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  1. higherspeed

    [SPOILER] jedi cutting down unarmed foes? [SPOILER]

    Well the droids aren't living and probably more importantly don't have the force running through them. I suppose Grievous being an android could have had some force, but even with 4 lightsabers or whatever it was, he was beaten. I'm not sure what these plot holes people speak of are, anyone care to enlighten me? In my experience most perceived plot holes are just down to ignorance of the viewer eg the Matrix.
  2. higherspeed

    Hey - Coming to the States

    Well I'm also going to the US, but on the 17th June. I'm doing 10 weeks paid undergraduate research at Caltech. That's Pasadena, LA. There's no way I'm going to survive the heat and my room hasn't got AC :S. I think I'm going to find a nice cool room to lurk in, according to the stereotype it should have no windows. I've got a student F1 visa for that, it was surprisingly little hassle, it was just the US Embassy visit that was frustrating. Still I think the £150 cost is a little steep. If anyone in LA can recommend the best place to get a Clint Eastwood style poncho, I'd be very grateful! Oh and good luck with finding a job in the states. Out of interest with no fixed work plans, what visa status have you got?
  3. higherspeed

    Drag in a liquid

    Looking at my fluid dynamics notes, the added mass is m* = 1/2*(density of fluid)*(volume of sphere) In my notes it's derived by calculating the velocity potential, then the pressure and then integrating across the sphere. Although before I looked at my notes I would have just done it by considering the energy of the system. Either way, the effect of 'added mass' is more important than drag in most cases. But then I would say that because in the course I've done it's all inviscid flows.
  4. higherspeed

    Probability questions

    Oops I've been an idiot. Sorry AP, didn't read all of your post, just the middle bit. I should also add that if you want understanding of how to do these problems yourself, look into the Binomial distribution.
  5. higherspeed

    Probability questions

    The AP's wrong. That's the probability of coming in the top 3 twice in 2 competitions. The actual answer is (1/3)^2(2/3)^7*9C2 = 2^7*3^-9*36 = 0.234(3SF) The expected value of number of times in the top 3 is ofcourse 3, so on that basis you're below average.
  6. higherspeed

    shortest distance between two 2d line segments

    Ofcourse if you're working in hyperbolic geometry you work it out by placing one with one end at O and work from there. I'm guessing that you're not. I want a game with hyperbolic geometry damn it!
  7. higherspeed

    Set Cardinality

    Well I've never met the terms alphabet or language before, but I would guess certainly (c). Although in some situations where U is not just a set, but something less general, ie it has some sort of structure, then it could be (b).
  8. higherspeed

    Why is [0, 1) uncountable??

    Just being finickity, but you're actually working with the set [0,1], when you use decimal expansions. Ofcourse you weren't using infinite decimal expansions, like you should have been, but if you had been then you would have had 0.999999.... = 1, so the set you should be using is [0,1]. The nicest proof in my opinion is to first show that there is no surjection from N to P(N). Then show there is an injection from P(N) to R. Hence R >= P(N) > N. The N < P(N) is a very nice result, you'll find it in any book that ncludes a summary of sets. For P(N) <= R, let f:P(N) to R, st f(A) = 0.I_1(A)I_2(A)......, where I_i(A) = 1 if i belongs to A, or 0 otherwise. Now just show the relevant results and you're done. The diagonal argument is nice as well, although it is a little harder to get your head around.
  9. higherspeed

    Impossible proff

    Well it's actually more fundamental than fields, but the fields axioms will do. I guess.
  10. higherspeed

    Impossible proff

    Well I probably shouldn't add this to the discussion, but crossing off is actually mathematically rigorous and more fundamental than division. You can 'cross off' in any integral domain anything that isn't 0, however you can only divide any unit. A unit being something that has an inverse. Since the real numbers form a field, crossing off and division amount to the same thing. As for the other discussion in this thread, 0.999... = 1. There's absolutely no problem with that. 0.333... * 3 = 0.999... = 1.
  11. higherspeed

    Some songs just don't make any sense...

    I would post some lyrics from Beck, but I think they actually do go beyond cryptic to just random much of the time. Although actually they do seem to make some sense in conjunction with the music. I think that's just an illusion though.
  12. higherspeed

    Most Powerful Scenes in Film History

    I'll certainly agree with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but he was always going to shoot the rope, or that's what I thought. Otherwise it wouldn't have made any sense.
  13. higherspeed

    Wierd little test of mine..

    I find if I can get a very fuzzy image instantly, but after a little concentrating I can get quite a vivid image, thinking of a context helps immensely. Same goes for voice, even for people I know really well I can only imagine their voices after a little thought.
  14. I used to have the donkey kong one as a hand me down from a cousin. I don't know if I still have it somewhere. It's possible it got thrown out. Mind you no packaging, but it was in pretty much perfect condition, maybe a little wear. Pity.
  15. higherspeed

    Most Powerful Scenes in Film History

    You're all soulless monsters, how has no one mentioned Bambi yet! I'm 20: Bambi - Scene when his mother gets shot(and yes before someone points it out, you don't actually see her getting shot). Apocalypse Now(Redux) - The beginning of the sacrifice scene where he comes out of the water. Raising Arizona - The first scene with the escape, probably more bizarre than powerful. On Her Majesty's Secret Service - After his wife's been shot. Plus loads of other ones already said, including 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bladerunner, Apocalypse Now, Green Mile, Saving Private Ryan Also I'd say that the topic title is misleading, from the title alone and not the original post, I'd say the fall of the Berlin wall, that Chinese bloke infront of the tanks and 9/11. If the soldiers hadn't made such arses of themselves I suppose the falling of Saddam Hussein's statue would have had a shot.
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