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  1. Add the correct doctype to force IE to standards mode. Actually, if you're going for 100% width -- do nothing. Divs are always the full width of the container that they're in (i.e. width: auto).
  2. Etnu

    Interesting article about "happy slapping"

    A bit of the old Ultraviolence never hurt anyone.
  3. Etnu

    OMFG, Romero is back

    Social commentary dressed up as zombie apocalypse? Gotta be Romero!
  4. Etnu

    Coupla questions 'bout Linus...

    The man is a saint (literally).
  5. Xenu for link checking. this site for speed reports.
  6. Etnu

    If you had $50,000 seed money ...

    5 years? I'd invest it all. I could easily turn $50,000 into $75 or $100k in that time. No problem paying back $50k on that.
  7. Etnu

    Its hoooooooooot!!

    It's 106 f / 41 c here in phoenix. This is a normal day in June. *yawn* Expected to be 109 tomorrow.
  8. Etnu

    [web] Hexagon Tables

    You'd have to overlap images (with clear corners), which works very, very poorly in HTML. Flash is probably your best choice here.
  9. Quote:Original post by DaBono If you go with technomancer's plan, don't forget to lock the appropriate tables during the multiple deletes. Otherwise another query might be getting some weird info in between the deletes.So far as I've seen, a multiple-table delete won't be executed until an appropriate lock has been made on all tables being deleted from. For MyISAM, this means that you have to wait until all tables are available (that is, until any currently executing SELECTS [ which may be concurrent ], INSERTS, UPDATES, or DELETES have finished). Normally, this is a fast process, but I'd recommend avoiding it if you can. You might also want to try the LOW_PRIORITY modifier to prevent lock up scenerios. This is less of an issue if you're dealing with InnoDB, which does row level locking, thereby allowing for concurrent selects and modification, but if you're using InnoDB you should just be using the foreign key constraints to make life a lot simpler anyway.
  10. Etnu

    [web] PHP and -&gt

    Quote:Original post by markr -> is used in php to refer to an object's member variable or call a member function. It's like . in c++. Of course they couldn't use . because it was already used for string concatenation. Mark They most certainly could have, but they chose not to. I'm obviously not privy to what the Zend guys were thinking at the time, but I wager that the total lack of re-use of operators has a lot to do with the fact that all scripts have to be compiled at run time. I suspect that we won't see any real operator overloading features in the language for quite some time as well, as a result.
  11. Web Sites A web site is a collection of related articles, applications, and file downloads which, together, make up some sort of community or resource. Web Pages These are content pages. They should be clean, easy to follow, structured reasonably well (e.g. correctly nested headings and proper use of the correct html tags). They should be able to be printed cleanly, easily read by screen readers, and usable regardless of the availability of CSS or javascript support. Web Applications Web applications are the future of technology. They can be built on many platforms, though the lighter weight you go, the better. A web application should be fast, intuitive, and not require any kind of specialized software. Ideally, a web application should only rely on integrated browser technologies supported by the most common browsers (IE, Mozilla-based, Safari, Opera, etc.). Flash and Java can be tolerable, though please bear in mind that many users can't download a 4MB java applet just for your silly special effects. You should try to make these as accessable as possible, though unfortunately technology isn't quite up to snuff in this area, so many shortcomings exist. There seems to be a serious issue lately with people misusing terms lately, especially in light of the recent surge in development in the web applications industry. If you're currently designing a new, content-oriented site, and you think it'd be a good idea to have a single page interface and load all the content into the page dynamically, please do the world a favor and find a different occupation. By that same token, if you're designing a complex web application, and you feel it's acceptable to reload the page whenever a user changes anything, put in your unemployment application right now. I'm going to point out a few examples of sites that are violating these basic, simple principals in such a way that they make me want to murder people. For starters, we have Backbase, a rather interesting piece of technology that's been developed to facilitate this new web applications renissance. Unfortunately, the designers of their website seem to have gotten too caught up in technology without realizing that they've created one of the most difficult to navigate sites that I've ever had the displeasure of working with. Look, if you're re-drawing 90% of the page, it's OK to make me reload the whole thing. As a matter of fact, it will probably be faster to just do that as most browsers will process a new page much faster than you can parse and assemble it in javascript. Add to that my biggest pet peeve -- you can't link directly to any of the pages, or at least you can't in any intuitive manner to speak of. This is a content site. I understand that they're trying to promote a product, but lets get with it -- there are much better ways to do this. The demos are fantastic (especially the shopping cart thing), but the site is just nasty. Next, we have a personal favorite of mine: gmail. Now, I love gmail. I think it's probably got one of the best web mail implementations around. But it's broken in several ways: 1.) You can't link directly to a message or even open up messages in a new tab / window. There are links on the page, why not use them? This entire problem can EASILY be solved by a simple change to the page: <a href="?msgid=4807" onclick="ShowMessage(4807); return false;"> Viola -- problem solved! Now I can link to the message, open it in a new tab, etc. 2.) There's no good way to quickly reorganize messages. I'm basically stuck with labels, and then chronological ordering. Drag and drop is hardly a difficult thing to implement -- let's use it, no? 3.) Actually, that's all I can think of right now. In conclusion, learn your role. Just because some technology exists, it doesn't make it a good idea to use it in every possible scenerio. Just because you're using a technology, don't forget about the little things about doing it "the old way" that might actually enhance usability.
  12. Etnu


    Einhander was probably the single most challenging game I ever played, but I'm happy to say that I was able to beat it without cheating.
  13. Etnu

    Sci-Fi "superior beings"

    Quote:Original post by kSquared Quote:Original post by Max_Payne Why do there have to be "superior beings" anyways, and if there really are, how could any human (author) have any idea of what they could possibly be like. Geez, sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays. What's the deal with trampling all over creative license -- you do realize these are works of fiction, right? In any case, your logic doesn't hold water. By the same reasoning, how could any human being possibly understand what wizards are like, since we can't wield magic? (Bye-bye Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) It's just a plot device. Sheesh.Speak for yourself.
  14. Etnu

    OMG I have a girlfriend!

    Quote:Original post by smr Quote:Original post by denver Quote:Original post by Ainokea What are you doing in that picture? It looks like you are modeling on a runway. Yes - Autumn London Fashion week. Some friends needed male models for their small collection show. Was quite good fun - but I'm glad they offered us plenty of free Corona before going out on the runway. They called that fashion?I've seen worse.
  15. Etnu

    Pink Floyd at Live8

    Quote:Original post by grungery OH. MY. GOSH. I would pay so much to go see that. That's like one of those dream-come-true tours that you can only fantasize about, like (for me) when the alice in chains played with Maynard from Tool and I think, the Heart band. Anyway, why would they make such an important event so exclusive?!75,000 people is exclusive? Did you completely overlook WHY they're getting back together?
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