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    'WH40k - Dawn of war' intro

    A friend downloaded the demo a couple of weeks ago, we were totally blow away by the intro. We watched it repeatedly until my brother and another mate pressured us into playing counter strike... otherwise we would have carried on watching :D Other intro movies that rank highly I recon are the Mechwarrior series and the Red Alert 2 intro. And I agree, a 40k movie would be cool. I remember hearing something about one a few years ago, and never hearing anything about it again. I guess nothing came of it.
  2. Super Robot Fox

    What game is Immoral the most?

    I hated manhunt, in my opinion it was nothing but 'blood porn'. I think it was perhaps one of the most immoral and irresponsible games ever released. A game by a team who were unable to develope anything new, to bring anything else to the stealth genre, but horrific violence. Postal on the other hand, has comedy value, and is such comic-book violence that it cannot possibly be believed. But when a games company goes out of its way to create an accurate (albeit exaggerated) and graphic depiction of murdering someone by stabbing a piece of glass into their face... ugh. That's only my opinion, I know some people enjoy games like that and I think no less of them because of it. I don't believe it would be right to censor games unless they displayed a truly appalling level of immorality... ...which brings me onto a game called Ethnic Cleansing. The object of the game is to murder various ethnic minorities. I have never played this game, but read various articles about it, and this is one game that deserves to be censored, if only to prevent the developers making any money off it.
  3. Super Robot Fox

    Newbie code problem!!

    Does this work any better? #include <iostream> #include <iomanip> using namespace std; int main () { int sells; double salary; cout << "Imput sells (-1 to end): "; char sellsTemp[10]; cin >> sellsTemp; sells = atoi(sellsTemp); while ( sells != -1 ){ salary = 200 + static_cast< double >( sells ) * 0.09; cout << setiosflags ( ios::fixed | ios::showpoint ) << setprecision( 2 ); cout << "salary is: " << salary << endl; cout << "Imput sells (-1 to end): "; //sellsTemp[10]; cin >> sellsTemp; sells = atoi(sellsTemp); } return 0; } Your code worked fine, until I entered a character. Then it went into an infinite loop. Typing -1 exited fine. Perhaps the platform you are developing interprets -1 as a character... although Im only just getting to grips with C++ myself so I wouldn't take my word for it.
  4. Super Robot Fox

    How Much speed the usage of Bitwise operations bring ?

    I suppose it depends on what you substitute with bitwise operators. Working on a software renderer I found a huge performance increase when switching from floating point to fixed point, using left and right shift to multiply, devide and otherwise manipulate decimal numbers and store them as integers. On the subject of your sig, change it please. This isnt an attack on the content of your sig, rather the size of it.
  5. Super Robot Fox


    Have you implemented funcion bodies for MCPoint::MCPoint(int,int), CList::CList(void), etc. ?
  6. Super Robot Fox

    SDL: displaying problems in fullscreen mode

    2 things come to mind, though there are probably more: 1. Are you clearing the screen each iteration? 2. Are you using double buffered mode / calling SDL_Flip() every iteration?
  7. Super Robot Fox

    SDL : Is this safe?

    Ah, didn't realise this thread was still being replied to. I think found my problem, turns out I was calling SDL_FreeSurface in the object's destructor, which was being called when the original object went out of scope (after a copy was being placed in a STL vector). The surface being referred to (by the object in the vector) was indeed freed by the destructor; because I overlooked a copy constructor for the object, the pointer had just been memberwise copied... so pointed to the previously freed memory. Oops! Segmentation fault! Moral of the story: read up on copy constructors!
  8. Super Robot Fox

    SDL : Is this safe?

    I was having some trouble copying a surface pointer to an object. The pointer was passed to the objects constructor, but then the pointer went out of scope. I thought, since the memory and the pointer are independant (I thought wrong maybe?), that the memory would still be allocated at the location pointed to by the pointer passed to the object, so it would still be dereferencable after the original pointer had gone out of scope. Was I right in thinking this? Anyway, long story short, I found if I used the method in my first post, the error disappeared. Sorry if that was a poor explenation, Im knackered, I'll go through my code tomorrow and remove that "fix" I did. Thanks a lot for the help guys.
  9. Super Robot Fox

    SDL : Is this safe?

    I think here I am creating a surface on the stack by creating a surface (on the heap?) and dereferencing the pointer, thus copying it (the data at the pointer). SDL_Surface someSurface = *SDL_CreateRGBSurface(...) The problem is, how do I free the memory I created, as I can't use SDL_FreeSurface() on someSurface? Forgive me if I've got this all wrong!
  10. Super Robot Fox

    How many UK people here?

    Quote:Original post by Eelco i always get the impression a huge lot of brits is in gamedev. is there a reason or am i just imagining thing? I think the industry used to be thriving here, full of bedroom coders and the like... back in the day when Psygnosis etc. were big.
  11. Super Robot Fox

    How many UK people here?

    Nottingham here... that sucks about the UK industry, but its not like I'd miss this place if I moved away.
  12. Super Robot Fox

    HL2 system specs!

    From what I've heard, the 256mb version of the 9600xt is actually a cranked down version of the 128mb version (its 128bit instead of 256 bit, I believe), so I'd look into that, just to be on the safe side. The extra money for a 9800pro is well worth it I recon.
  13. Super Robot Fox

    SDL Blurring effect causing grief

    I just realised setting SDL_SWSURFACE instead of SDL_HWSURFACE in the call to SDL_SetVideoMode makes it a lot faster. I don't understand that at all, surely a hardware surface would be faster? Does this mean that in windowed mode SDL_SWSURFACE is forced? [Edit: I think it must be... someone should write up a common pitfalls of SDL and stick it somewhere visible, I've been kicking myself over this all afternoon! Maybe I'll do something like that when I get further into SDL] I set the bit depth to 0, so it should use 32bpp, my desktop setting. Grellin: Thats great, I think I understand why it was so slow now, it was the reading from video memory. Thanks! ++ratings all round
  14. Super Robot Fox

    SDL Blurring effect causing grief

    Thanks again, I've checked and everything seems to be OK. Right now Im testing alpha blending by blending two images together. I get a completely smooth transition between the two using some crossfading code I found on the net, but it only runs like that in a window. Even if the window is as large as my screen, it is still completely smooth. As soon as I set full screen mode... bam, thats it, frame rate needs to be measured in seconds per frame. Can anyone tell me why there is such a disparity between windowed and full screen performance?
  15. Super Robot Fox

    London Police

    Maybe one of them dropped their donut... *gets coat*
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