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  1. Prosper/LOADED

    War on terror : rude facts

    Quote:Original post by Etnu (...) People in those areas are overwhemlingly ignorant on things like global politics and economy. That doesn't make them "bad" or "stupid" or anything of the sort -- merely uneducated. The Internet has helped reduce that some in recent years, but there's still a huge gap here. Unfortunately, a quick look at the lounge makes me think the exact opposite...
  2. Prosper/LOADED

    Depth tests and alpha blending problems

    /\ That was me, I forgot to log in.
  3. Prosper/LOADED

    Time Based movement, crappy?

    Check NeHe's site. There are OpenGl oriented tutorials and one of them deal with the performance counter (about the 25th if memory deserves). You can read it even if you don't use OGL. EDIT : that's weird, it seems like I've got a negative rating, though I've posted only twice (both times in this thread) since the rating system has been set up.
  4. Prosper/LOADED

    Time Based movement, crappy?

    Chances are that your timer isn't precise enough. Forget GetTickCount() and timeGetTime(), use the performance timer instead. (I guess you're under Windows)
  5. Prosper/LOADED

    I think my computer is trying to tell me something...

    Quote:Original post by nev ati drivers are usually the problem... Shitty artworks are usually the problem...
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