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  1. Hi, I've been trying to find a way to get a class list from a package. Perhaps just an array containing strings such as: projectname.ui projectname.ui.LaunchPanel projectname.ui.LaunchPanel.AppManager projectname.ui.Login ... ... I can't seem to find a way to do so within Java. Is this possible without using IO to read all of the class files directly? Thanks very much for your time. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -- Alex Broadwin
  2. PixolMaster

    "Tookie" executed.

    Actually, it is cheaper to keep them in jail for life. Killing them isn't very expensive, really, but the litigation that leads up to it (appeals, red tape, etc) end up being far more expensive than the cost of life imprisonment. "Florida calculated that each execution there costs some $3.18 million. If incarceration is estimated to cost $17000/year, a comparable statistic for life in prison of 40 years would be $680,000." (The Geography of Execution... The Capital Punishment Quagmire in America, Keith Harries and Derral Cheatwood 1997 p.6) "A 1991 study of the Texas criminal justice system estimated the cost of appealing capital murder at $2,316,655. In contrast, the cost of housing a prisoner in a Texas maximum security prison single cell for 40 years is estimated at $750,000." (Punishment and the Death Penalty, edited by Robert M. Baird and Stuart E. Rosenbaum 1995 p.109 ) "I don't want my tax dollars paying to keep criminals alive... unfortunately, it costs dramatically more to kill those same criminals. The typical death penalty conviction must go through several levels of appeal. All these appeals must be heard by the courts in virtually every case. Attorneys are paid dramatically more than prison guards. One prison guard is responsible for several prisoners, where one prisoner on death row typically employs several attorneys and legal staff for many years, all while still using your tax dollars in prison. Life sentences are rarely appealed. The typical life span in prison is about two dozen years, many of the most violent prisoners get murdered in prison, often as a prowess maneuver within the convict population." -- Alex
  3. PixolMaster

    apple dashboard look for winXP.

    I believe this is what you seek: http://www.konfabulator.com/
  4. PixolMaster

    We were all newbies once, what did you do then?

    When I started programming in C++ my variables were all global, code that should have been broken up into 10 or more functions would be in just one, and I often wrote terrible things such as: int a; cin >> a; if(a == 0) cout << '0'; else if (a == 1) cout << '1'; else if (a == 2) cout << '2'; else if (a == 3) cout << '3'; ... ... Lots of bad code back then.
  5. PixolMaster

    Does anybody know of any free email forwarding?

    Does your webmail support filters? Can you say, for example, to send a copy of all email recieved to another address? A gmail address, perhaps, which offers free pop access?
  6. PixolMaster

    Beer with ice?

    Take an ice cube tray and fill it with water. Place it in the freezer. Take a bucket, fill it with the ensuing ice. Place beer in bucket. Wait. Drink beer. Be happy. EDIT: Note, beer must still be in original beer packaging when placed in bucket! DO NOT POUR IT IN OR SATAN SHALL CONSUME YOUR SOUL FOR ALL ETERNITY!
  7. PixolMaster

    If you could go back, what would you change?

    I really wouldn't change anything. Well, I might invent something like red bull the year before the "real" inventor did, or something to that effect... ~~ Alex
  8. PixolMaster

    Best smelling cologne for picking up women

    Quote:Original post by mittens Axe will get you sex. That is so true. You can believe their ads. Before I used Axe, though, all I did was shower every day and use damn good smelling fabric softener. Random girls would walk up to me on the way to class, smell me and tell me I smelled amazing. It rocked. ~~ Alex
  9. PixolMaster

    Today we will blame video games for...

    Personally I think that if everyone played more videogames there'd be a whole lot less teen pregnancy.
  10. Hi! I'm pretty new to Java (I've always used C++), and I've run into a bit of a problem... Here's the code: Triangle[] triArray; // The array used for depth testing when adding triangles to the draw buffer ... ... triArray = new Triangle[drawBuffer.size()]; drawBuffer.toArray(triArray); This returns the following runtime error: (you guessed it...) java.lang.NullPointerException! I can't figure out what is causing the problem! I've tried initializing the variable triArray in as many ways as I can think of, and nothing eliminates the error! It's driving me mad! Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time. ~~ Alex
  11. Quote:Original post by widggman Check in the exception description to see the line with the Null Pointer. Maybe drawBuffer is not initialize. you have to do something like that: drawBuffer = new <DrawBufferClass> In Java, every class has to be created with "new". In C++, you can create an instance of a class without memory allocation. Check around that... Ahh you were right! Thank you so much! Ahh the joys of learning a new language.
  12. PixolMaster

    Milton's Paradise Lost

    I thought that this thread was going to be about Office Space. "I... I could put strychnine in the guacamole. NO salt..."
  13. PixolMaster

    Beware Thy Feline Friends

    It's possible, though. Learn more about toxoplasma gondii here: http://www.biosci.ohio-state.edu/~parasite/toxoplasma.html [link] Apparently it can cause neurological disorders, so it does affect the brain. Maybe the article is right. I think they might be stretching it with the rat thing, though.
  14. PixolMaster

    what is the opposite of init (initialize)

    Object.StrikeDownWithGreatVengance(); Actually, I use Initialize() and Shutdown(), with the occasional Kill().
  15. PixolMaster


    Yep, Arizona is definitely way hotter than here... It's not even 80 here and people complain. I used to go to Arizona fairly frequently around this time of year, and we've got nothing to complain about here in the Bay Area. Tucson, Arizona does have my favorite Indian & Mexican restaraunts, though.
  16. Hey all, Some of you may remember this post from about 5 months ago. Well, there is now yet another research study at the same company. It's this Saturday (the 21st) from 9am until 6pm. You will be given UNIX training, $100 and some work experience to put on your resume. The official flyer is here. If you are interested please send an email with your name, email address and phone number to alex AT dngames DOT com. Alternatively, send the email to the address on the flyer, but please include that you heard about this from Alex Broadwin. Either way a representative from Acuitus will contact you soon. NOTE: If you participated in the last study you cannot participate in this one.
  17. PixolMaster

    1.21 jigawatts! Great scott!

    Quote:Original post by Etnu Isn't it strange how, while virtually all other areas of electronics become MORE efficient every year, computers just keep ratcheting up their consumption? What are you talking about? My first computer used tons of power, and I now have a palm pilot just as powerful that can run on a single battery charge for a week. Computers are becoming more efficient, but we keep piling on more power as well. Although it isn't true in all cases, I wouldn't be suprised to learn that the ratio of power consumed to computing power shifts considerably for the better each year.
  18. PixolMaster

    Domes On Mars?

    Oh, that's my summer house. Domes kick ass.
  19. PixolMaster

    Your first games

    Aha, here's a copy of the game I posted screenshots of above: BWMax 1.0 Beta The levels included are pretty easy.
  20. PixolMaster

    Your first games

    I made a number of horrible games in QBasic that I like to forget about, then I made the horror from beyond known as "Ball World". After that came BWMax, a remake of Ball World which is much better, but still a horible game (has an integrated level editor, though!). This thread has been very inspiring. I think I'll make an arcade game tonight. BWMax Screenshots (click to enlarge):
  21. PixolMaster

    what does the 'COM' in 'COM port' stand for?

    Quote:Original post by PnP Bios component object module. that's how you get your old mice and printers to work with directx. I thought that COM/DCOM (what you're talking about) was different than a COM Port... I'm wrong?
  22. PixolMaster

    I killed my computer...

    Quote:Original post by yapposai I suggest burning all most of the stuff which you don't access often (pics, old installers) on several DVDs, and locking them in an airtight container. Then reading and re-burning the DVDs every few years :P or get a linux box: Quote:bash.org #49641 +(119)- [X] <DjSeph> I actually haven't had the Cup holder call, but I did have one where the customer dropped the computer out a 3 story window and blamed the fact that it shattered on Windows not being "stabile & tough enough".........they then told me that Linux could withstand the fall........ [wink] Hmm... not a bad idea! The DVDs, that is, not the Linux box. That quote... wow, people never cease to amaze me with their complete lack of common sense/intelligence. It reminds me of the Dilbert strip where Wally tells the pointy-haired boss to delete files on his laptop to make it weigh less.
  23. PixolMaster

    I killed my computer...

    Quote:Original post by smart_idiot I only backup things that can't easily be replaced/ripped/downloaded again, like my projects. Porn and MP3s don't count. Most of my space is taken up by programming projects, art projects (Photoshop/GIMP/ZBrush) and programs that I've downloaded over the years since I first got an internet connection (many of which can no longer be downloaded) and digital photographs (of which I have about 10,000 in extremely high resolution). Backing up the things that I can't re-download or re-install takes up a ton of space.
  24. PixolMaster

    I killed my computer...

    Quote:Original post by smart_idiot And sure, you might still be in trouble if your house burns to a crisp, but hey, that's what GmailFS is for. Hah... I'd need hundreds of GMail accounts to back up all of the stuff I care about, even with their new 2+ gigs per account. My huge internal and two huge external drives can barely handle all the information. I miss the days when I had a 200mb HD and thought "oh my god! How am I ever going to fill THAT up?"
  25. PixolMaster

    Graphics Survey

    2:11111 1:11111 0:00000
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