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  1. The Little Guy

    Trasparent BMP texture

    The colors are 24 Bit, but I can't save it as a 24 Bit. They have the mode on indexed color, and that only lets me save as 8 Bit, but they also have 8 Bit images in the game too. Is there a setting that I can change in photoshop for the image?
  2. The Little Guy

    Trasparent BMP texture

    Well the game uses BMP, and the red areas are trasparent, but when I try to make it the same way, it treats the red as green in gameplay, and sometime not offten white(If I chage save settings).
  3. The Little Guy

    Trasparent BMP texture

    How do you make a certain color transparent, for a texture? This would be a color such as red, and everything else is non-trasparent. I am making textures for an existing game, because the game allows that. All you need to do is just add the textures to a file and they show up in the game. I have tried many ways to save the image, and most of the time the trasparent areas just show up as green, but sometimes the're white. What am I doing wrong, how can I fix it? Program I'm using to make the textures: Photoshop CS2
  4. The Little Guy


    I am in the process of making a "Search Engine". This "Search Engine" is all user made, so there are no robots, no spiders, etc. If you would like to add your site visit here: Otherwise visit this: At the moment, this is just a subdirectory of my site, but, in the future, I plan to make it its own domain. You can submit links to games, games you made, websites, what ever.
  5. The Little Guy

    Would You Use This?

    No catch
  6. The Little Guy

    Would You Use This?

    Quote:Original post by nprz Any restrictions on the content of the pages? If I had 500 MB of non-game related photos and 100 MB of various games I made, would that be ok? My school is going to erase all my stuff, so I will need to find a new home. The photos, no, the games probablly. (This will be a game host, and not a photo host sorry.)
  7. The Little Guy

    Would You Use This?

    I am planing to, but if no one will use it, then I wont
  8. The Little Guy

    Would You Use This?

    If I were to make a website that would be to host games for users to download them, how many people would use it? This would be a free service to host them, and if you wanted to have a sponsored game link, you would have to pay for that. Otherwise it would be free. I would get this: ~50GB bandwidth ~1.5GB Space I can get more, this is the smallest plan avalible [Edited by - The Little Guy on December 18, 2005 12:28:20 AM]
  9. The Little Guy

    New Book

    Yesterday, Dec 12 I bought a book called "3D Game Programming All In One" by Kenneth C Finney. And the book uses a program called "Torque Game Engine" which can be found here: This uses a coding language called Torque Script, and it says its similar to C++ I was wondering If anyone has used this? Also I was wondering if anyone has read the book, and what they think of it. As of now I have only gotten through the first chapter, and it sounds good, but I would like other peoples input on both of these subjects.
  10. The Little Guy

    Build A Web Browser

    Because none of them support the same things, there should be one browser that Combines IE, FF, Opera, Netscape and many of the other browsers features, so it is easier for a programer to program a web page. IE: doesn't support transparency with PNG files. Coding features are hard to make and make it look the same in FF FF: doesn't support filters, or colorizing the scroll bar. All theses features plus the ones I didn't mention would be supported by this browser.
  11. The Little Guy

    Build A Web Browser

    This really isn't a gmae, but I was wondering how I could make my own web browser. Anyone have any ideas?
  12. The Little Guy

    Graphics Tutorials

    We are looking for people who are good with either PhotoShop or The Gimp and would like you to come and visit and post some of your tutorials for either one or both of those two categories. There you will be able to find or post tutorials and we would like to increase the amount of tutorials that we have thank you.
  13. The Little Guy

    Game Reviews

    Hey guys. I'm starting a web site and it will have game reviews for others to read. It will be so other people can get an Idea of what people think of big name games. Check It out! If you are interested please E-Mail me at: When Sending me a review of a game please insert the following into the E-Mail: Game Hub (XBox, PS2, Game Cube, etc.): Game Name: Genre: Review:
  14. The Little Guy


    I have a C++ book, but it talks alot about creating numbers. I want to know how I would go about creating a madlib. I have looked online and can't find anything. So could you tell me how to get started on this? Thanks
  15. The Little Guy

    Dev C++ Program help

    Thanks, The book that I'm using told me to take that part out of the equation. (Sams Teach Yourself C++ In 24 Hours)
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