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  1. xyz

    dual boot winxp and longhorn...

    but... what about my question...? any help? thanks again
  2. xyz

    dual boot winxp and longhorn...

    lets say... it was a friend of a friend of a friend of friend of a friend who was at the pdc... :)
  3. xyz

    The gmail thread.

    3 to offer... PM me...
  4. xyz

    dual boot winxp and longhorn...

    never said it was warezzzzzed..... :)
  5. xyz

    suse linux 9.1 and ntfs...

    so... what I should do is reinstall winxp on fat32, and then install suse?
  6. Hi, How can I make this work? I already have winxp pro (ntfs) installed... how do I install it? Thanks
  7. Hi, Does anyone know how suse linux 9.1 behaves on NTFS? Because I want to dual boot winxp and suse... Thanks
  8. Hi, I'm a computer science student, why would I want to install linux rather than winxp on my notebook? (or shouldn't...) Thanks
  9. xyz

    lisp ide...

    I'm a bit confused with emacs right now... I downloaded emacs-21.3.tar.gz and leim-21.3.tar.gz .... What I am I supposed to do now? I can't find any binaries...
  10. Hi, Which IDE should I use for Common Lisp? Thanks
  11. Hi, Are there any significant syntatical differences beteween Common Lisp and Scheme? Thanks
  12. xyz

    best scan program...

    Hi, What's the best application to use to scan pictures? Thanks
  13. xyz

    virus problem...

    how do I know the file I'm deleting isn't necessary for a proper execution of some program?
  14. xyz

    virus problem...

    Hi, Dunno why but got W32.Korgo.AB... I have norton antivirus 2005, but it couldn't repair it so, I went to norton's web site, and they say to delete the file (in safe mode, is necessary), but the file (system32\proqi32.dll) was still in use (even in safe mode), so I couldn't delete it... Tried Panda ActiveScan, but no luck there too.... So... what can I do? Any help? Thanks
  15. xyz

    which linux?

    thanks... just one more thing: would fedora work on this Sony Vaio ? thanks again
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