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  1. #OpenGL Following many expectations: gDebugger bought by #AMD
  2. Is your life hell when writting GLSL shader on #AMD because of #GLSL compiler crashes? The workaround: disable the debug context!
  3. GLM and GLM 0.9.1 beta released http://www.g-truc.net/post-0380.html
  4. Impact of 32 bits vs 64 bits and link time optimizations http://www.g-truc.net/post-0379.html
  5. The OpenGL Samples Pack and GLM in the official #OpenGL SDK http://www.g-truc.net/post-0376.html
  6. Which alternative to SF.net should I consider? With Git?
  7. GLM 0.9.1.A is corrupted... The issue seems to come from SF.net... I hope it will be fixed soon!
  8. Why aren't you considering [font=Consolas, Courier, monospace][size=2]_mm_store_ps?[/font] [font=Consolas, Courier, monospace][size=2] [/font] [font="Consolas, Courier, monospace"]The compiler is likely to simply discard this instruction if everything feet correctly so that a shuffle would be a costly (except on Core i7) operation when it could be free thanks to compiler optimizations.[/font]
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