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  1. Opinions on Ubuntu?

    I'd say go for it if you haven't already. I find it fairly easy to configure and use.
  2. Well, I have been somewhat busy this quarter, between picking a double major in Computer Info Science and Political Science, I am now catching up to PS just as I reached senior level CS core. I am taking interesting courses this term, mafia and corruption in Russia, a methods of political analysis course, the obligatory CS course is operating systems this term, and Calculus 3(here that is Sequences and series). I am currently studying for my calculus midterm(second midterms always suck!) and registering for classes for next term(which is about 4 weeks or so from now). So far I am still splitting between CS and PS, taking my final elective for Computer Science(intro to comp. graphics), since it is from the same professor as my OO3DAPI course, I think it will more than liekly be an extension of the concepts that I learned from that class. Well, that is about all I have for the moment, as I need to study math stuff now.
  3. [java] *.java to *.exe

    From Sun's JRE 5.0 license: Quote: B. License to Distribute Software. Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and restrictions and exceptions set forth in the Software README file, including, but not limited to the Java Technology Restrictions of these Supplemental Terms, Sun grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited license without fees to reproduce and distribute the Software, provided that (i) you distribute the Software complete and unmodified and only bundled as part of, and for the sole purpose of running, your Programs, (ii) the Programs add significant and primary functionality to the Software, (iii) you do not distribute additional software intended to replace any component(s) of the Software, (iv) you do not remove or alter any proprietary legends or notices contained in the Software, (v) you only distribute the Software subject to a license agreement that protects Sun's interests consistent with the terms contained in this Agreement, and (vi) you agree to defend and indemnify Sun and its licensors from and against any damages, costs, liabilities, settlement amounts and/or expenses (including attorneys' fees) incurred in connection with any claim, lawsuit or action by any third party that arises or results from the use or distribution of any and all Programs and/or Software.
  4. Similar with Python, or a multitude of other languages with implementations between Windows/Mac/Linux. I would be interested, and a month would allow for someone to make a fairly polished product, even if they are somewhat busy. I also like the idea of differing games based on development difficulty. Prizes would be dependent on who you could get behind it, like if a site like GDNet did it, possible short-term GDNet+ subscriptions could be possible prizes, or whatever that sponsor produces, and perhaps with a place on a site describing them as the winner of X category.
  5. Should I get a Minimac?

    Well, congrats on your decision, I am sure that it will serve you well. As for where to buy.. discounts aren't terribly high on the hardware at all(I think the ADC discount is well not worth the effort). It seems(for some odd reason) CDW has it in stock. Hopefully this thread proves to be helpful for you. Also, good luck on your project. :)
  6. Please test my Mac game port (Pax Galaxia)

    Cool game, works fairly well Mac OS 10.3.7 PowerMac G5 1.8 Ghz 1 GB DDR RAM Radeon 9600 64 MB As for creating compressed DMG's, hdutil converts uncompressed DMGs into compressed DMGs.
  7. Microsoft: the iron, the shoe, or the puppy?

    Google also has unit conversions as well: clicky, so I would say it will be an interesting battle as to which 'search engine' has the most features. We shall see if this pushes Google to improve as well.
  8. Upgrading Windows (Older PC)

    Well, for choice between versions of windows, definately 2000 Professional if you are only running 128 MB of RAM. As for linux, just in case you are curious: Gentoo Samba HOWTO Gentoo Printing Documentation Other stuff available under their documentation.
  9. Should I get a Minimac?

    Are you sure you want to use Garageband at the current time? It is somewhat system intensive, and if you do anything about it now(so close to graduation, that is) then you would have something you could potentially not use in the future(be it Mac mini), extra copy of iLife '05, etc. Would audacity work for what you are wanting? If so, I would say put the brunt work on either your current G4, or your Linux box(this does support Linux/Windows/OS X) , and then wait for the new dual G5 as a graduation gift. I would only suggest against just upgrading and buying iLife because they seem to want a 600 Mhz processor for Garageband(the application you want), so it will probably perform somewhat lousy. Hopefully this helps, from one Mac using Comp Sci major to another. Although my iBook seems to perform well for what I do currently with it(Xcode, look up stuff to type into Xcode, write word documents once in a while) so I am sure if you did get the Mac Mini, it would be a decent computer, but this close to getting a PowerMac, I woudn't be able to justify it, especially if you are without a computer for a while because of the waiting period.
  10. VC question academic academic Hopefully this clarifies things more
  11. VC question

    The Academic software for ~$100 is Visual, VC++ is somewhere around $50 academically.
  12. I would say Ben has some decent points, especially after reading this even though it is the other way around.(Mac->PC burning hints towards the bottom), it does give some good hints as to what is going on. Hybrid disks on Mac are actually the default, I think. Although I burned straight iso files, and it worked nicely in Mac OS X, and have seen isos burned on windows machines readible by Mac OS 8/9 as well, so as long as you use standard images, and close the session, you should be fine.
  13. contest: who knows the most programming languages

    Well, let's see here: C 1 C++ 1 Java 1 Objective-C 1/2 Python 1/2 my score is 4, as for my LPM: 4/48 Wow, I suck.
  14. msvs products? (visual studio)

    Quote:Original post by Nerusai (Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional 2003 Win32 English Disk Kit Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Professional 2003 Win32 English Disk Kit Student Media Microsoft Volume License CD MLF) The difference between these two is simple really, the Disk Kit has no license, this determines what license you purchase after you get the disks(whether it is the standard MSVS license, which is probably offered there at a discounted rate, or the student rate). So, if you are going to buy the student version, get the second one. Although if you aren't going to purchase more than one copy of MSVS it would probably make more sense just to buy the shrinkwrapped copy of the student version avalable here. Of course this is also assuming that your campus doesn't have a Microsoft Site License.
  15. FTP access in OSX

    You should be able to install packages into your user's folder, without having to need an administrator account. Although if you can't get the proper permissions from the ftp server by using just pure sftp, I would assume that it would be more of a permissions problem for that folder. Which, isn't that difficult to fix, as long as you can chmod that folder.