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  1. sunandshadow

    Helping Teens Break Into the Gaming Industry (advice?)

    IMHO a teenager who hasn't even started highschool yet hasn't finished developing as a person yet.  They should be adding new interests to an array from which they don't try to choose a career until later.  Many of the things young teens are highly enthusiastic about will be things they aren't interested in at all by the time they are finishing their teenage years.  And the game industry isn't exactly a reliable and bountiful source of jobs with good working conditions, I personally wouldn't encourage kids to aim for a game-related job unless they didn't have any passions related to better fields.
  2. I think it's worth trying to give each race a consistent type of visual appeal aimed at a specific audience segment.  For example, One could be cutesy, with fluffy (killer) bunnies and sheep, and maybe the buildings could involve cartoony flowers somehow.  A different one could be female pin-up themed, with busty amazons or catgirls in bikinis.  A third could have male pin-up equivalents of bishounen, probably accessorized with horses, roses, capes, and sparkles.  A fourth could be creepy with skeletons, spiders, green poisonous gasses, and giant mosquitoes.  And a fifth could be majestic - gryphons and dragons and warriors in elaborate armor.
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