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  1. Polydone

    Small features + minimap.

    Wow (no pun intended:) ) You really took your time to answer that, thanks! And I never even thought of using vector graphics for that purpose. Actually I just dabbled in polygon sprites for the first time a couple of hours ago to create icons for the minimap, and although it's not quite vector graphics it still works very well to combat jagged edges for non-rectangular shapes. Textures tend to scale a lot better(within reason) so I'm not too worried about those.
  2. Polydone

    Small features + minimap.

    Thanks:) It's not something I have even considered, maybe I should:) It's not going to be at the top of my list though I think - but perhaps it's worth taking into account when choosing sprite sizes and import settings for the final UI to make sure they will scale well. Could you give me some examples of how you might choose to scale it? Not UI - but I want to enable the player to zoom the scene camera in and out so they can look at their pretty character. I think though that most people will want to play zoomed out as much as possible - at least if it gets dangerous.
  3. Polydone

    Small features + minimap.

    Last month I posted a tech demo for my game. Only a handful of people played it, but the ones who did gave me some useful feedback. Audio: Background music and sound effects is high on the list. I haven't implemented any audio yet. I'm currently talking to a composer - with a little luck he will be able to create something nice. If I get around to working with audio before that happens I will be putting in some free or cheap assets to get a feel for the workflow. The composer pointed me to fmod - it's worth taking a look at. Audio/Visual feedback: It wasn't immediately apparent when items dropped, or that you could click on an NPC to talk to them. I've implemented hover UI for items and mobs. This includes the name of the item/mob and for mobs it also includes a health bar. This can be expanded upon with more info - colors for item quality, extra info for mobs etc. I'm not sure if NPC hover should include a health bar - you probably won't be allowed to attack them in the final game anyway. A dynamic cursor was also implemented to show if you could pick up items, attack mobs, talk to NPCs etc. It does seem a little busy / confusing when the cursor changes so I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Perhaps using the same basic cursor with a sub-icon will make it easier on the eyes. The first NPC asks you to kill some spiders, but there are no spiders in the game... will do:) The first area needs some love - a bit of story, better flow and a basic quest line. Quests are not yet implemented but the flow can be simulated with dialogues. Monsters tend to clump together in one spot, and when you kill them they respawn immediately at their spawn point. The respawn behaviour is something I will address soon, but fixing the clumping requires quite a bit of work. Originally I wasn't planning on implementing any sort of monster-blocking or dynamic obstacle avoidance. I'm afraid this simplistic approach won't cut it. Monster blocking is not in itself a must-have, but the clumping must be dealt with. Implementing dynamic pathfinding / steering behaviour - in particular in a way that will perform well enough to scale to many players - is going to be a bit of a hurdle. I got started on a minimap. The approach I have used is to visualize the navmesh by extracting the triangulation and turning it into a mesh, which is then rendered by another camera into a RenderTexture and shown on the screen. I need to find or write a good shader to make it look right. Also I need to visualize enemies, NPCs, portals and other entities on the minimap, and visualize camera and player rotation. (Come to think of it I also need to implement camera rotation...) One thing I would really love to have is an installer and a launcher application that will be able to auto-update the game files. High on the wish-list is also a code-signing certificate, but due to costs this will have to wait unfortunately. But I really want to have the launcher in place soon. A new build can be downloaded at: https://treacherousjourneys.com/downloads/journeys.zip. I really appreciate all of the feedback I can get:)
  4. Polydone

    Treacherous Journeys

    Explore the paths of and join the never-ending fight against the many foes inhabiting it. Team up with other adventurers you meet or go solo to brave the deadly dungeons. Enjoy the sweet loot if you survive or trade the treasures you don't need. Train your skills and search the elusive masters to become one yourself. Embark on YOUR Treacherous Journey.
  5. Definitely worth reading a couple of times. I'm still at the level of getting things to work lol - Unity UI is a very different beast for someone coming from Windows Forms and similar... Saved a link to this thread - I hope I will find it again when I get around to revisiting the UI for performance.
  6. Polydone

    NPC & Character customisation updates

    I'm excited to see how this progresses:) When I get some time I'll have to follow your devlog on Youtube. Are you also using Unity serverside?
  7. I haven't updated this blog for almost a year, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on the game. Since the last post I have been working on implementing stats for characters and items and made character and inventory screens plus a belt for potions. Also character levels and experience was implemented. When I went to start implementing dialogues I realized that I had quite a bit of technical debt when it came to game data. Much was hardcoded, and other things were in my own file format, so I made a Worldbuilder application with a graphical interface I could use to define things like what zones to include, how they relate to each other, items, droptables, what mobs to spawn, their attributes and droptables etc. All of this data has ties to both the Unity client and the server - mobs and items point to prefabs in the unity spawner scripts, and zones point to Unity scenes. This data can then be exported to the server and the client. This proved to be a bit of a task but at the end I was very happy that I did it. Some things are still not easily definable the way I want them, like portal and spawn coordinates that I have to find myself, but it will do for now. Then I implemented some basic dialogue, and replaced the old character model with the "Adam and Eva Archers" pack that I bought from Mr Necturus' shop: http://mr-necturus.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=625. All in all I like these a lot. The textures are pretty big which is of course a good thing but since they're too big for my purposes I played a little around with the import sizes to lower the build size. Next step was to set up a 3D scene for character creation, and enable gender selection, now that I have both male and female characters working. If anyone is interested in checking out the progress and giving some feedback then you're welcome to download the latest client build: https://treacherousjourneys.com/downloads/journeys.zip Note that this is an online game, and currently the only server I run is in Germany, so non-European users will probably get a lot of lag. And remember this is still in very early stage of development - this is not a polished or feature-complete version. Basic controls: Left click ground to walk Left click monster to attack it, right click to attack in a direction while standing still Left click an item on the ground to grab it Press 1-4 to quaff a potion Press "i" for inventory panel - drag items between cells or to the ground. Press "c" for character panel.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I'm not sure hosted solutions like Firebase etc. will suffice since I need customization options and database access for the account system (or at least total data ownership). Also Facebook etc. is not really an option because I need the authentication module to also serve as the authentication backend for the PC game. The latter is actually the most important requriement - I can live without dedicated forums but I can't live without authentication for an online PC game I looked into Drupal and it does look interesting, seeing that forum is a core module. Both WP and Drupal support custom authentication too it appears.
  9. I'm considering how I should handle authentication / account management for a PC multiplayer game I'm developing. The use case: I want the players to have accounts, enabling them to play the game as well as log on to the webpage and post on the forums. In case of Steam users I also need the account to be linked, both to verify game ownership and to make life easier for the players. Wordpress seems to be an easy way to handle this, forums that integrate with WP (BBPress etc.) are available, but I'm not entirely sure if it's the most secure way. It can also be integrated with the game servers and clients using Rest etc. I very much doubt that I will be able to create anything that is fundamentally more secure than WP, but on the other hand WP is also a very popular target, and vulnerabilities in WP and plugins are found once in a while. Any pros or cons I haven't thought of?
  10. Polydone

    Has C# replaced C++?

    Well, as long as lanuages continue to evolve compiler programmers will still have a job tomorrow:)
  11. Polydone

    Has C# replaced C++?

    A compiled executable isn't platform agnostic though?
  12. Polydone

    Has C# replaced C++?

    Is this true for all compilers, or just Visual C++?
  13. Polydone

    C# meet Linux, Linux meet C#.. Play nice now!

    I'm really impressed with .Net core 2.x . I also just ported my game server to .Net Standard / Core and only had a few minor issues due to slashes and case-sensitivity in paths. What is your reason for choosing to develop on Linux too? Do you find Visual Studio Code is a viable alternative to Visual Studio Community?
  14. Polydone

    Linux Server Action!

    What are we seeing? Are you running the Unity editor on the servers too? Or are the editor windows on the client?
  15. Polydone

    Buh-bye Windows, hello Linux!

    Thanks. When I get around to buying a new computer I'll definitely be looking into creating a dual-boot setup, because I want to release my game for Linux too - might as well since I'm using Unity for the client. I'm not quite able to switch to Linux as a main desktop because of Visual Studio and games. Pretty much everything else on Windows is non-essential for me, although I'm not 100% sure how well the Unity editor runs on Linux.
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