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  1. blizzard999

    Relative quaternion

    I noticed you use Inverse = conjugated For what I know the inverse is the conjugate divided by the length
  2. blizzard999

    Slow Class Operator Overloading?

    try this S3Dscalar operator*(const s3d_vec3& v)const{ return x*v.x + y*v.y + z*v.z; } avoid passing by value if the functions are so short (and use const! :) ) EDIT: I've not seen the link to the code; now i've posted this hint
  3. blizzard999

    User Drawn Mouse?

    You could also use GetSystemMetrics to detect if the cursor is actually on the title/menu bar. that is from GetSystemMetrics you get the menu height, then test if the cursor lies in the menu.
  4. Quote:Original post by MaulingMonkey And posted two apparent lies/falsities/misleading bits of information (his code = bad, OOP = virtual), then complained about ratings off topic in the very same thread. I rate people on how (un)helpful they would be to me. If they have a tendancy to post as fact gross overgeneralizations , or downright lies, (or post horribly offtopic,) I rate them down, simple as that. Why? These things lead to misunderstandings, or even racism when those generalizations are based on race. And I view both these problems in similar light - very badly. If you have a problem with this, feel free to rate me down - I don't care. I'm a jackass like that. Sorry. I probably deserve it for continuing on this off topic track of reply anyways. No worries, it's not like anyone actually googles stuff anymore v_v. A part the fact you should contact a doctor (but very good) => racism ? hey kid, what are you talking about ? ... the racism is in other places...not here where I'm writing. Have you seen my "lol" ? I was joking about my rate-- so you could avoid these tones. I've quoted what it's written in cpp faq and read in different books; I've also written that there is not only one definition about OOP. But this the most common. Do you think that polymorphism is not necessary to define OOP ? problem for me. ----------------- to the topic: if Wavarian writes Quote: Where Temp just wants to do something slightly different if IsSizable() returns true I suppose that Temp is the constructor otherwise he had written "a derived class" I posted the warning racism (???) in sure. More humor could make your life better...
  5. blizzard999

    User Drawn Mouse?

    You could activate the cursor again when it's moving outside the inner client area.
  6. Quote:Original post by Wavarian Okay moving away from the unavoidable "this is bad .. so bad omg plz someone think of the children" posts, can anyone else answer my question? And thanks for your concerns MaulingMonkey and Blizzard, however I think I've programmed long enough to know where and when it'd be a bad idea to do this - hence why I didn't ask about that. Deyja thanks for your response, I'll look up that pattern after I've finished making dinner. Rating++ R++ to DigitalDelusion also. I'll check that one out too. and --rate to the only one who has warned you about the subtle danger [lol]
  7. Quote:Original post by Deyja ...the base of every object-oriented programming? Excusing for a moment the grammatical deficiencies, no. You do not need virtual functions to do OOP. You do not even need member functions. It is a paradigm, not a syntax. polymorphism is only one of the most used definitions for OOP... Quote: Without virtual functions, C++ wouldn't be object-oriented. cpp-faq
  8. blizzard999

    Math Riddle # 2

    Quote:Original post by Anonymous Poster No. Why have you posted as anonymous ??? I would rate you ++++. [lol]
  9. blizzard999

    Math Riddle # 2

    Quote:Original post by Gink Disprove Fermats Last Theoreom Who does not know the theorem (and the math behind) can not desprove it. Who knows the theorem and its history will not make an attempt to resolve it (again). Especially on a game forum.
  10. Quote:Original post by Deyja That doesn't make it bad programming until you try and use it in the constructor. If you use it in ctor/dtor is bad programming ( you dont call the overriden function ) Otherwise it is the base of every object oriented programming; I know that it's possible in C++ to use virtual functions and/or override base methods...[smile]
  11. Yeah...I'm a noob at design pattern but I recognize it! This design pattern is called "bad programming". [smile] Why ? see this [paragraph 23.3] In the base ctor you cannot call a virtual function in the derived object; why ? Because the derived object does not exist yet.The result is that you always call the base function. To be sure try this virtual bool IsSizable() const = 0; // pure virtual You will get a compiler error or probably (example MSVC6) a runtime error (something like pure virtual function call) PS: if you call IsSizable() in other functions AFTER the object is created is OK but it has not a specific name; it's the classic OOP.
  12. blizzard999

    Could be only my imagination....

    Quote:Original post by Ancient Spirit is Direct3D faster then OpenGL? No
  13. Probably there are different transforms (example: wavelets ) usefull to resolve the problem; I think that this area is not well explored yet.
  14. blizzard999

    C++ and an Image lib?

    Quote:Original post by sathenzar no offense intended. But back to my original question does anyone have any ideas? ? If you are talking about resizing an image I posted the solution...
  15. blizzard999

    C++ and an Image lib?

    Quote:Original post by gamerking i don't use a compiler i meant if i made one could i (custum language made) If you are able to register extern functions in your script you should be able to register ImageMagick functions as well. For example... I thought about a sort of 'image script processing' implemented via AngelScript + FreeImage. In this case the 'core' of the application is a compiled program written in C++. The application could load the scripts and perform different operations on the images without recompile the program.
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