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  1. try the above link, it uses d3d7 to do render-to-target, but in cpp, hope it can help.
  2. nlo

    MS3D loader in directx 9

    after u installed MS3D OCX viewer, there is a "MS3DViewerOCX.ocx" file in your program files folder, copy the ocx file to a new file, rename it to .zip, decompress it, the whole full set of source code (DX9) will showsup. ps. i use winrar to decompress it.
  3. nlo

    Rotation matrix from Normal ?

    Quote:to produce an orthogonal veriant (notice that vDir is assumed to be a local variable, initialized as copy of the car's direction; I think your code snippet does already so). In the snippet first the (possibly unnormalized) right vector is computed, and from the result the new perpendicular forward vector is computed. Yes, i'm the case (1), & thx haegarr [cool], u just put me to the right position, i didnt realize i need to re-compute the vDir. thanks again ! [smile]
  4. nlo

    Rotation matrix from Normal ?

    haegarr thx for reply sorry i'm not explain my problem well, the result matrix is just what u said is little "sheared", & not perpendicular to the ramp/slope. about the normalized vectors, i'm not sure the calculations, maybe i show my code here : // i'm sure the vDir & vNormal is normalized vector D3DVECTOR vDir=car->vDir, vUp=plane->vNormal, vRight; CrossProduct(&vRight,&vDir,&vUp); Normalize(&vRight,&vRight); D3DMATRIX mat; mat._11=vRight.x; mat._12=vRight.y; mat._13=vRight.z; mat._21=vUp.x; mat._22=vUp.y; mat._23=vUp.z; mat._31=vDir.x; mat._32=vDir.y; mat._33=vDir.z; mat._14=mat._24=mat._34=0.0f; mat._44=1.0f; mat._41=car->vPos.x; mat._42=car->vPos.y; mat._43=car->vPos.z; as u can see, i'm using D3D, CrossProduct() is OK for other vector calculations. i really dont know what step(s) not correct, any ideas ? thx for help. [Edited by - nlo on April 6, 2006 8:41:57 AM]
  5. Hi, i'm confused about rotation matrix from normal vector, my car model has a x-zplane direction vector, i want the car model stay on track's plane, so i build a rotation matrix like this : crossproduct(car.Dir, plane.Normal) to get the right-vector then use car.Dir, plane.Normal & right-vector to build a rotation but it just doesnt look correct, i'm not good in matrix maths, what am i missing when i build the rotation matrix ?? pls help.
  6. nlo

    skeleton animation & blender

    it runs fine on my P4 3G + Radeon X300 system. FPS : 550 - 580
  7. nlo

    multiple animations in MS3D file

    MS3D doesn't have any "name" about animation keyframes, so u cannot find by name. i know there r many ppl uses multiple files to seperate animations, like : walk.ms3d, run.ms3d, fire1.ms3d... etc. i think u have to code a tool to combine them.
  8. nlo

    Load PNG with directx 7.0

    Try this site : the author talk about using IImgCtx (function from IE) to load BMP, GIF, JPEG, ICO, WMF, EMF, PNG, XBM, ICO, TIFF. but it's not english site (yep, u see the .ru), u can use some free web translate to read it, & check the source-code too. then u can do some HDC stuff to Bltblt to DirectDrawSurface.
  9. I played Z.O.E. 2 b4, i think the control is same as 1, so this kind of 3rd person control is not too hard, u have to lockon with some object 1st (some kind of vector direction math), if u wanna move left/right, u need the player's right vector (u have Dir & Up vector, CrossProduct can give u the answer), then if player use joy & press left/right directions, just move character along to the right vector (+/-), just like that.
  10. nlo

    Normal vector to Matrix

    thx, Kuladus. :D
  11. nlo

    Normal vector to Matrix

    thx guys, but i think i did something stupid, i didn't explain my question well, what i mean is, i wanna convert a "direction-vector" to "rotation matrix", is that mean same as RotationYawPitchRoll ??
  12. is there any article about this ? i'm not a 3d maths guru, i wanna convert a normal vector to a "rotation matrix", but search arround the internet with no luck, anyone help ? thanks for help. :) [Edited by - nlo on August 4, 2005 2:01:26 AM]
  13. according to Game Programming Gems 2, there is an article about "Mario 64", a 3rd person control. u need 3 direction vectors, camera's front vec, right vec & input's dir vec, 1st an alternative normalized camera front vec : vDir.x=cam->front.x; vDir.y=0; vDir.z=cam->front.z; normalize(vDir,vDir); 2nd, an alternative normalized camera right vec : vRight.x=cam->right.x; vRight.y=0; vRight.z=cam->right.z; normalize(vRight,vRight); then the input dir vec, assume up(y)=1, down(y)=-1, left(x)=-1, right(x)=1. Normalize it also. so the final Direction Vector for character is : final.x=(input.x * vRight.x) + (input.y * vDir.x); final.y=0; final.z=(input.x * vRight.z) + (input.y * vDir.z); normalize(final,final); then if u need the Y-radius of the final vector, do the following: radius=-atan(final.z/final.x); if (final.x>0.0f) radius-=D3D_HALFPI; else radius+=D3D_HALFPI;
  14. nlo

    milkshape ascii file

    u should take a look at the MS3D plugin SDK, there is a MS3D ASCII viewer (with source code) inside, just follow the codes & u will understand the ASCII format.
  15. check ATi's RADEONSpotlightShadow here :
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