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  1. NoahAdler

    MIDI cables

    As romer said, a standard MIDI cable is just a 5-pin DIN cable. A while ago I purchased several of them under the 'computer keyboard cable' moniker from some non-musical site, and consequently got them for about $1 USD each. Music stores like to jack up the prices for 'premium' cables, but any standard 5-pin DIN should do for MIDI. The Delta 1010 is PCI only. Having USB on it additionally would be kind of silly, but in my experience its MIDI ports work great. Of course the audio inputs are all killer as well. Have fun with it :-)
  2. There's libpcg, but I'm not sure I'd really consider it up to the task at this point. Anyway, it may be worth a look.
  3. NoahAdler

    Trouble Beginning With ODE

    It's crucial for stability that a fixed integration time step is used. If frameTime's value varies, this could be a big part of the problem. Try to use a constant time step instead, and apply it multiple times if you need to advance the simulation further between some frames than others.
  4. NoahAdler

    "Kids now are less violent than you were"

    Maybe it's all the ritalin.
  5. A big congratulations. I've studied some erosion algorithms and lusted after this same goal myself, so I understand what a huge accomplishment it actually is. Doc Mojo must feel really lucky to have you working with him :-) Eagerly awaiting your white paper.
  6. NoahAdler

    Learning Music Theory

    The Jazz Theory Book is by far the best theory book I've encountered. Jazz theory is slightly different from classical theory, in that it's less mired in historical European music forms. It's much more practical theory imho, and particularly well suited to guitarists (unless of course you're studying classical guitar).
  7. NoahAdler

    Maj13 chord question

    Definitely the former. I tend to like jazz theory over traditional classical theory (as it generally makes more sense) and jazz theory would call the latter a C6 chord, while classical theory would probably call it an Amin7 inversion. A C13 chord should really have the 7 and 9, and possibly even the 11, though it's usually more acceptable to omit that.
  8. Are you aware of Fluxus? I don't use it myself, but I'm aware of it because of my interest in VJ and synthesis software. It's geared towards visual musical performance (via live coding) instead of game prototyping, but there's a lot of overlap between the two fields. It probably has a lot in common with what you're trying to accomplish here. Just thought I'id point it out for you, on the off chance that you're unfamiliar with it already. -bodisiw
  9. NoahAdler

    screenshots sequence to video [linux,debian]

    Check out mencoder, which is part of the mplayer package. Here are a few examples of commandlines to do exactly this.
  10. NoahAdler

    Linux Performance Timer

    SDL supplies an SDL_GetTicks() function. It may not be as accurate or precise as other methods, but I'd recommend it if you're using SDL already, as it will certainly work cross platform, and should (hopefully) get decent results on platforms where decent results are possible. I guess I might not trust it for profiling, but for general purpose game time measurements, it should be sufficient.
  11. Quote:Original post by Nitage Voice recognition for a human language is far easier than it is for a programming language. Think about how you'd pronounce this: "The cat sat on the mat" Easy right? How would you pronounce this: "char* c = "A"; Would it be "char-star-cee-equals-a"? Then how do you know what case the identifiers should be, or what case a should be, or whether a is a string literal or an identife? What happens if somebody wants to call a variable or a type charstar? Was the variable called c, C, cee, Cee , CEE, SEE ,see , Sea....? In other words - code cannot be unambiguously spoken in any language I know of. With a natural language you get a lot more clues from the context - sea is a noun - see is a verb - c isn't a word; you don't capitalize any of the letters unless at the start of a sentence etc. Your thinking is still constrained by textual programming languages. Why does it need to convert a sound into a letter? Why not just keep using the spoken representation as the actual variable name? That is, think not of a tool to aid textual programming via spoken language, but an entirely different paradigm, where the speech itself makes up the code.
  12. Most of the responses here have pointed out IDE features to ease development in traditional textual languages. However, there is no reason that visual languages can't function just as well. Several are even quite popular for certain tasks, such as Pd for music synthesis programming. So far, it seems textual languages still win out in a lot of scenarios, but my personal belief is that this is due in large part to the relative immaturity of visual languages as a research field. I wouldn't be at all surprised, though, if visual languages prove to be more useful than textual for certain types of tasks, though I won't dare to guess as to what they might be. For me, an interesting language might have a direct mapping between a visual and textual representation, but this seems like it could be tough to accomplish without making the language cumbersome or tedious. A better idea might be working towards easy interop between a visual language and textual ones.
  13. NoahAdler

    C++ GNU GUI

    Give JUCE a look if you like nice vector-based GUIs. It's pretty new still, but quite nice, and has quite an active small community.
  14. NoahAdler

    best band ever

    Most of you guys need to branch out more. Nobody else mention U2, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, or Iron Maiden again! :-) Thanks to grungery for mentioning YES, definitely up there for the best band. Certainly they're best prog rock band ever. Some other great bands in various styles: Weather Report (jazz fusion), Colonel Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit (the only good jam band), and Squarepusher (drill n' bass). Of course, the greatest band of all time has to be the Funk Brothers.
  15. NoahAdler

    Double Buffering on X Windows

    barrysee, he specified in the original post that he is not interested in OpenGL.
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