to have some unified source decide something.
  4. Avatar God

    Playable Helicopter Test

    Crap! I may need help running it in Vista. It does nothing [sad]. Tried disabling dual monitors, changing settings, and running in XP compatibility mode, but no luck yet. Starting Rescue Squad 2 [Build: 762M] at Mon Oct 08 22:44:01 CST 2007 Running with asserts disabled Running as a local build Attempting to create screen display... Running windowed All available modes: 640 x 400 x 16 @60Hz 1366 x 768 x 16 @60Hz 1280 x 854 x 16 @60Hz 1365 x 768 x 16 @60Hz 1360 x 768 x 16 @60Hz 720 x 480 x 32 @60Hz 1365 x 768 x 32 @60Hz 1366 x 768 x 32 @60Hz 1280 x 854 x 32 @60Hz 1360 x 768 x 32 @60Hz 720 x 480 x 16 @60Hz 640 x 400 x 32 @60Hz 1280 x 768 x 16 @60Hz 800 x 600 x 16 @60Hz 768 x 576 x 32 @60Hz 640 x 480 x 32 @60Hz 1024 x 768 x 16 @60Hz 1280 x 800 x 32 @60Hz 1440 x 900 x 32 @60Hz 720 x 400 x 16 @60Hz 1280 x 800 x 16 @60Hz 1024 x 768 x 32 @60Hz 1440 x 900 x 16 @60Hz 720 x 400 x 32 @60Hz 800 x 600 x 32 @60Hz 1280 x 768 x 32 @60Hz 768 x 576 x 16 @60Hz 640 x 480 x 16 @60Hz 864 x 480 x 16 @60Hz 854 x 480 x 32 @60Hz 320 x 240 x 16 @60Hz 853 x 480 x 32 @60Hz 852 x 480 x 32 @60Hz 1280 x 720 x 16 @60Hz 1152 x 864 x 32 @60Hz 320 x 200 x 32 @60Hz 512 x 384 x 16 @60Hz 400 x 300 x 16 @60Hz 480 x 360 x 32 @60Hz 512 x 384 x 32 @60Hz 400 x 300 x 32 @60Hz 480 x 360 x 16 @60Hz 864 x 480 x 32 @60Hz 852 x 480 x 16 @60Hz 853 x 480 x 16 @60Hz 320 x 240 x 32 @60Hz 854 x 480 x 16 @60Hz 320 x 200 x 16 @60Hz 1152 x 864 x 16 @60Hz 1280 x 720 x 32 @60Hz 640 x 350 x 16 @60Hz 1024 x 640 x 16 @60Hz 1024 x 640 x 32 @60Hz 640 x 350 x 32 @60Hz Adding fallback mode: 800 x 600 x 0 @0Hz Suitable display modes by preference: 800 x 600 x 32 @60Hz 800 x 600 x 16 @60Hz 800 x 600 x 0 @0Hz Trying mode 800 x 600 x 32 @60Hz Creating display Centering
  5. Avatar God


    OrangyTang... This is looking awesome. Out of all the games I downloaded a while back, this was the one I kept coming back to and playing. It was loads of fun and pretty to play, so I was delightfully surprised to see that you're doing more with it! Be checking back in on your journal often, now. Good work and good luck!
  6. Avatar God

    Can Has Name?

    Personally, my favorite FRED acronym is "Fucking Ridiculous Eating Device." Coincidentally, I keep wishing I had one so I could stop eating chicken and cake with a Winchester knife. That said, I really like FRED for this one.
  7. Avatar God

    Bye Bye

    Well, I've come to the conclusion that I don't want to be as involved with compturs, technology, graphics... any of this stuff... in the future as I am now. Adobe makes bad software, and there's nothing anyone can do about it, except yell and beat small animals into submission. Or just yell. Anyways, the choice morons on GDNet have also convinced me to leave - you know who you are - and I think it will at least make for a nice break. So, if or until I come back, bye. For those of you who weren't referenced in the previous paragraph (most of you), you rock! -George
  8. A lol @ zerowolf in there...
  9. B [grin][lol][grin][lol]
  10. Avatar God

    Welcome to the noodle farm.

    Absolutely number 2! I *gotta* see that noodle suit...
  11. Avatar God

    Entry #105

    You know, Mushu, you frighten me at times... but remain inexplainably cool at the same time.
  12. Avatar God


    Heh, I saw this and had to post it. Had too much fun with 3DMax a while back.
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