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    Best Windows OS for a new Mac?

    If it's just as a secondary OS and you will be using OS X most of the time and don't want to spend a lot of money then XP Home should do fine.... Wow, just looked at the prices and forgot how expensive that is... I got Vista Ultimate from someone I know that works at MS. If money isn't an issue I would recommend Vista Home Premium. Its a nice OS, don't know about drives and you Mac though.
  2. lethalhamster


    Spoiler: I thought it was a great game. Sure the single player was short, but when that nuke went off I was like "Oh Snap! Would they actually do that to me?!" Then you come out of the chopper after the nuke goes off and your sort of still alive and thinking that your going to survive a nuke and are disappointed that the game made you some super human or something. But you end up dieing and its all like... intense like that. I liked it.
  3. lethalhamster

    Left 4 Dead

    Yeah, L4D looks awesome. I'm also looking forward to Natural Selection 2 and Black Mesa Source (while we're sort of on the Source Engine.)
  4. lethalhamster

    XP 32 vs Vista 64 for gaming

    I've been running Vista x64 on an Athlon 64 X2 6000+(3.0Ghz), 4GB of RAM, and a Radeon 2600XT. It's been running perfectly fine. I play mostly Orange Box(TF2, Portal), and Call of Duty 4. Everything runs smoothly.
  5. lethalhamster

    laptops vs desktops, a census

    Desktop, laptop, server. Vista, Vista/ArchLinux, Windows Server 2003.
  6. lethalhamster

    fun in 64 bloody bits

    Quote:Original post by boolean If you plan on playing any games, forgetaboutit. Why do you say that? I bought Vista Home Premium 64bit and it has worked the same as my old install of 32bit XP on the same machine. I recently upgraded to 4GB of RAM and a 3.0Ghz Athlon 64 X2. It can see all 4gigs of RAM(at work we use the 32bit version of Vista cannot see all 4gigs of RAM in my work machine). Drivers? Video and Sound work fine. At first they were both sketchy, but updates on the Vista side and on the Drivers side have really improved that. Gaming? Every game I own has worked fine. Hell, Valve made HL2 run in 64 bit! I was pretty excited when I saw that. I also bought the Orange Box, Portal, TF2 and Ep2 run fine, BioShock runs fine, World of Warcraft, Stalker, Supreme Commander, and Solitaire all run without issues. The Control panel and NIC settings are a bit harder to find, but once you do it once or twice it all comes together. One feature I think is purely amazing is the run/search bar in the start menu. I like Aero, it's one of the main features that I was looking forward to. I like the look of it and it doesn't slow my system down (well, I don't notice a difference if its enabled or not... so whatever) The only issues that I have noticed is returning from sleep I get artifacts... I never have set my desktop in sleep mode, and the one time I noticed it was a total accident. Last one is Windows Media Encoder. I tried to convert some movies from *.avi to .wmv and it just wouldn't take. Thats about it... the UAC really isn't annoying, and it can be disabled. Specs: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.0Ghz) 4GB of OCZ DDR2 800 Asus Crossfire Mobo Radeon HD 2600XT (512MB) SATA2 hdd. So bscly, I like Vista. It works, and I don't know anyone who has used it for more than a day that has complained.
  7. lethalhamster


    Quote:Original post by Jemburula Since you're all finished portal... is anyone playing Episode 2? I'm stuck on the part where you have to get the car across the collapsing bridge. I've tried jumping it, tried pushing all the cars to the other side, tried blowing all the cars off but it just doesn't move :S Any help? I blew all the other cars off with the grav gun, I think that killed the balance it had and caused the bridge to lean back so I could jump the car over. I loved episode two (Already beat it). I thought the best part was fighting the flood of ant lions with the Vortigaunts.
  8. lethalhamster

    short sleeve shirt

    I wore a short sleeve shirt to my MS interview. Of course it was a nice button up collard shirt. It really depends on what type of job. If it's really classy then I think long sleeve would be your best choice.
  9. lethalhamster

    dell server

    My recommendation would be to build your own computer and set up whatever OS you choose with your server config. It would be easier to help you if you let us know what your going to be using it for. Remote data storage you could grab just about any configuration of hardware with an onboard RAID controller and set up FileZilla Server on it and use that to remotely transfer files. Locally transferring files is as easy as sharing whatever folders you'd like on the server, and mapping those drives on the client machine.(assuming your using Windows).
  10. lethalhamster

    Raw images

    Google search for "Irfanview". Last time I came across a weird image format I was pointed that way and it worked!
  11. lethalhamster

    Forum for each game?

    What do you mean by "each game"? Do you mean to literally have a forum for each and every single game in existence? We all know that will never happen here.
  12. ...What? Is this some lame jab at MS? I don't see anything wrong with that image.
  13. lethalhamster

    Warning: Avoid Quetchup.com

    Ah, C'mon man, say it ain't so! How could you do that! Putting your Email password into a website like that! I don't care who I get a link from, I would never do something like that [sad]. Now that I think about it that must have really done some damage. I am looking at my Gmail contact list and sending an email like that to some of the people on this list would be plain awkward!
  14. lethalhamster

    I need a router solution.

    They are currently using all of the slots to forward ports to thier own machines,one of them has an FTP/HTTP server, two of them use MS Terminal Services while at work to access their home computers, and then theres a few for games. I think theres like 10 or 15 slots, and they were using all of them. One of them gave up one of their slots for Supreme Commander so I can get 3390 forwarded to my computer for MS Term Services(the listening port on the machine is a registry key, that took a while to figure out/find) that all I really need, but it would be nice to have more. It doesn't appear that theres and easy solution to this... I can't flash my roommates router without his approval, and I doubt he would. Those things are like $75 and it would suck to turn it into a door stop.
  15. lethalhamster

    I need a router solution.

    I just moved into a house with some friends about a week ago. It's a great place to live and I'm having a lot of fun, the only problem is they have a little wireless-G Linksys router. It works fine of course, and with 5 people the internet connection really isn't that bad, but I need some ports forwarded to my 'puter, but all the slots to do this are being used. Are there any simple home routers that allow for a much larger amount of ports to be forwarded? I was thining of setting up a desktop computer with Windows 2k3 server and using the NAT and firewall with that to set up my own router, but we are going for cheap and something that we can leave on all the time(power consumption, noise). Thanks for any suggestions!
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