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  1. Dear graveyard filla, I appriciate your help. It is just what I'm looking for. Thanx for your time and efforts. Best regards, Ejaz.
  2. Actually, I created a wrapper at DirectPlay (about 15-20 APIs) and I just want to eliminate underlying DirectPlay with something more suitable, so that it can be used by other team members as they are using it right now, without any particular knowledge that what is happening underneath. As far as 250$ or even more, I would happily go for it, if it is highly tested and good support is available. That is why I'm looking for something with which I can live for sometime, I did all the DirectPlay part a year back (approx.) and now I've to change it again, I don't want to make it an annual excersize that at every winter, when the rest of the world is enjoying new year and I'm searching for another network library. :(
  3. Thanx guys, I've just come back and saw alot of replies, so I guess the competition is between TNL and RAK :) Once again, thanx for your time. Best regards, Ejaz.
  4. Dear hplus0603, I would like to ask for your opinion about OpenTNL. So far, I've found it to be scoring more points for me among all that I've seen. It doesn't matter if I have to pay, if I get what I want and it really worth is. Thanx & best regards, Ejaz.
  5. Dear hplus0603, First of all, thanx for a very swift response. I agree with you about sockets. Actually as I mentioned that sometime I developed network library for multiplayer by using DirectPlay, and then later, I've to implement 3rd party online matching making stuff and that 3rd party didn't support DirectPlay. Although I managed to make them work together, but it was a real pain. Now, what is required is that I keep the original wrapper consistent (over DirectPlay) and either use sockets or some other library underneath. In case of sockets, if I spend time and endup in something, which is already available, then I would like to save the time, although it will cost but a library with a other developer confidence and good support can worth for it. Offcourse, the choice of sockets will always be there, but I don't want to make another mistake after mistakes, specially under tight schedules. :( Thanx & Regards, Ejaz.
  6. Hi All, I need suggestion about selection of a good network API. I created network library by using DirectPlay sometime back, but now, I have to implment it with some better network library, preferably a low level network library. I visited different sites (OpenTNL, HawkNL, ClanLib Game SDK, SDL_net, enet, OpenSkies, ReplicaNet). Every one claims alot, but I would like to ask for some on ground facts, I understand that it depends upon alot of factors and the objective that I want to do, but if someone can proivde some guidelines or comparison of different network libraries, then it will be more then helpful. Thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
  7. Dear Nifty, Thanx for the reply in very simple manner. You won't believe what I found. I run NATPeer behind NAT and hosted the server, then I tried NATPeer (from Real IP, since thats the only other connection I have), and eumerated with the real IP and port of the host, but it found no game. Fine, as theory states, there must be some problem with my NAT, then I enumerated without any IP, but with only port (2606). And it did enumerated the game, which is hosted behind the NAT and there is no LAN connection between the two machines. Now thats surprising for me, as I believe (plz correct me if I'm wrong) that without any IP, enumeration starts broadcast and the response is then received in the DP message handler, but broadcast can't be used at internet, right??? Anyway, you mentioned that your problem is that your NAT renews private-public port mapping. Is it occur, even if you are sending/receiving any information. I'm not sure that how it can help, (just an idea), how about bouncing a packet to NAT Resolver after particular time, so that your connection remain active. Anyway, thanx for time. Regards, Ejaz.
  8. Thanx for the replies, > What port? I'm using 2606 to host my game and forward it at my NAT and it works in that case. But I want to eliminate this procedure of port forwarding. > hplus0603 Thanx for the link :), I'll be looking at it after this reply. The steps that I'm doing with the DirectPlay SDK Samples are as, 1) Run NATResolver at real IP (so that it is accessible) 2) Run NATPeer at IP behind NAT. When I specify the NATResolver IP and try to host, the NATResolver do get notification. 3) Run NATPeer from the real IP,proivde the NATResolver IP (which is same of the machine, as I have currently only 2 machines) and try to connect, the NATResolver do get a notification here too. 4) In the next dialog of NATPeer, I input the NATTED IP at which I've hosted the NATPeer (from step 2) and port too but when I try to search, no results obtained. Am I missing something critically ???? Any help in this matter will be highly appriciated and thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
  9. Hello all, Here I am again with another problem. I've my network library (based on IDirectPlay8Peer) and it works very fine at LAN, but one day my whole world shattered when I was asked to implement that at internet too. Despite the fact that IDirectPlay8Server/IDirectPlay8Client are there for this purpose, I had to implement this one (which I did). Now, I'm having a problem that if the host is behind a NAT, the game does not get enumerated (since it never receives the enumeration request from the joining player because of NAT). By port forwarding, it works fine, but again I was asked to implement IDirectPlay8NATResolver with IDirectPlay8Peer, to get the hosts (behind NAT) respond to the players. I'm trying very hard to understand, but so far no luck. The samples in the SDK (NatPeer & NatResolver) doesn't work at my network. The network conditions are like, I have 2 IPs, one behind NAT (infact double NATTED, one NAT is implmented by my Internet Service Provider and one by my network admin) and the other once is real IP. If I host the NATPeer (from sample) at NATTED IP, the NATResolver (from samples) do recieve notification, but after that, when I try to enumerate it from the other IP (real IP currently), it found no game hosted. I'm trying hard to find any reference, article or any help, how to reslove this issue, but so far, found nothing. If anyone can provide any suggestion, reference, article, pointer, it will be more then helpful. Any help in this matter will be highly appriciated and thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
  10. Thanx for the info Mushu. So far its not a problems and I've implemented it. I would like to ask how to track different objects around the camera. I think through ray casting in the surroundings. If this is the right way, then how many rays and what should be the angle of the rays? Thanx for the help anyway. Regards, Ejaz.
  11. Hello all, I'm not sure that is it the right place, but since I'm a newbie so I'm positing here. I want to track the object in the space around my camera, but don't know how to do that or what is the preferred way for doing this. If anyone knows any pointer/reference/code or whatever, kindly let me know. Any help in this matter will be highly appriciated & thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
  12. Hi all, I'm a newbie in game programming and assign the task to create a Chase Camera Mechanism for Flight Sim based on Quaternion. Its my first attemp and I don't know very much about Quaternion, I read some articles like "A Decent First Person Camera" , "A Simple Quaternion Based Camera" but for Flight Sim I haven't find any. If anyone knows any link about any reference, source, article, pointer or whatever, please let me know. Any help in this matter will be highly appriciated & Thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
  13. Hi all, Some time in the past, I developed a p2p (DirectPlay based) implementation for my game. Now, I've to develop for internet. I understand that there is Client/Server model available in DirectPlay for that, but I would like to ask...Is it possible to have some hybrid combinations of both (p2p and C/S) for internet. Its like, the game state will be managed at server but clients can communiate with each other for minor tasks or information sharing. I tried but haven't found any solution for that so far. Any help, reference, pointer, article etc, in this matter will be highly appriciated and thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
  14. Hi guys, Don't shoot me for the stupid question. I know that for internet DirectPlay provides Client/Server model. I want to deploy my game logic at the clients (peers) and for certain parts, I don't want to disturb Server (Host) again & again, so its like if I directly send message to the other client(peer). Its like, the server (host) is suppose to manage the game state and the smaller intermediate tasks, I want clients (peers) to handle themself by communicating with each other. Only the relavent clients (peers) are suppose to be involve in the messaging process. Any help/idea/article/pointer or reference in this matter will be highly appriciated & thanx in advance. Regards, Ejaz.
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