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  1. Thermodynamics

    Some changes

    I played it before I came here and I didn't notice that anything had changed. Good luck with the "Ten Bazillion Flash Games 4 FREE!!!!" portals.
  2. Thermodynamics


    Quote:Original post by bladerunner627 Lol, don't mean to spam but I figured you'd find this quite humorous. This is a quote from an IRC chat today. Quote:[02:34] <BladeCoder> AndyDD did you see that journal post you got mentioned in? [02:34] <AndyDD> no [02:35] <BladeCoder> AndyDD: http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/mod/journal/journal.asp?jn=263140 <- Look at the largest paragraph [02:35] *** Shadowdancer (Shadowdanc@Shadowdancer.Users.AfterNET.Org) joined [02:36] <AndyDD> its to much [02:36] <AndyDD> to read [02:36] <AndyDD> sorry [02:36] <AndyDD> got better things todo [02:36] <AndyDD> just type it what it says [02:36] <BladeCoder> I said read the LARGEST paragraph [02:36] <BladeCoder> As in [02:36] <BladeCoder> A single paragraph [02:37] <BladeCoder> Not the whole journal post. [02:37] <BladeCoder> I recommend you read it. [02:37] <AndyDD> yes but it means i have to look to find it [02:37] * Zao is laughing out loud now. That is just plain tragic. In regards to the over all sentiment of the post, I am probably guilty of this too at times. I think that in my case it comes more from the need to have some form of human contact throughout the day rather than a not knowing how to do the research.
  3. Thermodynamics

    I've been dugg. . .I mean Jayisgamed!

    I'm glad to see that the review brought some extra traffic your way. In a way that is heartening for me to hear, because it means that the review didn't scare people away. [smile] Sorry about any information that was incorrect. I simply looked in the archives on your site to see when your earliest blog was. I had been wanting to do a review of your site for while, but the required login tends to be a real hang-up for a lot of the visitors to Jay is (or at least it has been in the past). Once I saw you put in the guest login, I submitted the review on the same day. In a brief chat I had with Jay, he expressed some admiration for the quality of the games on your site. I wouldn't be surprised if another review of one of your games showed up at some point.
  4. Thermodynamics

    Guest logins are up

    Just today, I saw that you had the guest accounts up. Nice going. I told some friends, hopefully more will see it soon. I like the new game addition. Its like SenShi Redux.
  5. Thermodynamics

    Back to the bizness at hand

    If you are looking for more players, Jay is Games can bring them in by the droves. The problem is that the tidal wave of new people that ensue tend to overwhelm servers. I have written a couple of reviews a while back, a would consider writing a review about bafflebees and shi sen if there was one change. You need an option to play as a guest. Save the rewards for registered users; you could even have a tease showing the guest what they would have won. The guest players will sign up if they enjoy playing. I understand the problem that players will have unlimited chances to play a game if possible. You can combat this by having a separate set of puzzles for the guest that change less often. Just make sure that you let it be known that there are daily puzzles for registered users. Edit: And I will make sure to get the game names right. ;)
  6. Thermodynamics

    Detailed explanation of GDNet's downtime

    If there is a kernel of truth in your story, those are some pretty stupid monkey stealers. I am glad to hear that they are in custody.
  7. Thermodynamics

    Just an experiment

    Nice tale. Are you hoping to start up your freelance writing career? Hoping for a contract to come to you?
  8. Thermodynamics

    In Hades, All the Programmers Use VBA

    At my job, I am forced to write macros for Excel. I am forced to used VBA. My job is Hades.
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