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    C++/CLI.NET and Crypto++ problem

    while using C++/CLI.net you do not have to do so...You do not have to use DDLImportattribute etc...
  2. Does anyone used Crypto++ (C++ crypthology library ) with C++/CLI.net.I couldn't use it with C++/CLI.net (with C++ everything is ok ).I dynamically build a Crypto++ dll and linked it to the Visual Studio project.I successfully compiled and run the project.But program outputs a messagebox saying "The applicaiton failed to initialize properly(0xc00000005).Click on OK to terminate the application" and fails to start... Do anyone knows why?why can not i use my so-called native dll with C++/CLI.net.
  3. tonymontana

    Language to Language translation api

    Thanks for replies.do you know exactly why automated translation is not good.(I mean the computer science part of issue) if i were the programmers first i would write a middle language (like microsoft intermediate language :) ) and then i would transfer it to the (desired) other languages:):)For example i describe a language called MYLANG When text will be translated from english to german .I would first convert english to MYLANG and then convert MYLANG to german.:):):) (don't laugh:) ) Why is this so hard when it comes to the spoken languages?
  4. Hi everybody; I want to know that is there a library (with a language database included) in which a text from a language (for example english ) can be translated (at least in an understandable way) to another language (for example french) For C C++ c# whatever..
  5. Hi Everybody; I want to make a web interface to my smart card system.In my system,i will give my clients a smart card reader but i do not want to give them a application (which will contact with my server using sockets).Instead i want my clients to go to my website and make their transactions using thier smart cards... Steps are... 1-) type internet adress www. whatever .com 2-) Page will say insert your card .And they will insert their card to the smart card reader i gave to them.(My problem starts here).Then i will take the i information from their card (which will be done locally in their computer and the information will be submitted to me by (maybe) ASP.NET).My problem is smart card reading functions use a dll so i do not know how can i embedd it to a webpage and how can i embed the information i get from Smart card to web page request(which will be sent to asp.net server) I thought i can make such a system with ActiveXControls.ActiveX Control will be used for card operations and then somehow i will embedd this information to asp.net page and submit to server? Am I right? Is this possible? If so can you suggest me some books/tutorials about developing ActiveX Controls with C/C++ ( C# and java are ok also..) if this is not possible how can i run a code within a webpage which is a little complex:) to be a script (api calls etc ,code is in a dll...)
  6. My Problem is i have 2 forms and 2 form must know each other.Becuase vs2005 code generater puts everything in .h (header) files.i came to a point in which i must do //in Form1.h header file #include "Form2.h" ref class Form1 { Form2^ m_MyForm2; .... }; //in Form2.h file ref class Form2 { Form1^ m_MyForm1; } Don't say immediately YOU SHOULD PUT .h to .cpp(i know that..) if it was "Native C++" i would use forward decleration .h file and include all neccessary header files to cpp but unfortunately in C++/CLI.net this causes problems.But i decided to do as in Native C++ and worked on generated files,seperated function declerations to .h , and function definations to a .cpp(this also doesn't solve anything) you just cant forward dec a ref class .(at least in my case this didn't solve the problem) what i have tried was... //in Form1.h header file ref class Form2; //Forward dec... ref class Form1 { Form2^ m_MyForm2; .... }; //in Form1.cpp #include "Form2.h" //in Form2.h file ref class Form1; //Forward dec ref class Form2 { Form1^ m_MyForm1; } //int Form2.cpp file #include "Form1.h" this doesn't solve anything .i am sure there is a simple way of doing this.if you know ,say it please.
  7. tonymontana

    How can i do "Not a MMORPG" multiplayer game?

    i know there is difference between 500 client business soft & a very dynamic multiplayer online game.i just wanted to know what are these challanges & their common solutions.How can i build a basic server soft that includes these solutions and extendable .i have database knowledge too (sql /mssql server & mysql).But thanks for your reply.
  8. I am not a newbie who says i want to make a MMORPG bla bla... ihava six years of background in Software engiineering / Programming.I am about to complete my software engineering master.(I know C C++ C# Databases,socket programming etc..) Well on my job (i have a daily job in which i am working as a senior software developer)i worked in a server/client project (for commercial transactions bla bla..) The matter was our clients at a time was not more than 500 .So any software(i coded) can easily handle the problems. But suddenly ,i wanted to hire a dedicated server and build my multiplayer game :):) ( i have my own time between 7.00 pm to 12.00 pm in a day :) .i said how can i spoil it:) ) i will use Ogre3d for rendering part.maybe some opensource Network library(i will not use winsock again ) and a physic library/ai library. My game will not be so complicated.Think is as a visual chat room that people can buy potion , armor etc...from a seller and fight each other.(there may be 3 city ,mostly 4). My question is about architecture.i want it to be open for future changes.for ex: for server part i want my software be able to increase the number of players it handles by just adding a new server machine (3000 players at a time will become 6000 players etc..).I want to encrypt the communication between client with using somekind of (private/public key algorithm).does multiplayer games use something like this.(if they don't..how can they prevent fraud/cheatting) Where can i find complete book or information about making a multiplayer game & it's architecture.(May server or servers will never handle 100000 number of players.i don't intend this.Mostly 7500 (which i doubt will never come to this number) What Network & ai libraries do u suggest?How can i find comprehensive info about this?
  9. tonymontana

    Do you believe in god?

    I believe in Allah.is that count for you? :) i also believe in zeus:)
  10. I have to do this because my boss said so..I won't do any harm to anyone's system.But the program i will write must be topmost(it is now) but also non-switchable(it is not now).How can i get support for this from OS in .net
  11. i want to automatically start my app when windows starts(in fullscreen mode)and then prevent the user from switching to another application.(neither Alt+tab nor windows key will switch to another applicaition) How can i do this in c#
  12. tonymontana

    C++ net browser

    İ want to render a website on a texture .So i at least have to get html code of a webpage.But i couldn't find a library for this.Is There a library which i can at least get source code as html by just entering url for C++.In C# there is a such a library.
  13. is this really true? what a unneccessary property of VB now as i understood from what you've said TirnakKontrol is actually a string variable (because function returns a string) and if we (for example) rename it as StrReturnValue ... TirnakKontrol = "" means StrReturnValue=""; TirnakKontrol = TirnakKontrol & Mid(str, i, 1) means StrReturnValue=StrReturnValue+str.Substring(i,1) and if myfunction is not returning a value but the execution of function finished then (in VB ) it will return TirnakKontrol...(i got error while i were converting another Function from vb to C# .it said that "not all control paths return a value " ..probably that function was there returnin a magic-hidden parameter (in VB code) ) You mean that .i didn't understand wrong .did i? one more thing is this rule also applies to PROPERTY keyword..for example in the property exmple below ..is cValue a magical predefined variable Public Property cValue(ByVal FieldName As String) Get Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To ColCount - 1 If FieldArray(i) = FieldName Then If IsDBNull(ValueArray(i)) Then Return "" Else Return ValueArray(i) End If End If Next cValue = "" MsgBox(FieldName & " is wrong !") End Get Set(ByVal Value) Dim i As Integer For i = 0 To ColCount - 1 If FieldArray(i) = FieldName Then ValueArray(i) = Value Exit Property End If Next MsgBox(FieldName & " is wrong !") End Set End Property [Edited by - tonymontana on September 8, 2006 8:08:00 AM]
  14. i was converting a project from VB to c# (i don't know VB and very new to C# (it has been 4 days:)..but i am a good C/C++programmer) i saw an assignment statement which is passin a argument to a function in VB ... Private Function TirnakKontrol(ByVal str As String) As String If InStr(str, "'") > 0 Then Dim lenVal As Integer Dim i As Integer lenVal = Len(str) TirnakKontrol = "" For i = 1 To lenVal TirnakKontrol = TirnakKontrol & Mid(str, i, 1) If Mid(str, i, 1) = "'" Then TirnakKontrol = TirnakKontrol & "'" End If Next i Return TirnakKontrol Else Return str End If End Function is TirnakKontrol = TirnakKontrol & Mid(str, i, 1) means (in the code above) TirnakKontrol ( TirnakKontrol(str.Substring(i,1)) ); (in c#) and return TirnakKontrol means actually return TirnakKontrol("") ; ?? there was no argument how VB takes these Function Names (in C++ they are adress of functions or in other words,literals for function pointers) .can anyone tell me about VB's this attitude?
  15. tonymontana

    C++ Sql Api

    I am looking for a SQL C++ api that is most common.(i am using ms sql server 200/2005).My program should write very much data to database .(software will be client sided).ıt will first connect to server and then write data to database.i need a cross platform api ...(which i can use in mysql/sql server etc..)
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