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    Programming away...

    I'm currently experimenting with various methods of software development (templates, exceptions, unit testing, smart pointers). Developing cross platform is fun but it is often relatively hard to come up with a consistent API for Linux and Win32 because some things are done very differently.
  2. CoffeeMug

    Slowly progressing...

    Had problems with DSL for the past week. They're corrected now, and I'm happily working on two computers with the KVM switch I purchased from NewEgg. At the moment I'm installing Gentoo. Hopefully I'll be able to start development very soon. Still no word from gamedev staff whether subversion server is planned for GDNet+ users, so I have no hope to get it before I start developmnet. I'll have to set up my own :( I'm pretty terrified about the situation in Beslan. If anyone wants to donate and help the victims visit Moscow Help. I truly hope victim's families find peace.
  3. CoffeeMug

    KVM, Templates, etc...

    I'm currently in the process of setting up a gentoo box so I can move on with cross platform engine development. I'm looking for a good (and prefferably cheap) KVM switch that can support USB as well as Logitech wireless mouse (I heard this mouse has problems with most switches). Another requirement is a switch that supports digital display output (even though I have analog now, I plan to buy an LCD soon enough). If anyone has any suggestions, they're more than welcome. I'm also slowly progressing through Modern C++ Design and learning something new every day. Not sure how this book will affect my development habbits buy I'm sure I'll pick up a few tricks I'll be able to use on daily bases. My next book is going to be Understanding the Linux Kernel. Even though it's outdated, it'll certainly open up a brave new world for me as I've never gone beyond being a simple Linux user. Going to sleep soon. Work tomorrow.
  4. CoffeeMug

    New machine...

    Recently purchased parts for a new machine that I'll use as my main development workstation. I'm currently going through installing and customizing all necessary software and it's taking forever. Once I set this system up and running I plan on using my old machine for a Gentoo Linux installation. Once I purchase a KVM switch I'll be able to use both machines for cross platform development. Until then, I have to force myself to complete the installation...
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