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  1. ManiacMac

    [java] ObjectInputStreams

    Calling flush() fixed up the stalls, thanks a lot Matei. And uh, theyre named the same because I was typing that from memory instead of copy/pasting like an sane person would.
  2. A bit of information about what im doing first I suppose; im working a "one server/many clients" program. Ive done some before without any trouble. But when I try to do the following: ObjectOutputStream oos = new ObjectOutputStream( new BufferedOutputStream(socket.getOutputStream())); ObjectInputStream ois = new ObjectInputStream( new BufferedInputStream(socket.getInputStream())); The program stops working when I try to create the ObjectInputStream. I switched the two over to a BufferedReader and a PrintWriter and it worked fine. Of course, those arent what I need for my program. Can anyone offer an idea as to what may be wrong? edit: fixed spelling mistake with socket edit: fixed other spelling mistake with Stream names [Edited by - ManiacMac on July 4, 2004 9:38:31 AM]
  3. ManiacMac

    [java] ObjectInputStreams

    Its a couple classes, so I just stuck the code into a zip for you. Here it is for you to check, Thanks.
  4. ManiacMac

    [java] ObjectInputStreams

    Sorry about that, typing that from memory lead me to forget that rather important part. I put two printlns in, one after the first Stream, and one after the second. Only the first one printed though, leading me to believe something is causing it to hang when I try to create the InputStream. It gives no errors at all though. I have catch() and prinlns all around to make sure things are going as I plan, but they arent catching any errors
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