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    Python vs. C++

    Hello everyone!! Is this wierd??? About 2 years ago I took a C++ class did fairly ok...but I must admit some things were hard to understand. Anyways I found myself wanting to learn a language b/c I never finished all of C++....I took on Python but lost interest quickly b/c after using C++ I felt python to be hard and disoraganized as compared to C++... is that just me???
  2. oneofakind24

    Programming in Python

    Thank this is all good to know you guys rock!! thanks again!! and big up to DOC great game!!
  3. oneofakind24

    Programming in Python

    Hey Everyone, Im new to programming I took a C++ class about 2 years ago but felt overwhelmed a little so recently I have been expirementing in Python, and love its simplicity, and I know it isnt as fast as C++ my question is would I be able to program a fully playable game in Python (what I would like to make is a horse racing game sort of like Derby Owners Club, I know this will take time)? Thanks in advance!!!
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