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    platform game idea

    Thank you FadedPhoenix, you've made a good analyse. Well, with addition of bigger maps to solomon's key: - there will be more spaces to escape monsters, so there shall be more monsters, or they'll have to be more "dangerous", - there will be more places to hide items, so there shall be hints about the location of hidden objects (trying each tile won't be fun), - because of the scrolling, the visibility is reduced, it'll be important too. I'd have some levels which are more action-oriented, with many monsters to kill, where the player will be able to find firepower near his starting location, and other levels where the focus will be avoiding the traps, it's why i've thought it'll be better to start without a weapon. Why gold and key ? Well, i've enjoyed playing SK, but often i was just looking for the key and the door without caring of the level and the bonus... SK was an arcade game, with limited lives and no saves, so the levels were "short", get the key and go to the door (the player had to play all the levels each time he wanted to play). Gold will force the player to play in the entire zone. There will not be a single path to win the level, block ability will make possible to reach higher or lower places, by building or destroying the blocks, but to protect from danger (monsters will be able to destroy blocks too), or to isolate a monster. Yes, the medals will be based on acquired gold during the medal. What will it give ? I haven't thought about it yet. Maybe bonus levels and/or caracter customization. Ducking is very important, not to dodging but to create/remove blocks below (right or left) the player. Maybe you remember how it was in SK. Screenshot of my current engine:
  2. theSeby

    platform game idea

    Hello, I'd like some feedback about a game i'm working on. It'll be a sort of Solomon's Key clone with bigger maps and more action. Thank you. ___________________________________ Title: Hexzwerg Type: platformer, with puzzle and shooter's elements. Presentation: in Hexzwerg, you control a dwarf in many levels, where you have to collect an amount of gold, find the key and the exit, within a limited time, and avoiding (or destroying) the monsters and traps. The particularity is the possibility to create or destroy blocks in order to reach higher or lower places or protect from missiles and monsters. Gameplay: - the engine is similar of the old "solomon's key": some blocks can be destroyed, the main ability of the dwarf is to create or destroy these blocks, but with bigger maps (scroller), - to increase your gold you can collect gems or plunder the monsters you destroy, - as in SK, some items can be hidden (you have to destroy a block, or create then destroy a block, to reveal the item), - items can be gems or jewels (gold), spells (weapons), or special artefact (grant special bonus, as speed, more time, possibility to see hidden items...), - there is a time limit (should be a few minutes) to complete the level, or you must try the level again, - the dwarf has no weapon (spell) at the begining of a level, hee has to find one (when there is one in the level), - when the dwarf find a spell (like magic missile or fireball), he can use it during the entire level, but some spells have very slow regeneration's time, - blocks can be created/destroyed left or right of the dwarf (to make a stairway for example), or left/down or right/down while ducking to make a bridge, - the dwarf can destroy a block up to him by jumping twice, - there's a door in each level, and the key which opens it, - to open the door, the key and a required amount of gold is required, - entering the door unlocks the next level, but it's possible to play past levels for better scores, also three different "victory" - as bronze, silver, gold - for replayability, - monsters AI will be close to the one in SK, - some monsters will be invulnerable to some type of spell, - some monsters can die while falling (a strategy will bw to destroy the block under the monster), - monsters generators will provide new monsters after a delay (as in SK), - there will be boss levels too. Controls: - arrows to move, duck and jump, - [action 1] to create or destroy a wall, - [action 2] to cast a spell (magic missile...). Display: - the game itself (tiles + sprites), - amount of gold / required amount of gold, - time, - spell and recharge bar, - some texts (to help the player). Save: - the level completed, unlocked, locked, and the score for each level will be saved, - each unlocked level can be played again.
  3. I've worked a few monthes ago on a bomberman IA, I didn't use any A* pathfinding. One way is to find all the places the bot can go, storing the distance (easy recursive algorithm), and then "evaluate" the place (bonus it need, good place to set a bomb cos lot of destroyable walls around, bad place because a bomb will explode near soon...). To find the place it will be easy too, we know the distance to the target, let's say 7, then we have to find a '6', then a '5'... in order to make an "inverse-path". The algorithm is quick, and the AI is quite challenging. You can dl my game, i think the sources are included in the zip, when not and when you're interested i can send them. here a shot : http://seb.sevilla.free.fr/sxdl/bomber/bomber_shot.jpg and here the dl : http://seb.sevilla.free.fr/sxdl/bomber/Magic%20Bomber.zip
  4. theSeby

    Weird Religiouse Thoughts

    Quote:Original post by GamerSJD This thread is for those who have those weird thoughts of religion and would like to share. Example: The world isn't real, we are asleep. or: I dream up the world and I'm the onlyone that exsists. No critisism on others thoughts/beliefs, it's just a thought thread. We're all just units (with self-awareness AI) of an advanced strategy game, and all what happens has just been programmed.
  5. Pink Floyd - Wish you were here Noir Désir - Les écorchés vifs
  6. theSeby

    Question to everyone! Was: Question to Americans

    Quote:Original post by moussen15 Quote:In France we usually learn a first language (very often English) at the age of 11, then a second one (often spanish or german) at the age of 13. Student specialized in languages or literacy have also to choose a third one. Really?? Because when I last was in France we were so frustrated at not being able to communicate at all :) Well, my dad had taken French classes when he was young but it had been forgotten long ago. He knew like 20 words or something and a little grammar, and then my little sister managed to lock my whole family out of the house we had rented. It was a laugh whatching him trying to explain to the neighbours that we wanted help to brake into the house :D well yes, really. But i haven't said that french can speak the languages they learn. Learning foreign languages efficiently is a hot topic in french education...
  7. theSeby

    Scoring in Arcade Game

    Quote:Original post by Marmin quote: I mean that scoring will be the main motivation of the player. Let the player have 5 - or 3 lives. And a series of continues. (or save-states). If the player runs out of continues before finishing the game, score will be lost, though luck, start all over. If that's to cruel you can implement password system. (but then score will be lost). I'm thinking of continues which are not save-states but which make possible to continue the game at the last puzzle, but after reseting the score. When a player runs out of lives, he can register if he made a score, and can choose to continue playing without restarting at first level (but the score will be reset), or to quit the game.
  8. theSeby

    Question to everyone! Was: Question to Americans

    Well... I'm french, but from a spanish mother. But as I'm living and working in Germany for a few years, I use to (try to) speak French (natural language), German (working and social language), English (working language) and Spanish (as tourist). In France we usually learn a first language (very often English) at the age of 11, then a second one (often spanish or german) at the age of 13. Student specialized in languages or literacy have also to choose a third one. Latin is also an option :) EDIT: about ad and tv, in France nearly all is translated in french, it's true for slogangs like "it's my life" or "challenges everything !". English text is still present, but you can always find the translation somewhere.
  9. theSeby

    Scoring in Arcade Game

    Well for my game,it will be a little different, it won't be a shoot'. Although it's an arcade game, it will be very puzzle-oriented, and you'll rather avoid the monster instead of fire on him, because the ammunitions will be VERY limited, just firing as a last resort. Time to complete will be very important because he will be directly added to the score. This way, the player can choose between complete the stage quickly, or look for the hidden bonus (there are lots of them) through the level.
  10. theSeby

    Scoring in Arcade Game

    Quote:Why not just have infinite lives, but only update the player's score / bonuses / whatever at the end of a (successfully completed) level? That way they can only get credit for picking up each bonus once, but they don't have to go through the tedious 'yes I want to continue' screens. That was my initial idea, but in this case, when is the player going to enter is name ? The "continue" sequence makes a break, the player can enter his name, he can choose too if he want to go on or not, maybe it can give rythm at the game ? The objective would be to totalize a maximal amount before losing all the lives, but for those who just want to finish all levels, they can use the "continues" without replaying the levels they've just passed.
  11. theSeby

    Scoring in Arcade Game

    Quote:Original post by Leffe Just make sure that the game is fun and scoring is fun and challenging. Some kind of combo system will usually help. Infinite (or not) continues with 3-5 lives or so is a very good solution for arcade games and has worked very well in the past, allowing for one to either finish the game or go for the top scores -- or both if one is good enough (make the game really hard, at least to finish, easy games don't really last). thanks Leffe, So i think i may keep this idea. The hardest part will be to "balance" the difficulty of the game, i'd like it to be playable by children too, and to balance the value of bonus.
  12. theSeby

    Scoring in Arcade Game

    Quote:Original post by yapposai a list of top scores/names so the player always has goals to beat. If you can connect to the internet, make it possible to upload scores and see the scores of other players. nothing like beating the top score to give fresh motivation. Yes that's what i intend to do by saying Score-oriented (but just with offline scoring). But i like to know if there're other possibilities as infinite continues + finite lifes for what i want to do.
  13. I'm working on an Arcade Game for PC. It's a Plateforme/Puzzle game, with a lot of short levels, but I'd like the game to be Score-oriented. I mean that scoring will be the main motivation of the player. My problem : - I'd like to have infinite lifes so that the player would not be frustated because he lost his last life in level 34 and have to play all the levels again. - If he's got infinite lifes, he can pick all bonus of a level, then die, then pick all the bonus again... increasing his score. The solution could be to restore the state of the player. - But with infinite lifes, it means that the game ended when the last level will be completed. I was thinking to fix that with a finite number of lifes, and an infinite number of "continues" that reset the score, like in old arcade games. Are there other way to keep the continuity of the game and the scoring motivation ?
  14. theSeby

    Keep the door or the effect ?

    mmmh... I still can't find a good issue to my problem. I'm not sure everyone understand what I mean. Here you can find a playable demo of my engine (with dummy graphics) : http://seb.sevilla.free.fr/sxdl/zwerg/ (371k) You'll notice the door seems to float, I can't draw it in the background because it's too distant, and I can't figure a way to place the door in a "nearer" plane.
  15. theSeby

    Keep the door or the effect ?

    Thanks for the answers, Kazgoroth> I've thought of it too, but my background seems to be quite far from playing plane, I think the effect will not be that good. Iron Chef Carnage> Good idea, but how can i represent an object closer than the first plan in 2D ? A door which covers others objects and sprites ? Or a transparent door ? Or just the shape of the door ? I can't figure a good representation...
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