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  1. Its been a long road for myself before I determined I will be doomed to program for the rest of my life, lol. Before any real experience with programming I really enjoyed just playing games. I think what really drove me to start learning how to program and develop my own games was when I played a game to the point where I wished there was a way I can change it to have additional features. Modding was too gimmicky to me because It was not really "your" game and there are always limitations to mods. I ended up learning c++/opengl in ms visual studio very slowly and developing many many many game demos and experiments before I developed Pipe World ( After I made Pipe World I really needed income and ended up getting a "real" job at software company doing nothing related to game development. Since I started working at a real programming job (boring) I have been having a growing feeling that I need to get back to game development because I feel thats where my passion is at. Working at a real software development company has definitely helped my skill set though as I have exposed myself to tools and ways of developing software I never thought of. For instance I never knew about the power of version control (even for a single developer), the power of the VIM editor, the usefulness of a unix environment for development and how to properly use and exploit database software until I was exposed to it at my job. I feel as if I will be able to develop much more complex games when I get back to it (soon I hope) and hopefully get them done faster. My goal is to get my indie game company going again. I don't ever intend to work for another game company as I feel the entire creative part of game development goes away after you are simply told what to program. I think when you get to the point where your constantly thinking about new game ideas and ways of implementing them, that's when you know your "right" for game development (programming them anyways). Playing the games is not enough, you have to want to get your hands dirty. One more note about the math. I don't think you need to be a math genius to develop 3D games. There are many options available out there to develop 3D games without requiring you to develop a big time consuming library. I am a fan of the Orge3D graphics engine because its just a graphics engine that will do all the HARD 3D stuff so you can concentrate on building your game. I myself don't ever plan to write a graphics engine as the Ogre3D engine does everything I would ever want. [Edited by - NegativeGeForce on October 22, 2010 2:25:01 AM]
  2. Earth 2 found, can we get there?

    Why hasnt anyone mentioned warp drives? Currently, that is the only faster then light travel technology that could practically work if you had enough energy.
  3. You should not be writing any delete SQL when working with the DataGridView control! The method I posted above is the proper way to modify records using the DataGridView. Any changes made in the DataGridView (added rows, deleted rows, changed rows) will be updated once you call the DataAdapter.Update(DataTable) function. It is tedious and a waste to be executing delete SQL every time you want to remove a row. Its rather difficult to grasp the CommandBuilder and DataAdapter, but its much easier once you understand only the select SQL is required; the rest is automatic.
  4. You can do this by handling the RowUpdating and RowUpdated events of the DataAdapter.Update() function.
  5. I have been developing a .net db app for work so i have delt with the datagridview quite a bit already... I am not sure what framework you are using, but for 2.0, normally you use the DataAdapter to bind a DataTable back to the database (The DataGridView's DataSource is normally bound to a DataTable instance). The DataAdapter can build the insert/update/delete SQL automatically based on the Select SQL. The queries are built automatically using a CommandBuilder object of the Data Provider. A little tip, its better to use the ADO.NET DataFactory interface instead of using the specific data provider interfaces such as OraConnection, etc. More info about that here If you are using the Entity framework, I have yet to experiment with that so I am sorry if this doesn't answer your question. Some example code how you can accomplish what you are asking... SqlConnection conn = new SqlConnection("server=DBSERVER; database=DBASENAME; uid=user; pwd=pass"); string cmdStr = "select * from tablename"; SqlDataAdapter da = new SqlDataAdapter(cmdStr, conn); DataTable dt = new DataTable(); da.Fill(dt); SqlCommandBuilder cmdBuilder = new SqlCommandBuilder(dt) da.InsertCommand = cmdBuilder.GetInsertCommand(); da.UpdateCommand = cmdBuilder.GetUpdateCommand(); da.DeleteCommand = cmdBuilder.GetDeleteCommand(); dataGridView1.DataSource = dt; // make changes to the grid through the gui or in the code // once you make your changes, call the DataAdapter Update method which // generates the update/insert/delete sql automatically da.Update(dt);
  6. shadowers

    so, i have been playing with adding shadow mapping and I guess its not really so hard. The problem will be keeping the shadow map within the view frustum. For now I am just drawing the entire scene into the depth texture and it works ok for now. I also got the ms3d animations working now. I am using that zombie model everyone seems to hijack from turbosquid just for testing. No idea where I am going with this. Lel.
  7. screwing around

    Wasn't I working on some drag racing game? I decided to play around with camera angles and such. So I created a full isometric 3d view just to try it out for giggles. Now I am knee deep into shadow mapping algorithms and environmental mapping. I am now thinking this might be the perfect perspective for a zombie game I was thinking about earlier. This kind of view might also be better for spectating races or something... I guess me working now full time I dont feel like I am obligated to finish things in order. I wanna screw around with cameras and a few opengl effects. I might even dabble into glsl. I still want to get working on redoing the entire car simulation + tire physics, but I guess that will have to wait a bit.
  8. minimalistic cpu

    I have been sifting through the physics papers from which he kindly put together. Alot of good stuff in there. I am still redoing my engine, adding one thing at a time again but im cleaning it up. Its gonna be a little while longer until I get to the point where I can screw with the tire physics. So far I have this. I took out the sdl code and the windowing works alot better now. cpu usage pic. I am gonna move out of moms house this week I think. I cant drive 100mi a day like this forever. I am putting too many miles on my new car and I pay as much for gas if I rented a place. This means I will have 2 hours extra a day though so I can work on this crap more :D. btw, kitty says hi
  9. been a while

    been a while again since i updated. few things happened. 1. pipe world is being sold all over the place now 2. got a job as a software engineer 3. still working on that car game, but haven't touched it in a couple months so, i guess i have a pretty good job now. Took me a while to actually find a coding job and I landed in a fairly small company doing atm transaction software. I bought a new car too :p. Its a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9. Ive wanted one for a while, its kind of a cheaper dream car of mine, lul. (yes thats my actual car, has 13k mi on the clock) I have worked a bit with the torque game engine, but its just a bit too generic for a fairly slim car sim. I made a basic fps demo with some bsp interiors and zombie spawning with a gun and packpack you can pickup, but i think im gonna put that project on hold. note sure exacly how pipe world is doing from the distributor side, but ive sold a few more from my site. I need to spiffy that site out alot more still i think. :-/ right now im trying to add the semi-realisitic pacejka tire physics. im gonna only add the basic forumula, but ill probably be on this for some time. oh, and a pic of me autocrossing my go kart to relieve some 'stress', lol
  10. what is f?

    f signifies the number is a float, not a double. A double stores 64-bits of precision and a float stores 32-bit.
  11. torque curve, transmission, sound

    for pipe world i have been using bmtmicro, i dunno what i could be using for bench racer since that part of development is at least a year from now. Most indie dev's use bmtmicro to sell their single-player games.
  12. Well, I added an engine torque curve, transmission and engine sound to the game. Also made a new video. All i need is like 10,000 people to give a dam :D. Details on my new blog page. Im gonna leave tonight actually for the 12hr of Sebring race that will start tommarow at 10:30 am, Yay for free ticket :D. Teaser screeny. I am gonna be adding networking in a few weeks.
  13. updated physics + new blog

    So, I made a new blog that I will be posting majority of my crap in now. I may post here once in a great while still, but basically this is my last real update. I am starting to really like how the new game is turning out. I added a bunch of new stuff to the suspension. Read the details and watch the new video at my new blog.
  14. ridin on bumps

    only sold a few from my site. Oberon Media is going to start selling the game online everywhere soon though. My site gets like 100 visits a day at most vs the casual game sites get millions per day. So I am yet to see what these "games" will sell like. I am not allowed to disclose sales figures anyways, but once I find out ill let everyone know by saying "sales are good" or something. lol
  15. ridin on bumps

    I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I would throw in a little update. I am currently trying to find some type of programming job locally. I am still working on Bench Racer, and I actually have gotten far in it. I can drive on terrain and I have 2 camera types. I made a small video driving around also. I might be making a different blog page so I can embed videos into the page and more importantly I want a blog that will load faster then gamdev can provide. I guess Ill post a link here whenever I am ready to move. an awesome screen + vid YouTube Video