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  1. I don't know about Optimize, but I do know Clean completely broke my skinned meshes when I was using it (even if it didn't actually clean anything!). It doesn't seem improbable it would be the same for Optimize. You may be able to get away with the flags you can pass in ConvertToIndexedBlendedMesh.
  2. The D3D SDK Mesh Viewer app also renders it wrong, so it's definitely somethign wrong with the mesh. If you watch it carefully, it almost looks as if that pair (triplet?) of legs is rotating the wrong direction. For example, instead of rotating 20 degrees, it's rotating 340. Check your Maya settings. I'm not familiar with the program, but if it can show you animation splines then you can see what's going on from Maya's point of view. [edit] Are you storing animation matrix keyframes instead of or in addition to the normal animation spline keyframes? These always broke my models in Milkshape. Maybe it's the same with Maya.
  3. The problem beginners have is learning how to think as a programmer, not learning how to program. Here's an example of someone I helped the other day. He had a small assignment where he was supposed to read in an "encrypted" file and output the "decrypted" file. The encryption was simply adding 3 to each character's value (A becomes D, for example). He knew how to read in files and how to output them, but he couldn't synthesize all of this info to do the assignment (read in character, subtract 3 from each character, output the character). The language is arbitrary. In this case it was C++, but it could have been anything in the world and he would have still had the same problem. IMO, tutorials focus too much on syntax. Making a huge deal out of the language only confuses beginners further. Again, the problem is abstraction needed to wrap your mind around problems, not the details of the solution.
  4. Raloth

    So it's raining and I be bored

    I've been playing the beta of Supreme Commander. It's been pretty fun so far, although the beta has some issues. Hopefully they'll be ironed out in the last month. Arrives on store shelves on Feburary 20th...might be one to keep your eye on :).
  5. Raloth

    http://www.google.com/codesearch :O

    Well, it's almost like recursion.
  6. Raloth

    UFO over Chicago O'Hare Airport???

    UFO = Unidentified Flying Object The object flies and it is unidentified. Therefore, it is a UFO.
  7. Create a backbuffer the size of the entire screen, but set a viewport for the window. When the screen is resized you just have to change the viewport and the projection matrix. Wastes a little bit of memory, but if resize speed is important for you, this will give you almost instant resizes.
  8. It's pretty simple. 1. Go to Tools in the main menu and select Options. 2. Open up the Projects and Solutions section in the tree view at the left. 3. Click on VC++ directories. 4. At the top right where it says "Show directories for:", select "Include files". 5. Click the folder button underneath this dropdown to create a new entry. 6. Click the elipses button [...] and select the Include folder in the DirectX SDK folder. 7. Now select "Library files" from the "Show directories for:" menu. 8. Create a new entry and point it to the \Lib\x86 directory in the DirectX SDK folder. I don't think I'm forgetting anything. It's a pretty oldschool dialog. Hopefully they'll update it some day.
  9. Raloth

    Teaching Pets Behavior...

    It's really hard to train a cat. Mine knows it's not supposed to do certain things, but it does them anyway. If I walk in on it doing something stupid it runs away as quickly as it can. I don't even have to say anything. Still can't get it not to do it in the first place though. I do know that grabbing a cat's tail is a good way to piss it off. All that will do is make it angry at you, and screaming doesn't help either. I would try to find something your cat is either scared of or hates and put it by your door. I have some hand lotion that my cat absolutely hates the smell of. She won't go within 5 feet of it. Some cats hate to walk on plastic (like a garbage bag), so that might be another thing to try.
  10. 1) If the texture is not in video memory it will be moved there whenever the driver feels like it. It will be there by the time the texture is needed, but I don't think you can say for sure exactly when it happens. 2) Duplicate calls like that are filtered out unless you use the Pure flag when creating your device. It's a good idea to sort by similar render states, textures, shaders, etc. to minimize back and forth. It's very difficult to say which calls are actually more expensive than others. There was a great blog about it somewhere, but I can't remember the guy's name.
  11. Raloth

    Render X-files manually

    Try it with the model viewer in the DirectX SDK utilities folder. If it works fine, you can rule out it's a problem with the model. If it doesn't work fine then it's not your problem :).
  12. Raloth

    Building a new computer =0

    850 W is way overkill for a power supply, especially since your not doing SLI or Crossfire. Get a nice Seasonic 500 or 600 Watt and enjoy the quietness. And is there a reason you aren't going with Core 2? If not, why go cheap on the motherboard? That's very expensive RAM you're getting for "eXtreme performance" that you'll never notice. I'd go back and rebalance the system as a whole.
  13. Raloth

    What Does XNA Lack?

    I'm going to agree with documentation. It's the reason I finally dropped Managed DirectX and went back to C++.
  14. Raloth

    [MDX] dynamic buffers on device.reset?

    Ah yes, that problem. I never could find out what the hell to do with it. I never thought to try a different constructor! I decided to cheat and just made my own events that I triggered manually before/after device resets [grin]. It's really annoying how this stuff crops up in MDX. I'm sorry, but a reply in a blog post is not an acceptable form of documentation for me.
  15. Make sure you haven't corrupted the stack (for example, by running an array out of bounds). Very strange things happen when you do.
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