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    Recent Rigid Body Papers/Publishings

    Oh, I should add the papers by Mirtich to my list. He uses an impulse based system rather than the LCP contact based system.
  2. Aargyle

    Buoyancy Problem

    Heh, everyones thinking too hard on this. The real problem is that your ball moves too deep into the water in a single time step, and if you calculate what happens from there, it will of course fly back up (think of dropping a beach ball onto water, it doesn't go 'in' at all!). A much easier solution is whenever you find out something has collided with water, back up to the point of first contact, then figure out how deep it is supposed to go. Then figure out if the 'time of maximum depth' is within the current time step (if it is, you have this special case, if not, then let it go like normal). Then from there you can handle it smarter. If the turnaround point is within the current timestep, just turn it around and make it go the other way. Anyway, the downside is it makes you treat collisions with water as a special case, but I think preventing it from going too deep in the first place is probably the way to go.
  3. I was wondering if anyone is aware of any important books or papers on the topic of rigid body dynamics simulations, other than the ones listed below. I listed the most educational that I have found, but some of them are relatively dated (especially Baraff, did he ever revisit his rigid body works?) -All Baraf Papers -"Nonconvex Rigid Bodies with Stacking", Guendelman, Bridson, Fedkiw -Chris Hecker's D6 papers -"Game Physics" by Eberly (textbook) Thanks!
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