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  1. Ilankt

    Game Competitions?

    Hey guys, I'm kind of bored, and I'm wondering, is there any online game making competition? I once participated in a 24hr competition, and I REALLY enjoyed it. there is nothing like staying up all night bugging a stupid CTF game... Do you know any current\close competition?
  2. Ilankt

    2D terran generating

    Ok, thanks guys, I'm think I'm going to try what WanMaster said about taking the average points near a point. I just dont have the mathematical background or the time to learn it to implement splines or noise... I dont want to complicate it too much, just having some fun :) so what I thought to do is to pass after the initially generated terrain on all points, and check that the average delta is not too big... well, I'll hope I could think of something. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying to randomly generate a 2D terrain (in worms-like 2D games) but so far I'm not pleased with my result. what I do is randomly generate points, and draw lines between them. I tried to limit the delta between 2 near points, increasing\decreasing the distance between points, and still, I get rough, edgy results. is there a way to "smooth" the results? Thanks! here is the code: m_Points[0].x = 0; m_Points[0].y = hge->Random_Float(200,250); for (int i=1; i<Length; i++) { m_Points.x = i * 8; newy = hge->Random_Float(200,400); while (abs(newy-m_Points[i-1].y)>4) { newy = hge->Random_Float(200,250); } m_Points.y = newy; } here is a URL for the screenshot. http://www.largeimagehost.com/img/new-gallery-name/ehQsUhU/example.JPG.html
  4. Is there any way to change Saturation, Hue & Contrast of an SDL surface? If there isn't any ready functionallity for this, can you refer me to any reference to how to do it? Thanks.
  5. Ilankt


    So it called projectiles... Thanks! that's just what I was looking for!
  6. Ilankt


    Can someone direct me to an article about... I dont know how it's called (that's why I'm askint here) how the physics of the shots in games like Scorched Earth, Worms and such works? Anything will be great! Thanks.
  7. Ilankt

    FREE chess? (online, not as guest)

    LOL I accidently pressed the Enter key and my post was at amazing length of 4 words!!! :-]
  8. Apperantly you can play free chess online only as a guest... I'm looking for a FREE program that you can play chess and not as a guest (personal rating, tournaments etc.) Any recommendations?
  9. Do you know what happened to the tutorial by Saigumi (http://www.saigumi.net/archives/000067.html) about making a Orthogonal view in Irrlicht? Does anyone have a mirror of this tutorial, or if someone could explain to me about how to do it? Thanks.
  10. Ilankt


    SanityAssassin, Thanks for the links! The problem with those sites is that they are so commercialized (long word = typo) and all they do are selling their kits for hundreds of dollars... I dont expect building a robot in 2$, but to buy a kit for 100+$ is kind of pricy for me, and it feels like you are just buying a toy with a long construction manual... Do you know any site where you dont have to buy a kit, and there are plans/examples for even for the simplest "robots"? Thanks again.
  11. Ilankt


    I know this topic is far from game developing, but I dont know where to ask. I'm learning now electronics (PE degree) and I'm quite intrested in robotics. Do you have any idea where I can find ANYTHING about robotics? any good site for begginers? any good books you recommend? It sound kind of cool to build a robot (and program it with a micro-controller) , one of my childhood dreams :-D Thanks.
  12. Ilankt

    8051 assemblers and emulators

    Thanks kSquared, I wasnt sure in what forum to post.
  13. I'm looking for a GOOD 8051 Assmebler and Emulator. Do you know any good ones? I'm willing to pay for a good one, but if you know any FREE ones, that would be great. I'm looking for a good electronics site, do you recommend any one? (subject line edited by k2) [Edited by - kSquared on December 17, 2005 10:53:10 AM]
  14. I cant get CodeBlocks to auto complete SDL code, even that I configured the plugin to follow GLOBAL includes... Is it possible to set it somehow to complete SDL or other libs?
  15. Ilankt

    NEW VERSION: Curator Defense v1.3

    Ahh!!! Stupid White on White level! bah, I cant even beat easy, but I made it to last level :-D here is my setup (I actually took another better picture in last level, with additional structures, but it wasn't on the screenshot directory :-() Setup It's quite good setup, mass splash tower + mass power towers rock!
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