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    The GDNet Birthday thread

    Really? Not one of the google image results for 'Gamedev slime ad' returns what I want. Tell me someone took a screenshot! Happy birthday, gamedev : )
  2. Avatar God

    GDNet Comic: The Game!

    Some of you may have followed the one-week, one-button contest hosted by Ravuya - but if not, you should give the game version of boolean's amazing comic a shot. I present... GDComic: The Game The game includes nearly all of boolean's comics, as well as some additional art by me, and programming skillz by pi_equals_3. It's still got a little work to do (and I plan to clean up some of the extra graphics as well). Let us know what you think, if you have any threads to add, or if you have any ideas for rating levels (for example, if your rating is in the 1400s, you will be Avatar God! <100 is vipejc [smile]). Current threads to add: HTML developers needed for MMORPG -10000 (New!) User Rating? ... popularity contest, more like! -175 May I be a Moderator? -240 Women, cant live with them, cant lock them on an island and open a sex-zoo -98 How to get a hot russian chick out of your bed? +45 Bring Back the Black! -14 If you're happy and you know it... -100 Current signatures to add: There's more evil in the charts than an Al-Q'aeda suggestion box. - Bill Bailey [Edited by - Avatar God on August 27, 2006 1:05:32 PM]
  3. Avatar God

    GDNet Comic: The Game!

    Well, yeah, I guess it would be hard to load the site. I'll have to get that back up and running.
  4. Avatar God

    Help Wanted Picks updated.

    I'm not a fan of tearing apart an actual HW post, but snippets of advice? Go for it. It might also be worth it to crosspost weekly in HW with this (I realize there's a how-to-post sticky already, but it's bloody long). I do like the concept of the HW picks - very cool gig.
  5. Avatar God

    Game Development Comic

    I did have to go back to the first post to see what the last guy was. Token Robot! Now the comic is excellent! [grin]
  6. Avatar God

    EA now on Steam

    This, is must say, is awesome. I bought one game with EA's download manager, and it was clunky. Then it lost the records that I had ever downloaded the game, which meant I couldn't reinstall it. Just the other day, it got itself back together again, but I haven't bought anything outside Steam (excepting wotlk) in a couple of years. Now I can continue doing so!
  7. Avatar God

    Game Development Comic

    Quote:Original post by Gor435 So what ever happended to Boolean and his comics? SERIOUSLY. He's going to comic school, though, so I assume we'll get cool, succulent comics at some point.
  8. Avatar God

    Question to Aussie gamers (mainly)

    Quote:Original post by Trapper Zoid I store them in the back of the cupboard, then fish them out a couple of years later when I get all nostalgic for them. But I'm both a game enthusiast and a hoarder, so I like to know I've got them all there in case I ever need them for anything. Plus it's nice to occasionally replay the Monkey Island series now and again. [smile] Edit: Since it was mentioned, I haven't played Fallout 3 but the previous two are on my list of "regularly replayed" games. It's almost time to replay Fallout 2 again.Man, I wish I'd known that. I would have hassled you to let me play some of them...
  9. Avatar God

    How does the youtube search engine work?

    I think you need to run a complex regression analysis on those numbers.
  10. Avatar God

    What is your annual salary and what do you do?

    Quote:Original post by Nytegard But the question comes down to, what if the person who sat next to you made $40k more than you did, and had less experience? This does happen.Frankly, I'd consider finding new employment. And, yeah, location does make a huge difference in considering pay.
  11. Avatar God

    What is your annual salary and what do you do?

    And what do you do? I earned 14k a year to go to school, now it's 35k in training, and then 45k to get shot at (as a cop). I don't get paid to play around with game dev stuff, but that's okay. Quote:Original post by Nytegard Salary information isn't exactly a polite subject to talk about.I don't know. It's pretty dang useful for anyone just getting out of college, switching fields, or something of that nature. Quite a few companies these days are fairly open about the salaries they offer - though some still keep as many as possible in the dark and do some pretty intense haggling.
  12. Avatar God

    Left 4 Dead Again

    The only thing about versus mode that I find strange is the fact that sprinting through the level is not just viable, but preferred. Since the special zombie spawn timers are time based, instead of survivor distance or a combination of time and distance based, it's the best way to get more points than the other team. Anyway, it's ridiculous and a lot of fun, even to watch. Other fun things? Play with a pistol - only a pistol. So long as you kill and never just injure a zombie, you'll allllmost never spring a horde on yourself. I recommend a lot of crouching for this one. I still don't own the game, though, so I'm hoping for some extra DLC campaigns to be released by the time I buy it.
  13. Avatar God

    So my dad loves WII golf

    Quote:Original post by slayemin My dad is in his mid fifties and he used to never touch the computer. He's a pretty typical blue collar guy. We don't have television in our house (religious reasons, tv is 'satans work'). So, after we got high speed internet access, my dad found YouTube and Google Videos and now he spends every night after work browsing videos and reading user comments. How that's any different from television is beyond me. I just laugh silently at the double standard and fume when he lags my connection.Good grief! Have you seen the comments on YouTube! Talk about Satan's work!
  14. Avatar God

    60Hz vs. 120Hz LCD TVs

    Quote:Original post by Avatar God There's certainly a difference, and it's nice for a few things. But I certainly turn it off for movies. Although I recognize that my status as a moron may force you to ignore what I say... Anyway, with most TVs, the $500 difference also covers significant changes in contrast ratio, color range, response time, inputs...That was unnecessarily harsh to Daaark, actually. I just meant that a lot of people are treating the situation as if someone is paying $500 more just for the 120hz change - which I agree would be for the high fashion nerds. But usually the 120hz is bundled with increased response time and hugely improved contrast in new TVs (and, I guess, better physical design). When you put all that together, it's often more noticable and starts to be worth the $500. If that was the only difference, though, it absolutely would not be worth it. ...although it is nice for watching sports.
  15. Avatar God

    perfect environment

    Anybody have some good snacks to recommend? Something not too horrible unhealthy?
  16. Avatar God

    60Hz vs. 120Hz LCD TVs

    Quote:Original post by Daaark It's a huge waste. It's a just a cheap to implement gimmick of no consequence sold at a big markup to people who think they are getting something cool. Your console games are still going to run at their target frame rate rates of 60/30 and all points in between. Your video media will still be running at 29.97 fps. It's just high fashion for nerds. Like having 2 or more GPUs strapped into an overpriced motherboard. Buy a tv that has a good contrast ratio, color range, and response time (2-5 ms). That's what makes the real difference.There's certainly a difference, and it's nice for a few things. But I certainly turn it off for movies. Although I recognize that my status as a moron may force you to ignore what I say... Anyway, with most TVs, the $500 difference also covers significant changes in contrast ratio, color range, response time, inputs...
  17. Avatar God

    NaNoWriMo 2008?

    As someone who's never written fiction longer than two pages, and awful fiction at that, I applaud the 57,533 words. Cheers! Also, if it's at all like your 4E game, I should probably read your story.
  18. Avatar God

    WoW: Wrath of Lich King

    So, there's a guy named Mythrandir or Mithrandir (or both, I think) on my server. I don't suppose it's our Mith, is it? (Skullcrusher server.)
  19. Avatar God

    Left 4 Dead

    I do wish the game had shipped with more pacing and suspense. I'm sure we'll get a mod some time, though. If the graphics had been like the Lost Cost graphics, I think I would have had problems keeping eight bajillion zombies going at any reasonable framerate. So, about the AI. I don't like playing with all AI teammates, because the initial friction to go down the freaking stairway is a bit intense, but at least they cover you. However, the AI on top of a playing character that shouts out "Behind you!" or "I don't think I can take much more of this..." is awesome. Speaking of which, the characters do totally get freaked by the zombie hordes. Also, I never got stuck on a wall. I might not buy it, but I enjoyed playing around with the demo.
  20. Avatar God

    War Needs Trump Whale Needs

    This is insane. I had no idea whatsoever that active sonar could possibly hurt whales. As for the compromise, the SC did leave in place four of the restrictions, at least. Quote:They include a 12-nautical-mile buffer zone off the coast, protecting shallower waters where marine mammals congregate, said Zak Smith, an attorney for the council who worked on the case. In addition, the Navy isn't allowed to train in an area of the ocean between Santa Catalina and San Clemente islands that's important for marine mammals.
  21. Avatar God

    Left 4 Dead

    Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant In addition to 'Friends List', I hope they also add an 'Enemies List' - people you dont want to play a game with. Hear, hear.
  22. Avatar God

    Left 4 Dead

    What the heck is it that the witches do, anyway? Alerting them is certainly a mess, but then they just run away and don't die. I get that the tanks are really tough, the bile-spewing guys are a pain, the yelling guys draw people, and the tongue things make for great teamwork (so do the hunters, for that matter). The multiplayer interaction that's unrelated to the player is cool, too. Your char will yell out info to your teammates, and they'll do the same to you. (Behind you! Hunter! Hey, ammo over here!) It's nice. There are a few jerks in the random matchmaking, but overall it isn't too bad. I'd love to play it with good people for long enough to fall into roles of some sort, too. Anyway, I don't know if I'll buy it yet, but the demo is pretty sweet.
  23. Avatar God

    Left 4 Dead

    Quote:Original post by curtmax_0 The demo is available to everyone now, btw.Ooh, cool. Need to go download it - thanks for the heads up.
  24. Avatar God

    Seach Engine virus?

    Huh, I'd never heard of this before, and those were a good couple of links to read up. I don't know what recourse GD has except to contact Google, but with any luck that'll get cleared up by the Mountain View guys soon.
  25. Avatar God

    Grammar Nazi - Present Perfect Tense

    Quote:Original post by Sparks Quote:Original post by Sneftel Quote:Original post by aaron_ds In speech and text, "I seen ..." reiterates like fingernails on a chalkboard.Did you mean 'reverberates'? He did mean 'reverberates' - which is why that IS what he typed - you quoted wrong.I assume he edited his post. I assume this partly because it's right up there: "Edited by - aaron_ds..."
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