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  1. Some reaction videos from Geek Girl Con. It's good to see players arguing over the themes you wanted them to argue over
  2. Porting to Mac, progress happening Big thanks to Fluffy for lending me his Mac Mini to work on!
  3. You TOO can be a Terrible Father™
  4. What if YOU controlled national news? Would you BAN the immigrants? Spin #FakeNews for highest ratings? Endanger your own family? Find Out on Steam Today
  5. Koobazaur

    Where did the "add article" button go?

    Got it now, thanks!
  6. Koobazaur

    Where did the "add article" button go?

    Bump - actually I don't see article under it, only status, topic, event, story in news and gallery
  7. Koobazaur

    Where did the "add article" button go?

    Bah that was it, I resized my window and now it shows up. Thanks.
  8. I can't seem to find it, it's not on the article page, not under the nav menu, nor under the dropdown when I click my icon in top right. Am I missing something or just blind ?
  9. Koobazaur

    Am I in the right place?

    Text game is still a game!
  10. Koobazaur

    I was frustrated over the weekend and made this

    I showed it to my sister last night and said "wonder how long it will take before n-word's on top". Didn't take a day.  Goddamn Internet :|     I'm against censoring, unless it gets really bad. It's interesting to see that after that went up, "racism" quickly climbed right behind it.
  11. Clicky for the link.  It's a dumb little project but spending a whole Sunday coding it was... therapeutic.    
  12. Hola Devs, I recently found out about Wargaming Labs, which sounds intriguing. I checked a few dev communities and saw no mentions of it. I wonder if anyone had signed up or worked with them and can give their thoughts? 
  13. Koobazaur

    What do you listen to while indie devving?

    Usually a random station on Pandora or a Game OST in style of what I am developing. On occasion I listen to royalty-free music libraries as a means to also research good tracks for the game I'm working on.
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