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  1. Potential job - advice on pay negotiation?

    [quote name='InsaneBoarder234' timestamp='1306286751' post='4815392'] To clarify a few things... I have been looking at other jobs around the £27k salary mark and I've seen plenty of graduate positions around this salary but most seem to be "bog standard" Java/PHP/web development roles and most graduates [i]are not[/i] industry qualified (J2EE etc..)! [/quote] Hmm, what net income can you expect with £27k in Britain? I hadn't expected wages for software developers to be so low there...
  2. Minority groups in europe

    [quote name='Zeraan' timestamp='1298006687' post='4775713'] Mormons is a cult? How so? [/quote] They are when they knock on my door and want to talk about Jesus. With an american accent.
  3. If WW3 occurs within the next 6 months, thank WikiLeaks

    Quote:Original post by SimonForsmanMost of the material published on wikileaks is embarassing for the nation/organisation that kept it secret but in general the things published shouldn't have been kept secret in the first place and in some cases it should have been published by the government with names and other identifying information censored What would be the point of publishing notes that US officials think the german foreign minister is an idiot? Its like publishing that you said your mom/teacher/boss/friend is an idiot.
  4. If WW3 occurs within the next 6 months, thank WikiLeaks

    The german press is currently all over what diplomats have to say about german politicians. Needless to say, it's what everybody thinks about them anyway. But nevertheless it don't really see the point in making all this public. People talking smack about other people, that's the way things are. And often it's good that not everything is made public - like the saudi - iran issue.
  5. Games Similar to Zelda

    Quote:Original post by KalnosIf you want it to be like Zelda with a bit of an RPG twist you could check out Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, or Secret of Mana. And Secret of Evermore, of course.
  6. A new sort of development environment

    I'm not 100% sure if i understand all this correctly, but it kinda sounds like it could be built on top of orgmode.
  7. No love for Java?

    Quote:Original post by AntheusName one thing that Java and Java standard library (which is huge) do really really well, better than any other language. Thats the point - there is not one thing better than in any other language, it's the sheer availability of pretty much everything in an at least decent form. Name another language that has data containers, XML, (high level) networking, threading, GUI and what not on board. The GUI alone rules most programming languages out and if they have one, it's mostly utter crap (way more than swing).
  8. No love for Java?

    Quote:Original post by Antheus Because Java doesn't have one single strong point. I have to disagree. Imho it has the best tool support and for many domains widest selection of libraries available of all system independent (or VM based) languages. Several times people have mentioned how Eclipse or Netbeans suck. But what is better for that matter? Maybe Visual Studio, but only with C#, certainly not with C++. And the plethora of other programming languages doesn't really have anything close to Eclipse (yes, i actually like it!). Sure, Java as a language is "boring", has some quirks and the JDK also has many. But again, what other language is better? .net stuff is Windows-centric and all the cool languages have poor tool and library support.
  9. No love for Java?

    Quote:Original post by djzA nicer looking widget library for Java would be pretty dope though. Whats wrong with SWT?
  10. What's your opinion of the 3DS

    Imho it's a real design flaw that both screens have different sizes. Maybe not that important for the "real" 3D games, as they probably won't display 2-Screen content like the old DS, but it sucks for classic games and it is aesthetically bad. Also, the resolution (or DPI if you will) is still too low for my taste. 4x DS resolution (2xW, 2xH) would be OK, again, also for classic games without ugly scaling. And is there some truth in the claim that 3D + touch is impossible? Or are two 3D screens simply too expansive? In conclusion, i'm not overexcited. In contrast to the new input methods of the original DS or the Wii, real 3D seems more like a gimmick than a feature with gameplay value. Nevertheless i'm curious how good the screen looks. I've seen older stereoscopic Displays and they were just awful.
  11. Do these rules also prohibit the use of, say, python or lua as an embedded scripting languages?
  12. Germany as the EU hedgemon

    Germany has been politically and militarily inept since WW2. No one takes german politicians serious at an international level and the Bundeswehr is the laughing stock of afghanistan but still we're not puny enough to finally stop the world domination bullshit.
  13. OpenGL is not so much of a problem these days (at least as long a we are talking about basic stuff - like 2D), what actually is a problem are hardware accelerated desktop effects - if you have an ati card [wink] There really is no reason to avoid OpenGL...
  14. Linux C++ IDE, What do you use?

    Quote:Original post by jpmcmu I am using the ganymede version of eclipse at the moment as well, but the latest version has driven me over the edge with it. I was ok with it being a little slow but the most recent version does not register mouse clicks in certain menus. In other words some menus I have to click a button only once, in others if I click it twice for it to work( once never works), others mouse clicks never work and I have to tab to the button and hit enter. Btw, this is a Bug in SWT in conjunction with a newer GTK version. You might try different GTK styles, as the problems don't occur in all of them. I also read the problem is fixed in Eclipse 3.6, but that's still beta.
  15. Quote:Original post by Wan Quote:Original post by asdzxc Recently, there have been many console games ported to PC which use the XInput specification exclusively - consequently they support only the official Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller, rather a ridiculous situation wouldn't you think? I'm curious: I think I haven't played these games, but I assume they also support regular keyboard/mouse input? In that case, would you criticize the developer/publisher if a game didn't support any game pad whatsoever? In other words, did they open themselves up for criticism from gamers by actually expanding the range of supported input devices? I don't know the games either but i guess, since they're console ports, gamepad controls perfectly make sense for them and leaving it out altogether would be just as bad.
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