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  1. Incredible, simply incredible. Bartholemew R. Princeton thinks that this is the best never-updated journal ever. So say we all. So say we all!
  2. Strife

    Yep, nothing

    Very clearly, not much has been going on. This semester has been hell. Well, ok, so not hell. It's just been busy. This December, the goal is to actually get some work done on the project. I'm also cooking up some ideas for a simple puzzle game, but we'll see if that materializes.
  3. Strife

    coding time!

    Now that I've finally gotten my new computer assembled and good to go in terms of everything that's installed, I think that it's time to get back to coding. I'm not sure if we'll ever actually get Fight for Freedom completely finished, but I'm still going to work on the engine components anyway. If all else fails, I can use the engine in future projects. Since I finished the sound component a few weeks back, it's time to get the streaming music up and running, which will utilize Ogg files over MP3.
  4. Strife


    So, us "premium" members now have webspace. Since I am awesome, I officially have members.gamedev.net/mike. MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!
  5. Only one more week of not having a computer... Then I'll finally have my components and they will ASSEMBLE! AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE... ASSEMBLE! Then I can get back to work on the game. Screenshots coming soon! OMGOMGOMGWTFBBQ!
  6. Strife

    Holy crap!

    Holy crap, you mean people actually read this shit?!?
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