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  1. How is this possible?

    yes im just stunned that heaven 7 is so optimized that run so fast and looks so good. also 4minute midi aint 2 kb, thats like the single instrument midi. but heaven 7 isnt. i understand it all uses premande texture or generated texture, and mostly primitive shapes, but the animation is alot of work, and so optimized. not to mention the visual effects its in there. i state again, high quality midi aint 2kb, i am a midi composer(as well as 3d graphic artist), and i know what i mean. the project genesis demo runs for 10 minutes as well as the midi with no looping. it also uses none primitive shapes, such as a planet surface, some gears, and some hovering crafts.
  2. How is this possible?

    but.......64kb........i cant imagine that also try the project genesis demo aswell, another 64kb.......and plays for like 10 minute
  3. i recently came across a real time raytracer demo on a chinese website, i dono the auther, the only thing i know is that is in english, it uses raytracer?, it got music, and its lengthey few minute tech demo, and its only 64kb, wtf? im watching it over and over again, and i am sure its 100% 3d application(try with many settings), and it just amazes me how the thing its only 64kb!! this is the site i downloaded from, but he is not the auther of this tech demo (click the heaven7 link) or u can download from my webspace edit: sorry about the language, but i am totaly stunned, and btw, use 800x600 with tracer 1x1 to see best result
  4. i believe that most boreness is caused by these factors 1. Over Freedom maybe grand thief auto have too much influence on everyone, people are now trying to implement freedom in everygame. why is it so bad? lets look at GTA how its freedom achieved without boredom. first, GTA is more of an arcade style game than realism game. even when you freely move around the virtualy environment in gta, u have many things to do, such as carjacking, and ran over americans (i mean pedestrians). compare to another freedom game, Morrowind. while u can be free, and "explore the vast continent of the land of morrowind". now that sounds fun, but exploration can be very boring with no goals, and nothing to interact. just like a new game in development, that u only have a working terrain, and a character walks on it. well u might debate that, i occasionaly ran into monsters that i can fight, and tresure chest to open, or hidden quest to take. well i think thats one of the major design error in morrowind, u do ran into monsters, but they are either too weak to gain you any experience or too strong for you that kill you with one blow because you are not supposed to come to this area at this stage. and howoften you ran to a tresure chest for you to open that is not locked? well my lockpicking skill is sufficient and open the chest, and all i see its a piece of rat meat. same with hidden quest that is very time consuming and often u dont get much in return. lastly, when u exploring u often find yourself lost in the woods or maze. if u try to navigate your way back to your nearest town, that might take twice the time u first came here. people will just reload their saved game because its not worth it, and after they reload their saved game, they say to theirselves, why the hell did i bother to explore in the first place.(finished ranting with morrowind) AN LINEAR GAME WITH INTERESTING STORY CAN BE VERY ENJOYABLE and back to the topic, many mmorpg gives too much freedom and does not give much in return, therefor it creates boredom 2.Repetition/slowness while people likes long games, and they gets nice reviews at gamespot says that XXXXX game have NNhours of playtime. over repetition is just boring as hell. many game that tries to limit the player progression speed inorder to achieve "lengthy" playing time, and this is another major design fault. you might say "who wants to play diablo2 when everyone is at level99". true, but diablo2 design is different, even if you reached level99, u still want the best gear u can get, and even if u think u have the best gear, u can still finding good items for your other characters or as collection purpose. if your game takes 30 minute average to level up from lvl1 to level10, and your next skill is available at level 12, do u feel you have achieved something? no!. u still with your first level 1 skill, and u still does the same animation, boring as hell, and whats more, the people around u are just the same level as you do, and they all use the same skill, same animation, some major dejavu here. i agree that some game are intended to be realistic, no no game can be "real", if its real, its not a game anymore, and because its a game, it needs to be enjoyable, u cant just sacrifice 50%gameplay to get 5% realism. others goals have being talked about in the freedom section. if a game have no goal, its not enjoyable, the most simple goal is "get as much score as posible" and "kill the other guy" well ofcourse that all game have a goal, it is often not clearly seem or mentioned. ok back to morrowind bashing, the goal isnt clearly stated, u are just another prisoner released and you are free, what you want to do is completly up to you. while that might sounds fun, u can do many things that is not possible in yourlife, such as killing some townfolks. but its not a freeworld as it may sound, u will still facing punishment in game, just like u recieve punishment for crime in real life. gameplayers want to enjoy the game not to get punished. and thus where a freeworld now becomes not so free.(WT, this should belong to the freedom section). also gamers likes to see achivement and new stuff or random stuff. for example diablo2, u dont level up quickly in later stages but u get better equipments alone the way, u kill bosses and solve quest quite easily and straightforward. all items are randomly generated, and they looks different when you wear them.
  5. cel shading lines

    wirefram is ugly, because i dont want to draw line in front, and u cant control that in wirefram mode. i guess the polygon backface method is the best.
  6. Theory behind Dungeon siege engine

    thx guys, big ratings to u all
  7. ok firstly, i do not intend to make dongeon siege clone, nor make DS engine clone. but i am very interested in how the map structure is done in dungeon siege, u could have houses, platforms go up and down levels, and huge outdoor level, and all without loading time, and it looks great. if you know the theory of it, please discuss it here
  8. cel shading lines

    concave model works too mate (just need few tweaks when enlarging the original model) i like how the terrain looks in Philippe Decaudin's technique, but it also draws "front lines" the method i used is draw a line on edge where 2 faces meet but one of the face is facing away from view. edit: the enlarging method that works is: duplacate the model, select all faces, and move alone normals
  9. cel shading lines

    Quote:Original post by Cypher19 Medion: Wouldn't having a seperate vertex shader* be better, since you could skip having ANY textures and just use flat shaded colours? *Output position would be the input position extended across the normal by some constant, output colour is some constant and output normal is the input normal. The benefits would be: no texture lookups or texture rasterization, only one model with no extra vertices, and the outline can have a flexible width (AND a flexible colour!). Plus, since it would have to be in a seperate render call, you can change the cull mode to remove forward facing ones (saving you one quick calc to reverse the normal). Hmm...this thinking has me a bit interested in doing it as an experiment... very nice, cypher, rated u also, if its a single call, how to disable lightning and other effect on that black model. so i will go with seperate call, that should speeds the rendering process up
  10. Looking for virus database

    no problem mate. thx for rating :)
  11. cel shading lines

    it does outline the inner lines, try it in your 3d software
  12. Looking for virus database

    this got to be the best source i know and look into the article/resources section
  13. ok i know the concept of cel shading and the lines around it, but the line doesnt look smooth when the model is low poly and line is thick. now i recently saw that they made counter strike models cel shaded look without alter the game engine. basicly, it just have a black outline on models. so i downloaded the models, milkshape it, and found out how its done. for example we create a cube in 3d. color it say in blue duplicate the cube, make it slightly bigger, and color it in black, reverse all faces for the black cube. know ingame, u cant see back of the faces, so u see throug the black cube. u will see the blue cube, and the other half of the black cube which is slightly bigger than the blue cube, and thus looks like a black outline. i think this method produces nice looking lines that are drawn by black polygons and easy to implement. this also allow much more controls over the lines, u can have different color lines for different model parts, (say u can have brown outlines for face, and black outlines for clothes) easiy to control the thickness, u can even have thiner lines for eyes/lips, and thicker lines for guns. the downside of this method is that it doubles the polycount for the model. but it shouldnt be because most back faces are ignored. drawing lines in classic cel shading method is slow too. so what u guys think? does this method will eventualy replace the method we currently use to draw lines?