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  1. Are there any MMOs targeted on mobile phones (or at least HPCs)? To my mind, this is completely implementable on modern hardware with GPRS and hi-res hi-color video output.
  2. Have you ever played such a game as Warcraft III or WoW? [wink] The graphics there are totally cartoony and there are loads of special FX at the same time. To my mind, the 'effects' aspect and 'realism' aspect are not the same. Besides, real-life isn't so full of realistic explosions and mana strikes, right? Games should look smooth. Quote:original post by HemoGloben To be honest, I'm less worried about originality in graphics, and more about the lessening of originality in gameplay. Absolutely true! Modern games usually don't add anything to the gameplay cliches used everywhere. Some new cliches are "adding RPG-stats to any game of any genre" or "trying to make a game that gives you absolute freedom of action". Sometimes i miss the old days when every game had its distinct look and feel and people actually invented things.
  3. Sheeva_

    Ten games every designer should play

    hi all OK, here's my list (or lists, better yet) The Best RPGs (in no order) D&D (tabletop) - because it's the first and the rpg industrial standard KOTOR II - the best RPG+action hybrid (in that order) Deus Ex (the first one) - the best FPS+RPG hybrid (geez, maybe even the only successful ?) Divine Divinity - ah yes, it's hack'n'slash with cool story development and also the giant world Ultima series (VIII especially) - the freedom of action and the loads of activities, also the npc system Morrowind - the big and seamless (and dead %P) world Gothic - the atmosphere and also the big world Arcanum - the crafting system Other Great Games Starcraft - the best RTS ever! Great 3-race system, great story, KISS (already mentioned) etc Flatout - the best racing sim. The physics system is so spectacular Unreal Tournament 2004 - the best MP tournament game in terms of simulation and available weapons, also the best engine in terms of graphics+customization Battlecity - you talk about consoles and don't mention this one? My personal favorite even in these ultramodern days. PoP - the great fighting system combined with 3D arcade action and fun level design. Unfortunately VERY hard to beat (at least for me) Quake I and II - great engine, great graphics for the moment, the awesome atmosphere (which was ruined in III Arena to my mind) Earthworm Jim (all) - for my psycho side of mind, the funniest and craziest games! also cool level design Zelda 3D - best console issue for Action RPGs! Great story and pretty cool arcade action
  4. Sheeva_

    Mistresses - An MMOG Idea...

    PinFX - your idea Is Absolutely Genious And Has Never Been Implemented In MMOs! I'm stuffing it into my MMO to some point (like matrimonial states and then wandering knights-of-the-domme (is this the right term in english?)). A matrimonial state is like the Drow or Tolkien's elves in some part (eg Galadriel) On the "Guys playing girls" question - personally I (a Guy :)) usually play Girls in MMOs and even SPs. I'm not a pervert, and not gay, absolutely sexually normal guy. I just like the idea of playing a female! And it rocks in hardcore RP - roleplaying a female is much more interesting and fresh. And then, you have your PC in sight all the time - i prefer it to be a girl, and a sexy one. If you've played Lineage, you know what i mean [wink]. If you're doing it 2D it doesn't really matter, but whatever. I also think that there are hardcore RP players who do care about their PC's gender and they will want to play female roles. What if girls play guys - thought of that? I suppose that most gamedevs are guys. I have a deep suspection that we don't understand girl psychology, especially in a virtual environment when she isn't roleplaying herself :) If i'd do it seriosly, i'd get a girl i trust and know well (NOT my girlfriend - it isn't a good choice really -not good for relationship:)) and consult her on any gameplay issues. Several girls are better, and lots of are totally awesome! :) Just where'd you get them? The problem of girl psychology is common to any kind of app development - it is absolutely guy-centristic
  5. Sheeva_

    Map design: roads

    DON'T store your map a a single 3D mesh!!! The physics in this case will get too complex - better use the cPu time for something more important!
  6. Sheeva_

    Map design: roads

    Quote:using some sort of custom file format to store just basic information about the road and then generating the actual scene on the fly? If you don't, then isn't it easier to store the roads in verctor form (sorta 2D/3D splines) with some 1D array to store roads settings, create a road segment for each road style (eg Concrete, Dirt, Damaged, etc) in your 3D editor, and then generate it on the fly? If you store the segments in semi-vector form (eg storing only the coords of the objects) they should be quite easy to conform to splines. Another idea: played Lego? I mean, they had the road plates - with a little modification this could be used in a 3D engine - just it will add some limitations to it. One big problem: lots of games have visibly repetitive race tracks using this technique - this is ugly!
  7. Quote:Sheeva: the rules are vastly different. C++ is a much more complex language than C#, and C# is much stricter in it's application of it's rules. What might constitute "implementation specified" behavior in C++ constitutes erroronious behavior in C#. Just because they both start with a C doesn't mean they behave the same. That's not what I meant. What I meant is that C++ .NET and C# are (or at least could) be used together in managed applications, and so their behavior should be at least similar to my mind. Quote:As for your switch statement, what if the value isn't Yes or No? OK, OK, that was a stupid example. I wanted to show the choice of some known values (or states, or anything), when we do handle all of the possible values. Quote:You do realize that you can cast an arbitrary integer to an enumeration Yeah, C++ allows you to cope with lots of things that are logically wrong, like such casting to yes/no. Take the pointer juggling to get access to private members of a class for instance. That doesn't mean you must do each and every function so foolproof. Quote:you either need to insert a default case that throws (the best idea) or just add an additional return statement. Since the problem is probably logical, and you shouldn't go and cast random ints to enums around, it isn't necessary to throw, and the additional return statement is pointless, too (in this particular case)
  8. Quote:You are lucky compilers add a return statement at the end of functions at all. Otherwise your code would continue to execute whatever code follows that function. I don't know what the C/C++ standard on this is, but just imagine what might have happened if the compiler didn't return at all Yeah, like the good ol' assembler days [sick]
  9. It shouldn't be, and here's the reason: when you return a random int, it's usually not really dangerous. But when the function returns something that contains pointers, and the pointers are random, this leads to totally weird results, like data corruption. Even with the int case, if the function is supposed to return an array index, the bug could be quite hard to spot out without boundschecking. And there are lots of other errors with random return values. A random bool will be true in almost all of the cases, for instance. It's not so obvious that it is random as an integer. So every such function is a potential bug, even if you're sure it never happens (because you're never 100% sure). I would consider this as an error if I developed the standard :)
  10. OK, this is really some weird results my VS 2003 behaves in the same way, BUT only for C++. I tried similar code in C#, and the compile failed with "not all code paths return a value" error. Considering the compilers were written with the same inner rules, it seems that it's a correct C++ snippet. It's actually logical and correct, in such a piece of code enum Answer {Yes,No}; bool func(Answer a) { switch(a) { case Yes:return true;break; case No:return false;break; } } Adding an additional return statement in the end of the function is not natural and senseless. So, C++ just gives you the choice to add the return in the endc when you need it
  11. OK, i know this is a stupid question. I've never used cg shaders in my projects, and now i'm going to implement them into a working engine. I've got the cg toolkit from nvidia.com. The question is, is the shader format unified over ati and nvidia video hardware? i mean, can i use one compiled version for all video cards? Or i need a similar ati toolkit too and two compiled versions in the data files?
  12. If anyone here has played the old Ultima 7 (maybe other versions too, i don't know), it had a great scripted system of simulating NPC activity. The debug mode allowed to hack up its scripts, so here's what i found: The NPC activities are bound to a)places (eg Inn, Shop, Market) b)actions that they do there (eg Sleep, Eat, Trade, Work) c) all-day schedule of activities. So, NPCs slept from 10pm to 7am, then went to work, worked, went to a meeting, made speeches(!), went home, slept, etc etc etc. It isn't AI to any point, it's scripted, but it looked real good anyway. I've never seen a better NPC activity sim in an RPG. On computer power: you don't really need to model activity of the whole world - only the areas where players are present. In a single-player, it cuts off most of the complexity, and in an MMO, it still simplifies the process.
  13. Sheeva_

    StarCraft FoW 2D

    It's really simple to make if you make a kind-of transition tileset (look into gamedev's tile tutes on this) from transparent to black, and then draw it as the topmost layer of your map. Also, you should darken the units at FoW edges to make them blend into the shadow.
  14. Sheeva_

    So what is XML?

    The whole purpose of XML is to declare a structured data format and then use it in your field of application. HTML is structured text, app settings are structured by app parts, game level data is also structured. It is just a unified format for declaring and using data structure - essentially like your compiler does. That's why it is quite natural to read and write into your program, especially if it's an object-oriented program. However, one useful feature of XML is that it allows you to validate data structure on parser-level, using schemas. XML is verbose, and that becomes a problem in two cases - is you're going to edit it manually, or if you have a real big data file which should be read fast. Anyways, since it's text-based, I wouldn't advise to use it in any apps if it isn't going to be transferred over text-based connections (like the HTTP protocol). Binary data is surely faster to read in the application. After writing all of this, I am in real doubt that XML is useful at all :) I use binaries for data files, and XML for text-based data like, umm, address book data in one of the projects. In gamedev, you could use XML for dialogs or something else textual, I don't know. What crazy guy would ever edit the game data by hand without a specialized editor?
  15. Sheeva_

    So what is XML?

    Does the s-expression allow to add attributes to tags: <song-list> <song src="\music\GunsNRoses\NovemberRain.mp3"> <- <title>November Rain</title> <artist>Guns and Roses</artist> </song> <song src="\music\nirvana\smellsLikeTeenSpirit.mp3"> <- <title>Smell's Like Teen Spirit</title> <artist>Nirvana</artist> </song> </song-list> It's not explicit, but sometimes it helps.
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