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  1. Excellent, thanks for the info. I should have enough to have a good stab at it tonight :) Daisy
  2. Excellent, thanks for that, I'll look into that namespace more as you requested. Quote:Original post by Serapth Carefull with the above code though. The while loop will be infinite if your process doesnt exit. However, without the while loop, you can end up with rogue unfinished processes. Does this mean the form cannot close before the process has finished? My script takes a long time to finish, and displays the output in a Dos window. Ideally, I wanted the Form to exit as soon as it kicked the process off, and let the script run normally? Thanks again Daisy
  3. Hi all :) I have a simple form, that I am using to build a command line argument for a script that I run quite often on Windows XP. I can get the information from the text boxes no problem, and build the command line arguments, but I have no idea how to actually make it run the script from the command line, or how to run the the script itself, from the form. Ideally, I want to be able to Press the 'Execute Script' button, build the command line args., start the script running and then close the form as soon as it kicks off the script. Any solutions would be helpful :) Thanks Daisy.
  4. PrincessDaisy

    DirectX Point Sprites

    There is very little state changes required when rendering our batches, and there are so few batches due to the way I have structured the engine that it can run with about 3 calls per frame. Daisy
  5. PrincessDaisy

    DirectX Point Sprites

    This is a simple questions hopefully. And it also goes out to any Xbox/360 developers as that is what it is mainly for. Are point sprites, created and rendered via HLSL the fastest way to draw camera orientated, fixed sized sprites? I don't need any rotation within the sprite either, just a fade value. If they arn't, what is a faster methods? Thanks :)
  6. PrincessDaisy

    Visual Studio Post Build Commands

    Thanks for that, I thought they might have been visual studio specific. Thanks
  7. I'm hoping this is a simple one. Does anyone have a link to a list of commands that are acceptable to Visual Studio's Build Events Command Line? I've serached Google but to no avail... Thanks Daisy
  8. PrincessDaisy

    Post-Build Event Error in VS 2005

    Quote:Original post by Evil Steve copy ..\..\dll\libEngine.dll * What is that supposed to do? That's not valid syntax for the copy command as far as I know. It just copies the file libEngine.dll to the root directory of the project. It might not be valid syntax, but it works fine in vs7.1. Daisy
  9. I have just got hold of VS2005 professional for work, and I am in the process of converting my 2003 projects over. Everything has worked apart from a problem with the post -build events on some of the projects. In my main solution, I build a lib project, dll project and exe project. Each project has a post-build event. The lib and dll projects are meant to copy the lib/dll to a given folder, and the exe is meant to copy the dll from the dll folder to its root folder. Unfortunatly, only the lib one works. The dll and exe projects don't even attempt to run the command (they do not display the Performing Post-Build Event... text in the output window), yet it works fine if I add commands to the Pre-Build event. The commands are very simple... copy release\libEngine.dll ..\..\..\..\dll copy ..\..\dll\libEngine.dll * The commands work perfectly in VS 2003, and work perfectly for the lib project. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks Daisy
  10. PrincessDaisy

    Omigod!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote:Original post by Kevinator I see. So when it is known that something you like may increase your chances of prostate cancer, then the study is wrong, or it's not significant, or it's irrational. When you hear something you don't want to, you pretend you didn't hear it or it's not important. Being that meat isn't that dear to me, I guess I'm not taking this as hard as you. Not at all, what is being said is that if you live your life according to what will give you cancer/kill you/hurt you etc. you might as well live in a sealed bunker with nothing but pure air and water and probably lean beans. Stepping out of your front door is potentially lethal, but you still do it every day (I hope;). Daisy
  11. PrincessDaisy

    Omigod!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quote:Original post by Kevinator The point is, there is a chance you'll get cancer and anything you can do (or not do) to prevent it is welcome information. Giving me information I can use is welcome information, my point was that often this information is either contradictory (there have been warning of things giving you cancer but helping with heart disease for example), or just plain useless. Anything in excess is bad for you, that is obvious, but do we constantly need to be told that, yet again, you will inevitabley die from cancer regardless of what you do (I know thats not how they phrase it, but people tend to over-react) Daisy
  12. PrincessDaisy

    Omigod!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Standing in the sun probably gives you cancer Standing in the shade probably gives you cancer Staying in bed all day probably gives you cancer Red wine probably gives you cancer Looking in the mirror probably gives you cancer Using a laptop probably gives you cancer Handling small rodents probably gives you cancer Smoking probably gives you cancer Eating chocolate probably gives you cancer (Yes I may have made some of them up, but you get my point) Daisy
  13. I am in the process of converting some code to unicode based strings rather than char, and I am just looking for peoples opinions on how to deal with bitmap based fonts. When I was using char based strings, I could create a simple texture with the required characters and use that for rendering. Obviously, I cannot do this with unicode characters. How have people solved this in the past and what solutions did you come up with? Thanks Daisy
  14. PrincessDaisy

    xWindows and OpenGL

    I am looking into using xWindows as the window manager for my linux based engine, but I am having a little trouble getting some detailed tutorials. Ideally, what I want is to create the window using xWindows in one class, then in my OpenGL render class, attach the windows handle to GL, to create the required context. This is how I do it when using win32 based windows, so I want to keep them the same. Unfortunatly, all the tutorials use glx (which I have no problem using) but the xWindow creation code and OpenGL creation code are very tightly intermingled, making it difficult to see how to seperate the two processes. Is this possible? Thanks Daisy
  15. Quote:Original post by Monder Take a look at this thread for a discussion on implementing a material system which can handle this kind of thing transparently. The link above comes from here which has links to whole load of useful graphics related threads on gamedev. Thanks for that, much appreciated. I obviously have a lot of reading ahead of me, but it should be worth it :) Daisy
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