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  1. Justaddwater

    A complex website, need advice please.

    Community Server Great out of the box easy to mod - best solution
  2. Justaddwater

    Iowa straw poll censorship?

    I love how this entire thread is (almost) entirely made of Canadians bitching about American politics/rights etc. Is it really that dull being a Canuk? I mean I know it’s not hockey season – but you guys need hobbies, srsly!
  3. Justaddwater

    [.net] changing length of tab

    textbox.text = textbox.text.Replace("/t"," ");
  4. Hi I host lots of small websites on a webserver at my house. I use comcast for isp, and although they say my IP is dynamic it hasnt changed in 6 years now. I have some domain names at godaddy.com right now they just forward to my IP address. It works but its ugly becouse the user goes to http://www.myname.com and gets redirected to How would I go about setting up my server to just work like a normal host and keep the domain as it should be. (I am hosting on win2k3) Thanks!
  5. Justaddwater

    [.net] .net Web Development Books

    For all things .net I prefer Wrox titles Asp 2.0 one That being said there are lots of resources online for learning asp.net
  6. Hey We just recently purchased flash 8 and I'm tryign to learn it again . its been a few versions since I last played with it. Im working on a basic filmstrip type of photo gallery, but when i navigate through the images the flickering is almost unbearable. I dont remember flash being like this, any ideas what Im doing wrong? Here is the swf Thanks! Here is the code: var goLeft = false; var goRight = false; var navSpeed = 1; rightArrow.onRollOver = function() { goRight = true; } rightArrow.onRollOut = function() { goRight = false; navSpeed = 1; goLeft(); } leftArrow.onRollOver = function() { goLeft = true; } leftArrow.onRollOut = function() { goLeft = false; navSpeed = 1; goRight(); } function GoRight() { photo1._x = photo1._x + navSpeed; photo2._x = photo2._x + navSpeed; photo3._x = photo3._x + navSpeed; } function UpdateNavSpeed() { if(navSpeed < 5) { navSpeed = navSpeed + .5; } } function GoLeft() { photo1._x = photo1._x - navSpeed; photo2._x = photo2._x - navSpeed; photo3._x = photo3._x - navSpeed; } onEnterFrame = function() { if(goLeft == true) { GoLeft(); UpdateNavSpeed(); } else if(goRight == true) { GoRight(); UpdateNavSpeed(); } }
  7. Justaddwater

    [.net] Good ways to map webserver objects

    Its not the same type. So if I have a assembly DataAccess.dll that does my web call and it references my MyObjects.dll to get a sample and passes that to my UI, its a different type then myService.asmx returns, even though they both are getting it from MyObjects.dll.
  8. Hai I find myself in a problem more often then not that involves some hacky code to fix. I'm just wondering if anyone has come up with a elegent solution to the web service objects conversion. Example: I have a assembly MyObjects.dll, I have a webservice MyService.asmx, I have a winforms app consumeing that service MyApp.exe Both MyApp and MyService use the same MyObjects.dll to get a "Sample" object But since MyService returns it from a web call I now need to map it to another instance of Sample to use it in my app outside of the DAL area. I end up writeing dumb code like: MyObjects.Sample ConvertSample(MyService.Sample sampleToConvert) { MyObjects.Sample x = new MyObjects.Sample(); x.Name = sampleToConvert.Name; return x; } Has anyone come up with a nicer way of doing this?
  9. Your code works fine for me. make sure your button click event is really being called.
  10. I would guess maybe you accidently swapped this line: Form objAddItemForm = new frmAddItem(this); for something like: Form objAddItemForm = new Form();
  11. Justaddwater

    [.net] C# Array List

    What IDE are you using?
  12. Justaddwater

    France Elects Sarkozy

    Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Dreddnafious Maelstrom Quote:Original post by LessBread Quote:Original post by Dreddnafious Maelstrom Take the same guy and put him in a US election and he'd be too socialist for the democrat party base to stomach. I dont mean that as any form of insult, just a compare and contrast. Um, Hey Rush, it's Democratic party - Big D, ends with ic. Don't act that you're not aware that getting that wrong has become an insult... Rush... :) It's the party of democrats, not democratics. Formal name not withstanding. O.K. So let's get this straight, if the Democratic Party is the party of Democrats, and that makes it acceptable to refer to it at the Democrat Party instead of the Democratic Party, and because it doesn't make grammatical sense to refer to the Republican Party as the party of Republics or the Republic Party, then it must be acceptable to refer to the Republican party as the party of Fascists because that's what it's full of... or maybe we should call it the Shit Party? Someone shoulda had a v8
  13. Justaddwater

    France Elects Sarkozy

    I wonder if this means Jack in Box will change the frys names back to French fries instead of Freedom Fries.. hah @Lessbread : democrat (hehe)
  14. Justaddwater

    Computer Engineers help please school project

    Quote:Original post by AndreTheGiant whats a computer engineer? That guy in the funny hat that drives your computer down the interweb tracks.. duh!
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