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  1. Ilici

    Anybody left from the 2003 crowd?

    I remember getting banned once, end of 2003, for a post in one of the random threads in the lounge taunting Dave. I felt like such a bad boy.
  2. Ilici

    My Modem Bank is better then your Modem Bank

    Yeah, I've always been interested in the more arcane parts of computers. Tutorial! [smile]
  3. Ilici

    One year anniversary

    So I guess this rules out re-re-re-posting the Santa Claus Rhino photoshop this Christmas.
  4. Ilici

    Logo Idea

    Planet, good Text, bad [smile] I suggest something simmetrical (gradients[sad])
  5. Ilici


    Diving smiley!
  6. Ilici


    Quote: Does it come in grey? I think the real question is: Does it come in gay?
  7. Ilici

    YO YO

    Cat in first frame = <3 JIBBLES AND KITTENS!
  8. Ilici


    Well put! I also get annoyed when I find out after 10 hours of play that I chose the wrong character class because I didn't know how the gameplay was going to be like and discovering that I should have taken quest X 6 hours ago to be able to beat this monster in front of me. I guess as I get older I loose patience with games, but I gain patience in coding.
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